14,000 places for sale

Just in time for the month end expiries!

We’ve hit the 14,000 listing mark and we’re still in the first month of the year.

According to VHB if we get 229 or more new listings today we’ll have the 2nd highest number of listings in the last 13 years.

And this is at a time when we have the 3rd lowest sales in the last 13 years.

Read his full comment here to see what the stats looked like for those years.

And enjoy the party.

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#44 seconded.

market stats

1396 ross rd sold $970k, don’t see a listing for 1380

Show Me The Number

Canadians are not gullible or “suckers”. We are just too busy working to pay off our debt and taking care of our family while believing the government would do the right thing. those in power took advantage of our faith, loosened lending standards, and hoisted $800 billion in mortgage insurance on our backs to create the illusion of prosperity. this illusion allowed a political party to win a majority government and a central banker to advance his career and win international acclaims for the steady hands he showed during the great financial crisis. With our help, albeit unknowingly, Canadian banks are able to take the mortgages off their balance sheet because of OUR guarantee. these banks then turned around and gave us more loans (mortgages, HELOCS) that got us further in debt. all the while, the media egged us on,… Read more »


As it’s early morning and I’m late for work – I’ll have to be brief. However – there are so many things that are bad going on with this market – I’ll have to post it on the FFFA thread.

Highlight of my morning?
#2302-535 Smithe
List Date 29-Oct 2010 – At $550,000
this is a flip from a purchase price of approx $550K incl HST
Sold date 31-Jan-2013. at $398,000
Assessed value $426,000.

Big failed flip.

There was another at the Jameson as well today. . . . . anyhow . . Happy weekend and looking forward to that press release from REBGV trying to say that sales volumes are expected to be higher?


This guy was going to buy one hundred $1 Million + houses in Richmond…

Corruption in China and millions arriving in BC!


Fraud investor

I hope someone can pass the negative feedbacks to the MPs and Jason Kendney. As a tax payer, I hate to spend my tax money on those ” poor families and kids”. It’s unfair to all the hardworking honest canadians.


I have a relative…whose annual income declared is $18,000. Wife is a stay at home mom. 5 kids. grandma and grandpa retired live with them. The family gets maximum amounts of child benefits. The MSP premiums are paid for. The grandparents get OAS/GIS since they’ve only been in Canada for 14 years. Before OAS/GIS, they collected EI in the winter. Child Poverty indeed if you go by the stats. Now, the REAL STORY. They live in a 14,000 square foot house– one of the bigger ones in Surrey on a 2 acre residential lot. Their Incorporated business rakes in $200,000 a month. They have invested in lots of RE overseas, especially India. Grandparents hold on to their permanent resident status (purposely don’t get Canadian Citizenship) for certain land ownership rights in India. They don’t check that box on the tax… Read more »


I worked the census in Richmond. House after house claimed less thank $30,000 household income. It seemed that the nicer the house and the nicer the cars the less money they made. Seeing that kind of fraud made me hate this country and Canadians for being suck stupid suckers. People here have no idea how the rest of the world works.

Show Me The Number

@midnite toker

uh .. you are on my lawn.

No Noise
midnite toker

@show me the number

Sounds like he was slanging the ganja, not buying. Now get the hell off my lawn!


@Beuller: you said: “the wife who drove a brand new Mercedes SUV to drop her kid off at daycare while she went shopping all day was bragging to all the daycare moms how the gov pays for her daycare because her family had no income in Canada.” I personally know of an even more jaw-dropping story. A Vancouver mom in a financially well off family was bragging to all of her friends about how she was getting free groceries for her family at the food bank. She’d park her luxury car a couple blocks away, and bide her time in the food bank line by fiddling on her cellphone. I suppose from her POV this is perfectly good “free food” (after all, the food bank can’t give away anything questionable) that she can get at the cost of some ‘minor’… Read more »


Did that Dude have all his close and distant family sitting in the backyard and sucking up on welfare, medical and other assistance? You are right, leaches have different colors but some of them are smaller and some of them are quite bigger.


Remember V983607 was listed for $1 on many of the realtor sites last week? (At the time it was $355k on mls)

After failing to sell for $1 its now on mls for $328,800k and the $1 listing has disappeared..

I guess after failing to sell for a buck they thought they would slip in some lucky 8’s 😀

Guy Smiley

My mistake, 1380 ross rd and 1396 ross rd. 1396 was listed for 969k by remax. Please someone, tell me they took a whopping big haircut on that price….


@ guy smilley

need the address to get that info. I dont see anything on ross rd that has sold in the last 60 days

Show Me The Number

The neighbour had a tenant for two years, a young man in the late 20’s. For those 2 years, the guy never had to work. I’d sometimes see him in the backyard getting high at 10 in the morning. He’d spend the rest of the day in the park with his buddies and his dog or just riding his bike around the neighbourhood. Most of the time he’d get food delivered to his suite. In the middle of the night, he’d have dope delivered in the back alley. I heard through the grapevine the kid was on some kind of work disability benefits and government assistance. funny thing is he was doing various activities a normal/healthy person would do. The kid has blond hair and blue eyes. as local as one can get I guess. Moral of the story? there… Read more »

Guy Smiley

@Waiting Agree with your thoughts on the racist undertones, i dislike them too. Disagree with everything else though. Your examples are unlike the total effrontery of mooching off a system to the extent being discussed. Tax avoidance in Canada is a game. As a waiter/bartender i never filled out tax forms and never heard about it from CRA. I wasn’t trying to cheat, i was just lazy. Cars – why is the government collecting continuously on repeated resales? Its a bullshit tax. Of course people use the ‘gift’ clause. Declaring fuzzy costs as an expense? Absolutely! The government invented that one and do it to canadians on a grandiose scale. People pay as little tax as they can because of the terrible squandering of tax dollars by the government. Collecting benefits unnecessarily on the other hand, that amounts to stealing… Read more »

Guy Smiley

Damn it people….. focus!!

1380 and 14×4 Ross Road, N. Vancouver. Details please!


to exhale

“I work for a tax collecting agency for over 10 years and I can say without a doubt that the biggest tax cheats of them all are born and raised Canadians.”

It’s well known that Revenue Canada has done nothing about the astronaut families leaching off the system. Which is why none of them have crossed your desk. Richmond has one of the highest childhood poverty rates. This is a city where there is not a single house for sale under $500k. This is a massive defrauding of the canadians.

Also, you have to understand that there is a big difference between someone who doesn’t declare ALL of their income versus someone who doesn’t declare ANY income and then goes on income assistance.

Real Paul

patriotz when do you think we’ll get to 2001 real prices?


Oh, sorry. I misread your comment (see below). Well, patriotz it’s 3 years after the 2010 olympics and the market hasn’t bottomed. In fact the peak was only 7 months ago.

You suck at predictions 🙂

patriotz Says:
January 18th, 2007 at 12:57 pm
As someone else noted, the bottom will not come until after the 2010 Olympics, when the last dregs of bullishness are exhausted.Then see several years of flat nominal prices. When real prices return to 2001 levels, we will probably see appreciation return to the historical trend. No bubble like this for another generation (1981->2006->2031).


Very true- waiting to exhale- I know many fellow Canucks who have been life-long recipients of welfare, subsidized housing etc in fact multigenerational. Much as we are upset the Wealthy Chinese for buying homes, the influx of money allows a lot of locals to live the life of riley.

604 Receding Gains

I was so moved by last night’s Global TV coverage that I prepared a complaint letter (below) to be sent to various regulatory agencies. I think the Global TV “news” people have personal real estate investments and are terrified about losing. If true then they have a massive conflict of interest and that would explain their editorial stuff. That takes them offside with a few different regulatory agencies. Hey Bears, join me in firing off this rocket to the agencies (emails below). Let’s light a fire under Global TV. It’s payback time. Dear Sir/Madame: We all remember the false and misleading behaviour of the news media during the technology “bubble” of the late 1990s and early 2000s. In both the US and Canada many people lost substantial sums of money due to the cheerleading of certain media outlets. After the… Read more »


to exhale:

Waitresses not reporting tips on their income taxes does not come close to having the deleterious social and economic effects of HAM pricing locals out of the real estate market. The fact they leech off the social service system and declare no income just adds insult to injury.