Living in a Van… couver

For the longest time the rallying cry ‘location, location, location’ was used by real estate salespeople everywhere.

Then marketers started to bore of that chant and realized they had to also sell property way out in the boonies or in an industrial area with landfills and transit hubs and cleverly adapted the old adage to ‘transportation, transportation, transportation’.

Well some enterprising souls have a housing solution that fits both of those bills: living in their car.

In early December, Arthur bought a $500 used van off Craigslist from a farmer in the B.C. Interior. With the help of his family, the vehicle was gutted, cleaned of mice feces and rebuilt with $400 worth of furniture, wiring and insulation.

In the small space, the van has four main areas: the kitchen and sink, work space, storage and bed. Without a personal toilet or shower, he has a daily excuse to go to yoga for exercise and to use the studio’s facilities.

The difference has shown in his savings: his monthly rent has reduced from $850 to a $200 parking fee plus $50 for hydro.

Full article over at the Huffington Post.

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Sunshine 123

to No Noise
I just love theses dumb rednecks like No Noise on this site making comments like “foreigners driving up RE”…
How do you survive in multi-cultural city like Vancouver? Wait a minute, rednecks like No Noise are too busy lynching minorities to know that we are all part of the issue of unaffortability. I can simplify this for you, No Brains I mean No Noise…

Sunshine 123

to Anonymous Says:
Hey anonymous, you are so brave in making a racist comment so be sure to stay Anonymous under your white pillow case…


Living in Van faces the immanent threat of Sino-Insanity,House speculation,unruly social behavior and soon future acute shortage of baby milk and Food.


Who’s watching CTV? Who’s going to beleive them? Why they don’t have comments section on their website to tell them how stupid this advertisement block pretending to be “news” is?

No Noise

@40 Democrass

“ long as Canada remains one of the world’s richest countries with a generous social wellfare system”

Because Canada has brought in so many rich foreign speculators with satellite families who drive RE sky high and pay no income tax yet use our health care and education forcing locals to go into massive debt to compete, Canada wont be a wealthy country with generous welfare system soon – the social system is already crumbling and underwater and after Canada’s RE crash CMHC will face a massive bill which will add to our debt – not to mention the imminent job losses spreading through FIRE etc etc. look at all the consolidation and places out of biz already..


That CTV clip is hilarious. First off, I like the footer below the video predicting that the Vancouver bubble will remain intact. Doesn’t that mean they’re admitting we’re in one? Then there’s the 1-bed condo in what looks like Kits (West Broadway ish near Alma). Used to be asking 465K and now down to 439K. Uh huh. A friend sold a far more central 1-bed condo at Arbutus Walk about 18 months ago for 419K. So we’re still 20 big ones above the market–last year. But never mind. The agent “feels” a sale is imminent. Hot tip for the realtor: maybe get someone to remove the graffiti off the back of the building just under the gorgeous south-facing balcony. But why has the realtors spidey senses been piqued? Maybe it’s because “phones are ringing, there’s optimism, and it feels like… Read more »


“As you can see, these stats are indicative of the anticipated improvement in our housing market, going forward as we edge into the close of our first month of 2013.

However, as we continue to move upward, it will remain a slow process, with sales statistics rising inch by perilous inch.” — Rob Chipman

hahahah. He had one day with sell/list over 30% and out comes the bullish commentary.


Re #61

“Anyone know how’s sales going at the Solo District Burnaby?”

I recall an anecdote here yesterday saying sales were quite bad

Harry Wang

Does anyone actually watch supper-hour news any more?


Anyone know how’s sales going at the Solo District Burnaby? I know of a couple different young virgins who bought on launch day…I tried to warn them sayingthere will be many for sale once it completes both told me it’s a good investment banking on prices going up up up


#52 – Q Says:

CTV News Tamara Taggart just announced that real estate sales will increase in 2013 and the bubble is not bursting. They said sky high prices are here to stay!


Oh, thank GAWD!!!! I was worried there for awhile, watching inventory climb and sales figures slump, but the bubble-headed bleach-blonde just set me straight…..



Romeo Jordan

this stinking faces of a RE market will stink up this city…

I’d like to frack tamara, but that’s another story…she’s paid to read the drivel on her screen. that drivel is paid for by the advertisers…news is just filler for the tracking hype machine.

that said, from the whispers from the alleyways, I know this goose is good and cooked.

just waiting for my 500 listing day. bring it.


We pretty much have our news made for the first half of the year: January: low sales due to overly bad news by national mass media and excitement over new hockey season, but February will see a jump due to Chinese New Year February: low sales due to Year of the Snakes and RRSP season, but March we will see the market roaring back because there are some deals to be had March: low sales because people are waiting for HST to be repealed, but in April we will see sales jump due to lower tax April: low sales due of uncertainty over the next provincial government, but in May we will see sales jump after the election May: low sales because people are busy with the provincial election, but in June we will see sales skyrocket now since it… Read more »


How to spin RE news:
Today I got an email from one of the developments in Surrey I have been watching.
They said they had a “Meet the builder event” last weekend. They had a great turnout and and thanks to awesome presentations and “interactive displays” seven guests found their new home right there.
So, since they did not say they have sold seven homes, is it safe to assume that it was one family of seven who bought, or was it perhaps a couple with 3 kids as well as a professional couple who signed a contract?
Or maybe it was two adults, three kids, a dog and a cat?
Anyway, I hope those poor souls get their mortgage approved so they can enjoy a lifetime of financial slavery in all its glory.
But I wouldn’t bet on it.


“Don’t we supposed to keep replacing them with rich Chinese on regular basis to keep RE market and demographics in balance?”

You’re kidding me, right?

WHERE did you get your ejukashun?


Immigration can fix population, but can it fix tax revenues? We have all heard about those low-income people who paid cash for their van-west residences and claimed govt benefits


With 229 listings or more tomorrow, we’ll have the 2nd highest new listing total for January over the last 13 years.

Combine that with the 3rd lowest sales in 13 years, and I think we have to score January for the bears. No apocalypse, just drip drip drip….

year	sell	list	sell/list
2001	1225	3395	36.1%
2002	2248	3626	62.0%
2003	1966	3810	51.6%
2004	1954	3039	64.3%
2005	1697	3360	50.5%
2006	1924	3471	55.4%
2007	1806	4067	44.4%
2008	1819	4675	38.9%
2009	762	3700	20.6%
2010	1923	5147	37.4%
2011	1819	4801	37.9%
2012	1577	5756	27.4%
Mean	1727	4071	42.4%
median	1819	3755	47.5%
Total days	22
Days elapsed so far	21
Weekends / holidays	9
Days missing	0
Days remaining	1
7 Day Moving Average: Sales	78
7 Day Moving Average: Listings	218
Sales so far	1310
Projection for rest of month (using 7day MA)	78
Projected month end total	1388
Listings so far	4919
Projection for rest of month (using 7day MA)	218
Projected month end total	5137
Sell-list so far	26.6%
Projected month-end sell-list	27.0%
Inventory as of Jan 30, 2013	14166
MoI at this sales pace	10.20

CTV News Tamara Taggart just announced that real estate sales will increase in 2013 and the bubble is not bursting. They said sky high prices are here to stay!


Woah! You guys got to listen to CTV news right now!


Demographic time bomb..?

I agree Immigration can fix that…with a stroke of a pen…Overnight if they wanted to.

Increase from 280,000 to 500,000.

No wha do you think the gov will do if there is a RE crash?


New Listings 200
Price Changes 84
Sold Listings 77