iPad Fix

We’ve had a formatting problem with the left sidebar obscuring content on devices with smaller screen (i.e. the iPad) for quite a while now.

Recent comments have prompted us to get that fixed.

The ideal scenario would be to have the site auto detect the browser client and hide the VCI network sidebar on tablets, but this site is programmed by amateurs who lack the skills to do that, so for now this is the fix we’ve come up with.

Above the sidebar on screen left you’ll now find a link to hide/show sidebar, clicking that will… surprise! hide the sidebar. This will work on a tablet or on your desktop browser, but should specifically help the problem on an iPad where the comments would be obscured by the sidebar when zooming in.

This change has been tested on an iPad and appears to be working but let us know if you have any other formatting concerns in the comment section below.

Thanks to all commenters for making this site what it is!


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iPad toting VCI addict

Much better….thank you!


@M-: Doesn’t the mobile version show up for you on the iPhone? I’m reading from an iPhone and I get a different version of the site that is easy to read on a small screen.


@M-: yeesh, fat fingers…

One additional request I have is to adjust the “click to hide/show sidebar” thing as high up on the page as possible. When fully zoomed-in on the comments, that grey bar is still a little intrusive (it floats about 10% down into the screen).

Even if that change can’t be made, this is already a fantastic improvement for me! Thanks!


@YLTNboomerang: You thought you looked funny reading VCI on an iPad with half the screen hidden– most of the time I read this site on my iPhone! It’s a good thing I’ve got sharp eyes!

Pope, thanks for making the change! One slight additional req


Tales from the trenches:
Spent the long week-end in Harrison Hot Springs (beautiful place btw. the water was a bit cold tho…). For such a small city, the number of “for sale’ signs was mindboggling. Looks like those HELOC-financed summer homes are becoming a burden for some ‘well-off’ vancouverites…


Strange new way to market a house? This used house salesman: http://pershick.com/ …who apparently owns this place, with his wife: http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/nvn/apa/3191321577.html …is placing that ad which is not only deceptive (doesn’t mention the fact it has a 1br sweet he and his wife live in) but then calls you up to discuss “why people would be willing to pay almost what it costs to buy a house to rent it”. Clearly a lead in to trying to convince you to buy it rather than rent… I of course told him his rental ask price was insane (prices are high this month), and the reason I was willing to pay a nearly mortgage payment amount was the fact we are at historically all time highs and I was expected a huge crash. His retort was that this area was “the best… Read more »

Bailing in BC

Here’s a little up date for you all on a situation in Squamish I commented on last year. Here is my original comment October 14th, 2011 at 12:58 am A local family owns two houses next to each other. They bought a third house directly next door and listed the first two houses. They demolished the newly purchased house and built a large house to accommodate the members of the family living in the first two houses. Then they wait…and wait. Almost two years latter the two houses are still on the market. They drop the price on one by $100k. Nothing. Then a couple of days ago, they drop the price another $100k and drop the price on the second house $300k. $400,000 down in just one day. I don’t care how much money you have, that’s gotta hurt.… Read more »


Sweet!!! I read the site from the airport on the ipad and must have looked half blind as I held the thing so close to my face!

On a different note…

Here is a used house salesperson trying new ways to market a property…exaggeration:


“Huge townhouse, close to 3000sqft…” Umm, it is 2780sqft, I can accept close to 2800sqft as a rounding up but adding another 220sqft??? That’s have the size of some, ahem, “micro lofts”.

I do get a chuckle at all the useless strata amenities like the golf simulator that results in a nice monthly strata fee of $1,538/month

Village Whisperer

Thank you.