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[…] other news earlier this week the question was “hey, isn’t that supposed foreign buyer on the evening news a local condo marketing […]


“China has more than 1400 missiles programed to hit targets in Taiwan should the island formally declare independance, and the Chinese government passed a law a few years ago making it legal to use them against what it claimed to be Chinese territory.
Passing that law was just part of the Chinese bluff that Taiwan is Chinese territory, since no such law would be required if Taiwan was considered by the Chinese government to be a foreign country.”


Since then of course they have found it is easier simply to buy the property outright in Tumbler Ridge BC and move their citizens into the area.

your geography teacher

@Naked Official #9000

Hong Kong belongs to China yes but Taiwan does not.

Taiwan people do not pay China tax nor do they report to China.


Its an old trick from decades ago(used at least in Europe).You pay people to sit in your restaurant or cafe and act like customers.People walking by see the place as being busy and they go in as well.
That’s what the RE cartel is doing in this situation.

Short'em High

Further to upcoming interest rate changes, the leader of the confederacy of willfull dunces (Mark Carney) made some remarks today. Speaking specifically about Japan, which recently raised its inflation target to 2%, he said there is “some concern that associated with those major very positive developments in macro policy, that Japanese authorities were targeting a certain level of the exchange rate.” “The crucial point that we make here in Canada, and the Japanese authorities have agreed to acknowledge, is that monetary policy is focused on domestic outcomes. So if you’re focusing on the 2% inflation target, you’re targeting that domestic outcome, not the exchange rate.” source: http://business.financialpost.com/2013/02/12/canada-joins-g7s-tough-pledge-against-currency-war/ So, it’s not a currency war as long as your own government’s statistical bureau can show that the inflation rate (or employment rate) is too low. What is not said is that each… Read more »


Re #27:

Why let the can of worms out so quickly? Let the CBC guy do his work first.


You can also use Twitter to contact the reporter…


Naked Official #9000

@random guy

Hong Kong and Taiwan are china people!

Hong kong and Taiwan is belong to china!

Your disharmony has been added to your file, disloyal cadre – cease with your splittism!

Random guy

They should do a better research before they start acts like this. China people don’t use “lee” as an English translated last name. They use “Li”. All the “lee” last name are used by Hk people and Taiwanese.


This trick has been going on a while. Over a year ago the Financial Post had a story about how it was becoming normal for single females to buy a condo (i.e. not waiting for marriage).

They indicated the girl worked in marketing. However, they neglected the finer detail that she worked in CONDO marketing. When they called out Garry Marr on it, the article was revised.


Hey all,

Let’s get our deceptive marketers straight:

MAC Marketing Solutions is run by CAMeron McNeill

Key Marketing is run by CAM Good

These guys are pretty good at putting these “news” stories in front of the media CAMeras.


Another gem from Ben:

Why a ‘soft landing’ for housing could still hurt the economy

Executive summary: when the size of the RE sector is disproportionately large, there is no such thing as a soft landing.


A rent-to-own scheme gone bad. It sounds like the only person who came out ahead was the middle man who arranged the deal.



Also, regarding writing to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council:
I may have missed it, but can somebody post the original air dates/times/etc that will be needed for complaints? If so, thanks.


I agree that cyber-stalking, etc is totally off limits, but in cases like this the only way to get to the top is by starting at the bottom and putting the pressure/questions on until they give the foundation of info needed to work your way up. You don’t start at the top.

In other words, assuming that the Amanda Lee that works at MAC is the same one in the news stories, there is no reason in my mind to skip asking her the pertinent questions.

You want to ask Cam directly? He’ll say “Amanda who?” and before you know it Amanda will have been well trained to avoid all questions (again, assuming that she is the person everybody thinks she is)

604 Receding Gains

The media is the problem with our Lee sisters (the sisters themselves are simply trying to make a buck and reckon buyers are all dumb). The producers and field reporters who played along with this mirage of offshore buyers knew what they were doing. Of course they did. So here are the possible places to complain (#2 probably is the most effective):

1. Consumer Protection BC.
Email: info@consumerprotectionbc.ca

2. Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.
Email Address: complaints@cbsc.ca
(This is a proxy for CRTC.)

3. Canadian Association of Journalists
Box 280
Brantford, ON N3T 5M8

Naked Official #9000

@gokou, @disgraced Bo Xilai and others

disloyal cadres,

try to conceal your racist envy!

these honest and loyal cadres are enjoying the plenty provided by themselves and their hard working parents – do not begrudge their harmonious existence – one day perhaps you, too will benefit from the hard work of cadres loyal to the party – back to your “garden suites,” pleb locals – nothing to see here.


Agree with Many Franks. For the record, when I said “Check out the pretty public facebook profile”, I used the word “pretty” to mean “quite”, as opposed to the description of Amanda’s beauty or what not.

Also, I do not encourage anyone to dig out anything from her profile other than confirming whether this Amanda on FB who works for MAC is indeed the same person as that interviewed on CTV. After all, she cannot be the “mastermind” if she’s indeed an admin assistant according to her LinkedIn profile.

Many Franks

@No Noise: Yes, MAC Marketing handles Maddox. See MAC’s page on the project.

No Noise

Is it confirmed that the condo building which the Lee sisters on the news were supposedly interested in purchasing is also being marketed by MAC who Amanda Lee works for? If that’s the case, then whether they are truly purchasing and their parents have travelled from China to put up the $$ is irrelevent (and it doesnt matter whether any of them already owns RE – I’m sure they do). If they are actually buying she’s probably getting a huge insider discount on the unit and/or a huge yearly bonus from the developer/marketer for going on MSM with their CNY RE pumper story.


Good points MF & GB. No conclusions being jumped to here. Why didn’t CTV do this basic work in the first place? No stalking here. Don;t want people to know? Don’t post in a PUBLIC place!


Sorry for my ignorance – – but again – – has the wool been pulled over people’s eyes? Are we saying that the young Chinese Girl waiting for her parents to buy her the condo (and by the way – she was on all 3 networks as the same “buyer”) is actually a condo marketer with MAC?

Anyhow – – this is complete B.S. – – how can the news be so completely clueless? Where is it that the news actually challenges these people?

HAM Solo

I find it more funny than anything else. In fact the whole local RE scene is kind of like a long-running episode of SCTV. Cheesy websites, ridiculous bus panel advertising, phony data, housewives turned “stagers” and even “professors” of real estate.

To be honest, I don’t even begrudge them their ill-gotten gains. They’ll only blow their money on overpriced status display. Easy come, easy go. We each only get one life and their real punishment is in spending their whole existence as mindless pumper pimps and hoes.

Show Me The Number

Her LinkedIn profile indicates she is an administrative assistant at MAC. The woman probably came into the office that day and was told she got an acting gig.

Is “Chris Lee”, if that is her real name, working for MAC as well?


Gordholio, get on CRTC for this one. The whole used/new home sales industry in corrupt!