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Il Giardino also RIP. Umberto sold site off to….you guessed it….developers.

604 Receding Gains

that should be “SFD” doing okay, not SFH.

604 Receding Gains

SFH and highrise condo appear to be taking a beating.

Anyway to break-out low-rise condo from high-rise? It looks like low-rise condo might be the only segment doing okay…..


…The whining about the weather sickens me, ……..

Mind if I video you puking?

Vote Down The Facts

piklishi, try foreclosurego.com


I was surfing the real estate on CL and searched for “Foreclosure”. I was surprised that the 9th of Jan only, showed up 6 listings.

I did the same search for Vancouver 2 years ago on Google and I barely got any links…


Local realtors says downtown condos now cheaper than in 2007;


“However if you put off buying a downtown Vancouver or Richmond Condo the past 5 years …guess what? Your procrastination has paid off! It’s funny – people’s perceptions are that the Vancouver market has been on a rocket ride the past 5 years and prices are now finally starting to come down a bit. Well that has been the case for detached homes but for condos and townhomes there has been little or no appreciation in the past 5 years to begin with and prices are now softening more. If you paid $500,000 for a condo in 2007. Your selling it today for $480,000”

Of course, he says that, therefor, it’s a good time to buy.
Perceptions; they can change.


@Vote Down The Facts: Close to 40C? We hit 41.9C yesterday but it’s really nice today, around 25C. We just spent a week in Adelaide, now they get really hot. Last Friday it was 45C, the 4th hottest day ever in the city! And I was touring the Coopers Brewery that day, it had to be over 50C inside. While we were in Adelaide I saw this headline on Sky News: “Capital city home prices fall for second consecutive year” Prices were not down much last year (-0.4 per cent overall) but consider what the RBA threw at the market – the cash rate went from 4.75 per cent in October 2011 to 3.00 per cent today. This is the lowest interest rates have ever been, matching the “emergency” rates of the GFC. Some are calling this the bottom of… Read more »


No one is talking bout the Waldorf condos yet?


In Hawaii right now. Saw a company called HAM produce. I thought of you all back home.


@ Anonymous #50

I did the same as many others in Canada and have no regrets. BTW I’ve changed cities and countries several time and find Vancouver to be better than other places in many ways. But I have to admit, weather sucks big time in Vancouver most of the time.

Don't make eye contact

“Yes, I get it! You’re too lazy to do the things it takes to improve your lives”

Ah, yes. The most important thing in life is weather. Your life will be perfect if you had good weather. If you don’t like the weather in vancouver, that is a compelling reason to relocate. Jeez. Where do these morons come from?

Get real, the weather sucks in Vancouver. Admit it to yourself.

While your at it, admit to yourself that you overpaid for your soggy shit shack.

painted turtle

After 10 years, I became used to the weather.
Tune to the plants: When the rain is pouring, imagine you hear the trees and grass singing.
Once home, drink a glass of wine after hanging your dripping coat by the heater.


By the way, Mover, I moved halfway around the world to make a better life for myself and my family here in Vancouver, and I have no regrets. The whining about the weather sickens me, and your whining about how hard it is to move is not much better.


“If you can study for and write professional qaualifying exams for me and my wife in the United States and then find us jobs and then sell our Vancouver house in this market and find us another in the United States and handle legal aspects of the immigration process for us and then organize our move and find out which are the good neighbourhoods in the city you have chosen for us and which are the good schools for our kids, and find us new friends and a nanny in the new place, I’ll move.

Get the picture?”

Yes, I get it! You’re too lazy to do the things it takes to improve your lives.

Patiently Waiting

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t sales/listings stats in Dec-Jan totally useless for predicting the Spring market. I think this has been noted in previous years.

HAM Solo

I wonder if there is any change in the composition of sales. I have a gut feel that SFH in the 600-900K range is holding up OK. However zero down condos and homes over $1M may be piling up.

I don’t have much data here, just extrapolating from where I see relative strength on the bull/bear map. Also the New Westminster chest pounders would be supportive of some strength at the bottom end of the SFH market.

Total days	21
Days elapsed so far	6
Weekends / holidays	3
Days missing	0
Days remaining	15
7 Day Moving Average: Sales	50
7 Day Moving Average: Listings	232
Sales so far	346
Projection for rest of month (using 7day MA)	750
Projected month end total	1096
Listings so far	1336
Projection for rest of month (using 7day MA)	3474
Projected month end total	4810
Sell-list so far	25.9%
Projected month-end sell-list	22.8%
Inventory as of Jan 9, 2013	12466
MoI at this sales pace	11.37

First 6 days of this Jan compared to last year:
Sales = same
New Listings = lower
Inventory = higher

Certainly the trend that started around this time last year is continuing and without much change. I don’t think we’re going to see a listings rush this spring. Just a stready drip.


Shut up.


Everyone’s waiting for spring…


Sales lag 2 weeks therefore these are over Xmas. I expected higher listings, some 300+ days by now.

HAM Solo

Pretty similar to Jan 2012…the way things are shaping up.

It’s funny, I think there isn’t much of a feeling in the general public that a crash is afoot, Maclean’s notwithstanding. That being said, it feels like the snowpack keeps building beyond avalance levels. All we need now is someone to sneeze.

Best place on meth


Today’s sales were just slightly above zero.