The presales suing starts again

If you’ve been in Vancouver for a few years you may remember the last time the market took a dip was in 2008.

As prices fell we started to see more and more stories about buyers trying to get out of presales contracts and developers going after buyers for the difference between their deposit and the current market value of the condo.

Well looks like we’re starting to see legal wrangling over presales contracts again, the most recent one is buyers trying to get out of their purchase agreements at the Hotel Georgia.

Falling Vancouver real-estate prices and widespread expectations that they’ll fall further have sparked a rise in lawsuits from condo buyers who want to get out of their presale contracts.

The trend underscores the importance for developers to scrupulously follow the Real Estate Development Marketing Act (REDMA) – because failure to do so can render sales contracts unenforceable and enable buyers to get their deposits back.

“People wouldn’t be looking for the return of their deposits if the units were worth more than or as much as they purchased them for,” Harper Grey LLP partner Bryan Baynham told Business in Vancouver.

The most recent string of lawsuits involves Georgia Properties Partnership’s (GPP) Residences at Hotel Georgia project, which is set to be complete in December – one year later than the developer promised buyers.

Baynham had filed six lawsuits from buyers of units at the Residences at Hotel Georgia as of October 24. He expects to file more.

The project has 156 units. As of September, 96 were sold.

If prices continue to fall in Vancouver you can bet we’ll see more legal action over presales contracts, both from buyers and developers.


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HAM Solo

Oct 2011 sales were already in the slow-down zone that lead to the terrible spring selling season. Oct 2012 is worse. Historically, we should be seeing 90% S/L in November. Not going to happen. Correction ongoing.


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@Anonymous: where ‘ever’ is defined as ‘since 2001’; yes.


So are these the 2nd worst sales for Oct ever?


@Anonymous: Please share what asking price declines you’re seeing. I see drops that are way smaller than they need to be to find buyers.


@mac: That is November in post 71. I’m looking ahead, not behind!

Good Format posted the October numbers downthread.


I’m really starting to notice price changes in west side apartments….took awhile but its starting for sure:). Kinda exciting but not as exciting as it will be 18 months from now!


@VHB: Do you mean these to be October numbers or November? I’m assuming November is a typo? Thnx.


listings got killed..sales for Oct high… prices flat to rising… 🙁


Here are the November norms.

year	sell	list	sell/list
2001	2614	2697	96.9%
2002	2555	2638	96.9%
2003	3018	2955	102.1%
2004	2486	3234	76.9%
2005	2938	3271	89.8%
2006	2358	3168	74.4%
2007	2883	3377	85.4%
2008	874	3022	28.9%
2009	3083	3653	84.4%
2010	2509	3030	82.8%
2011	2360	3222	73.2%
Mean	2516	3115	80.8%
median	2555	3168	84.9%

BTW, on my PCS the stuff that is selling is going for serious discounts off asking. Stuff like listed at 750 in September; sold for 650. Listed at 980 sold for 820. Maybe those asking prices were just pitched way over market, but I say that price movement is happening.


This market is not going down like a McLovin on a cool summer’s eve.


Sales in October
Copied from VHB’s numbers.

The October norms:
year    sell    list   sell/list
2001    2379    3086   77.1%
2002    2866    3535   81.1%
2003    3765    4200   89.6%
2004    2735    3703   73.9%
2005    3099    4041   76.7%
2006    2722    4862   56.0%
2007    3028    4819   62.8%
2008    1364    4867   28.0%
2009    3704    4977   74.4%
2010    2337    3698   63.2%
2011    2314    4364   53.0%
Mean    2756    4196   65.7%
median  2735    4200   74.1%
Veni Vidi Vci

@jojomalone: Maintenance costs out east have to include snow removal costs. Suckers.

Here in bc we don’t include rain removal costs in strata fees. We just let it build up in the walls for a few years and then pay a big special assessment to fix it. 😀


How were the sales for Oct against historical norms?


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@space889: I actually noticed the opposite. My formal building was purpose built rental tower at Beach and Thurlow…now I rent in a condo tower at Pacific and Richards. I find people in the condo building much more likely to say hello in the evelvator…but that’s just my experience.


thanks PaulB, good start!

let’s keep these sales below 100


New Listings 148
Price Changes 99
Sold Listings 74


prices off a couple of thousand, big frisking deal.

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