FFFA! Lunar! Family! Pricey! Inventory!

It’s that time of the week again, Friday Free-for-all time! lets do our regular end of the week news round up and open topic discussion thread for the weekend. Here are a few recent links to kick off the chat:

Family day will destroy small businesses
Updated inventory graph
Wishy washy wishes for Lunar uptick
Vancouver pricier than ‘swanky’ NY & LA
City starts tracking problem rentals
Here’s the searchable database
RRSPs to the rescue
Sex sells
The wealthy love riding buses

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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van guy

Amanda is definitely a hottie.Too bad she’s famous for the wrong reason.


“You can’t really blame the Lee sisters and MAC Marketing.”

Yes you can. The news media may be incompetent but Mac and the sisters are the frauds. Their motives were planned and deliberate. Real Estate Whoooores and nothing more.


You can’t really blame the Lee sisters and MAC Marketing. You gotta give them full credit for imagination and creativity! It’s really the inept local MSM that is showing its true colors! Don’t these guys do any background fact checking or verify the credibility of their stories? They are so easily manipulated. What a bunch of clowns! They probably received their journalism credentials in a Kinder Surprise Egg.

CTV BC Infomercial Nondisclosure


Yes, but a tip to >>CBC<< will spark some interest.



As the DEA does with the drug thugs. Don’t bother with the pawn, go for the big guy behind the scheme…not the one who is probably making $30k a year. Go for the one who “was” making $1mill+ a year…


Is there a regulatory body it can be reported to? Dont know if CRTC handles this type of complaint.

I dont think complaining to CTV will do much.


“Surrey is the next Brooklyn, according to the Vancouver sun:”

LOL last year Whalley was the next Yaletown. Now Surrey is Brooklyn. Brooklyn is one bridge away from Manhattan where Surrey is one bridge away from Coquitlam.

I think if you were to try to find an area that closest to Brooklyn in Metro Vancouver you might pick certain areas of east van. Surrey is more like Dharavi.


CTV BC Infomercial Nondisclosure

How do I contact the local news departments with a news tip?

TEL: 604-662-6801
FAX: (604) 662-6878
Send us your stories and news tips to cbcnewsvancouver@cbc.ca
Send us your photos and videos


Girlbear: “Don’t bother the poor girl. She was acting on orders from her boss. ”

The ‘poor girl’ is a fraud trying to con people. She knew what she was doing and deserves what she is going to get.


No Noise: “If it’s true, the Lee sisters CNY Vancouver condo/RE marketing conspiracy, will be a big big story and indicative of insider scams that go on, and have been going on, for years and years in Vancouver.”

The whole HAM thing was fabricated and a marketing ploy right from the start. The vast majority of Chinese buyers were locals using equity in their homes to speculate. I am surprised how many people around here fell for it. Someone needs to call CTV out on this one. Either they are in bed with the marketers making infomercials (illegal) or their reporters and produces are so dense they should be canned.


Call Cam McNeil directly. Don’t bother the poor girl. She was acting on orders from her boss. Or you can find him at his lavish westside home 😉

No Noise

If the Lee sisters marketing scam is true I’d like to see that story as a thread here on VCI and I’m sure VMD wouldn’t mind sharing it with some interested listeners over on the chinese blogs 😉 The quicker the story gets out the more lemming RE investors we can save a world of pain before their snaky CNY RE deals close..

Yup its true

RE the Lee sisters, Amanda works for Mac Marketing Solutions, we all need to voice are disgust towards the crtc for letting the msn fabricate such lies, man are they ever desperate, real estate is really going to crash this year no doubt about it, I’m going to call Mac and ask for Amanda tommorrow and everyday until the truth is admitted, no offence to hotty Amanda


@No Noise

but you have to admit she is hootie..but why they all end up with ugly boyfriends is beyond me


@No Noise

I wish, unfortunately this has gone on a few times. I remember last spring there was a news clip about people clamoring to buy presales in Surrey, and they interviewed someone with “Real Estate Investor” headlined under them. Turned out they were a RE marketer… And then of course the helicopter story.


“You want to believe that the equity dollars in a property are somehow the same as liquid cash dollars because you don’t close the position. ” That is the exact opposite of my position. I have always said the opposite. Equity is bubkis. It doesn’t count when you think you have it, and it doesn’t count when you think you don’t have it. What I am saying is that if you are going to argue, as I do, and as it appears you do, that equity dollars in a property are not the same as liquid cash dollars, then it makes sense to recognize that BOTH a paper equity gain and a paper equity loss are just numbers written on a piece of paper until it comes time to sell. Remember all the people who cried about how much they… Read more »

No Noise

If it’s true, the Lee sisters CNY Vancouver condo/RE marketing conspiracy, will be a big big story and indicative of insider scams that go on, and have been going on, for years and years in Vancouver.


Thanks Groundhog #235. In return, I urge you to check out the pretty public facebook profile of Amanda Lee of MAC Marketing:


I think this Amanda looks quite the same as the one interviewed by CTV.

Short'em High

@N The problem, and why are voted down, is that you assume that if you don’t have to sell today, you won’t HAVE TO SELL in the future. Who is your target audience exactly? The forum perceives your remarks simply as dense/dunce. You want to believe that the equity dollars in a property are somehow the same as liquid cash dollars because you don’t close the position. They are not. Even Warren Buffet has a limited amount of capital. Once the equity is gone from the property, it is just a memory. If you ever need that money you will miss it. How can you not understand this? Is it because you are married to your home equity and want to believe that you somehow shouldn’t sell now? I can assure you, if you can sell with positive equity today,… Read more »


“What does count is the excess of ownership costs over rental value every month”

And that is exactly what I said in my original post. To quote myself, “If they are losing money because of the rent differential, that is another matter, but as far as equity goes, what’s true on the way up, is true on the way down.”

McLovin has a point when he mentions that, for people who have to sell, the loss of equity is a problem. But then again, that’s my point, the problem comes when you sell, not when the theoretical equity changes.

Short'em High

@Q Surrey East River

…That’s probably just a dead body, son. See, when the mob kills someone, they throw the body in the river…



Q: “I just want to sell shirts to do with the City of Surrey, my kind of town,” said the longtime resident of one of Canada’s fastest growing cities. “I love Surrey, it’s entertaining, it’s dark, it’s a little bit dangerous, it’s growing and it’s dynamic.”

His shirts, one which features a gun in place of the buildings on the city’s logo, are intended to be tongue-in-cheek political commentary with an anti-gang message in a city where five gangsters were shot dead in January.


Wakeup call

Good time foe Carney to flee…just after having blown all his ammo and Canada threatened by recession. Upward pressure on US rates won’t allow the BoC to cut even if there was any ammo left.


“. I am just suggesting that the paper losses they have in their houses likewise don’t count until they sell. ”

What does count is the excess of ownership costs over rental value every month – and every person who has a “paper loss”, i.e. paid more than today’s market price, is experiencing this. Plus everyone who buys or has bought at today’s market price and down to a fair amount lower.


Surrey is the next Brooklyn, according to the Vancouver sun:

“If you think it is far-fetched to compare Surrey to Brooklyn — that born-again and ultra-trendy New York City suburb that has become synonymous with hipster funk and gentrification — think again…Both cities have also sloughed off their tarnished reputations — having long been spurned by urban elites for being the repository of crime and the low-income, uneducated, working-class masses — and are embracing rejuvenation and respectability with a new middle-class ethos.”