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Don’t worry, corrupt Chinese officials and super-fat and crooked businessmen affiliated with the party elites ,are now trying to tranfer their loot from the dying Nation,China, to oversea before the sky falling.Canada is the major reservoir for this massive loot,which has never seen in 5000 years of human history.Even the new Party Boss’s sister are living in English Bay,Vancouver BC

[…] Jay posted a couple of recent discounts in the Vancouver real estate market, and boy do we have some deals for you. […]


In an expensive city, realtors (the top 1%? of the 11,000 in BC) can make a good living, even in a slow market:

Month (2012) sales Listing Price

Jan. 0
Feb. 1 1,980,000
Mar. 2 1,399,000 and 1,250,000
Apr. 1 2,568,000
May 0
Jun. 2 7,999,000 and 548,000
Jul. 1 2,490,000
Aug. 0
Sep. 0
Oct. 0
Nov. 1 6,388,000
Dec. 1 5,900,000

I guess this Vancouver west side realtor made more than $500,000 in 2012, better than most of the doctors.


Merry Christmas etc. to all!

If I could create a utopian society it would consist almost entirely of posters on this blog…spare a few.



Christmas story: Neighbour has had place on westside listed forever…at least 8-9 months. Had been holding firm on her price. About a month ago she told me she was taking it off the market and waiting for spring “when things would rebound”. Ran into her about a week after that convo and she said she had decided to take a lower offer afterall and had sold it because her friends had told her to take the money and run. (Incidently the lower bid was still very reasonable in my opinion and a mere 10% off ask). Anyhoooo, that bid fell through due to financing problems (surprise). So she left it on market until a few days ago when she finally DELISTED it. So I guess she is back to hoping for the spring-time action. Poor realtor was doing open houses… Read more »

Bag it and tag it

#25 Real Prefessional. Nice work with your list of recognition, but did you have to include ‘Vote Down The Facts’?…I’ve never seen so many useless, counter-productive, nitpicking post in all my life.

Bo Xilai

On Julia Lau’s website it says…

“Sell your property in less than 30 days!
I have wealthy buyers waiting to buy your property.”

Having the $7.99M property listed for nearly 8 months and a 23% price drop would be a #fail.


This never happens:

“Exponential acceleration in the direction of a trend is never followed by stabilization at a new plateau. It does not matter if the chart represents Gold futures, or house prices, or population levels: extreme moves are followed by collapses, not by plateaus.”


Dec. 24th stats.

Sold: 0
Price Changes: 10
New Listings: 11


Flat is the new Down. Who woud have thought?

The latest Christmas comedy, courtesy of Global, featuring Yuk Yuk’s favorite comedian Cam Muir…


And here is some honey for the Bears…


Merry Christmas (again)!


Definitely thanks to Paul Boenisch for being so consistent in producing the daily numbers. It may not sound like much but he has enabled us to predict market behaviour weeks in advance of official releases. I believe daily number releases has shown it theroretically possible for policymakers to be more reactive to how housing markets are behaving, and has allowed those who are invested in accurately predicting future domestic output due to housing market strengths and weaknesses to set up their trades a bit more in advance than others.


Special thanks to: jesse, patriotz, paulb, VMD, Makya, oneangry slav, bestplace onmeth, unagidon, many franks, guy smiley, VHB, ham solo, vote down the facrs, and pope for filling and maintaining this blog. I think I got most of the regulars but I am sure I missed a number as well


More price drop:

Listed on May 4, 2012 for $10,380,000. Now for $7,990,000, a 23% drop.


No Noise

@ #21 Bull Bull Bull

I’m looking forward to a few more years hearing from sane investors and recent sellers on this blog until such time that the correction has run its course and this blog will have served it’s purpose.


@ #19: “Only to have all of his profits rolled into yet another pre-sale that he moved into in 2008. ”

That’s the fate of most speulators. It takes a very disciplined gambler to walk away from the table when s/he is up. Most don’t leave until they’ve spend their last dollar.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

Merry Xmas and happy new year. I’m looking forward to 7 more years of bitter renters venting on this blog.



Thanks so much for the banner and the kind words!

What a Christmas surprise it was to login and read your post. The banner looks great and your support really means a lot.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all the VCI members!!


While we can agree most people who bought 1 or 2 years ago is losing money today if they sold (taking about 7% transaction cost into consideration), I know people who bought years ago and are either having problems selling today or have lost money. One guy bought 10 years ago but an assessment of $90,000 wiped out all of his gains. Another bought 5 years ago and can’t get an offer more than what he paid in 2007. On top of that, he put about $30,000 of renovations into the place over the past 5 years. Last guy made money (paper gains) on two consecutive pre-sale condo flips. One in 2004 and another in 2005. Only to have all of his profits rolled into yet another pre-sale that he moved into in 2008. Now that last condo is worth… Read more »

No Noise

Merry Christmas to the VCI admin and contributors who supply such a wealth of information. I try to pitch in where I can but I dont have the time nor the smarts/ability that so many of you do. Thanks to all for providing a sane outlet for understanding an insane RE market!


Ditto on enjoying the comments of most who post here.

Merry Christmas!
(Belated) Happy Hanukkah!
Happy Winter Solstice!
Happy Festivus! When can we resume of airing of grievances?


My heartfelt thanks to those who regularly contribute here. I have faithfully read this blog for years, and I have found it immensely educational, as well as entertaining. Please do not stop! Merry Christmas!!!


Spoke with a friend, one of those police officers that with overtime makes 200k a year, … anywho, he was bullish on real estate and would make fun of renters, he has no understanding of economics but has everything figured out… one of those types.

Well to my disbelief, he said that even he wants to sell his place and rent for a year before buying again


Merry Xmas to everyone here! Thanks for helping me keep sane over the last few years!

FYI, been noticing the rental ads on CL are starting to get a lot more desperate…ie: “move in now one month free”, “free internet and cable for a year” “CALL NOW” type posts. So much for the lack of supply.

Feliz Navidad.

Bo Xilai

Anonymous #7,

“I used to make over 100k a year in the good time and now it’s a struggle to cover the bills with sales being so low…”

Karma’s a bitch, ain’t she?

When you’re in sales, you can’t assume 100K is what you’re worth. Your nice smile and great golf handicap are not worth six figures.


Price drop:
after 176 days on the market, this $12,880,000 (?!) property now asking for $9,980,000, a $2.9 million drop (22.5%):