Look out Real Estate world, here comes Rogers.

Canada hasn’t got a Zillow yet, but that might be changing.

Rogers is making moves into the Real Estate business now:

The mobile and cable giant has applied to become a licensed real estate brokerage right across Canada and is aiming to relaunch its five-year-old website Zoocasa.com in May as a unique, one-stop-shopping site for homebuyers.
It’s aimed at going far beyond U.S.-based property listing services such as Zillow and Trulia which have revolutionized house hunting south of the border by providing critical data that can help potential buyers assess the value of a property from the comfort of their home computer.

Read the full article in The Star.

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RaggedyRenter, thanks for checking out our site. We will be back up and running shortly as there are some compliance issues we are working to resolve. We’re going to be doing a lot of creative implementations with the growing amount of real estate data we are acquiring. Stay tuned!

Short'em High

@George Soros, The main reason I visit this forum is that somebody else owns the Vancouver property that is rightfully mine. I rent somewhere else and they own that hypothetical property because I am not willing to pay them roughly double what it is actually worth. There are other minor reasons why I look at this forum. Over time this forum and others have been good source material to understand what people are talking about and/or worried about. The Cyprus thing came up here and wouldn’t go away, so I offered a suggestion on how to trade it rather than worry about it. In some ways the seed of my USD/CAD trade weeks before also started as an idea spun from Ben R’s treatment of RE correlated Canadian equity trades. The remarks of retail investors on this forum are also… Read more »


yalie is paulb’s wife! they just had the third baby together. that is why she praised paul so much.


Paul B have three, I gonna have three !

Congrats Paul, you are on your third…this baby stuff is old hat now ! Cheers for the stats !


Congrats Paul.

I was reading the news about a startup site residr.com
Looks pretty neat, one differentiating factor is they have assessment data for each unit for the past 3 years (land portion and building portion).
Right now the data is limited to Vancouver.

Scottsdale renter

paulb – congrats and thanks for the stats today. Appreciated but hope its not interfering with your time with your wife and little ones.


“Vancouver Sun reveals that 23% of the population is not stupid.”

Are we entitled to protection as a visible minority?

George Soros

Short em high:

“Based on what I said Friday, all one had to do on Sunday night was take a few minutes and look at the list of liquid instruments related to EUR and put your money on the largest initial move up or down, as I did. As it turned out, a short bet of 1M EUR/CAD at 23:30 on Sunday night in Vancouver is now worth 27,000 as of Tuesday afternoon. Similarly a short bet of only 100K EUR/CAD would be worth 2,700 (and so forth). EUR/CAD has fallen nearly 3 cents since Sunday night!”

If you are making $27K in a few minutes why the hell are you wasting your time here?

AG Sage

You are a trooper, Paulb. Hope you are getting some sleep.


New Listings 228
Price Changes 108
Sold Listings 132




Back door entry into Vancouver/Toronto through Quebec Immigration program. Goes to show Immigration destination stats are unreliable!

May need to kick Quebec out of Canada if this keeps up.


I think what you have to realize is macroeconomic policies have caused this bubble. Don’t blame Realtor greed.

Of course the government’s cheap credit policies are mostly to blame for the bubble – I never said otherwise. But the real estate cartel shares much of the blame too, partly via their monopoly on real estate transaction data, partly through their shilling disguised as “news”, and partly through their significant government lobbying which contributed to all that cheap money in the first place.



Nice! where you buying this weekend?!



I read your spiel. No offence to you but i think your statement exudes naivety. If it wasn’t PaulB, someone else would be in his place on blogs like this.

Yalie, I may think my Realtor is the best while you think it’s PaulB. Your rant is just a subjective opinion.

No offence PaulB. I don’t get where this hatred for Realtors comes from. –> If you don’t need one, don’t use their service. Their fees are negotiable if you think they’re too high. You can always take the course and become one if you think its that easy.

I think what you have to realize is macroeconomic policies have caused this bubble. Don’t blame Realtor greed. For you have it too (you want to see prices come down so you can buy)….just saying

Many Franks

Can’t sell your house? Give it to the winner of an essay contest with a $100 buy-in and a 3,000 participant minimum.


Paul B is probably ripping off sellers just like other Realtors You obviously haven’t been paying attention. Most of the vitriol directed towards realtors around here is due to the fact that they intentionally mislead and withold critical information from prospective buyers. And the worst behavior comes from the cartels who represent them – GVREB, BCREA, etc. who hide the sales and price history data through their MLS monopoly, among other things. Paul has chosen to bravely defy the cartels and publish the information in a free and open manner, day after day, and in doing so exposes himself to significant abuse from his own industry and colleagues. He’s been on the receiving end of numerous insults by fellow realtors on this very board (and likely elsewhere) for having the courage to stand up to the real estate mafia, something… Read more »


“so why the banks in US are trying to manufacture another RE bubble? ”

Maybe because the government now holds the bag on almost all new high ratio mortgages in the US.

Sound familiar?

Many Franks

A buyers market for real estate in the lower mainland?

Spokesperson Ian Martin says with affordable interest rates combined with price corrections in some areas it is time to buy.

Nonetheless, it seems he can hardly keep from voiding his bowels on the microphone:

“Certain real estate is local in that there are areas that have seen a slower sales cycle and prices are correcting a bit and interest rates remain very positive well when I say positive I mean very favourable for affordability and they feel that there is the opportunity to do some deals right now.”

You heard the man — expect a very, very heavy burtation tonight.


“young Canadians are the bright spot as they look to buy their first home and seek the advice to do it right”

By “doing it right”, I hope most young Canadians realize the only way is to rent for now, as prices as absurdly high!

Short'em High

@anon#86, I closed my USD/CAD position at the tick of Canadian GDP weeks ago, if you recall. FYI, USD/CAD moved barely .005 today – you missed a decimal point. LOL! USD/CAD is not worth trading at the moment. Also, if you recall, on Friday I told everybody on the forum that Sunday or Monday night at 23:30 Vancouver time is likely a good time to trade something related to adverse action at the Cyprus bank open. I worked out when the banks would open in Cypress and told people to tune in and place their bets at that time. Some idiot called @crashcow thought little of my advice on timing the market this way. Obviously, he was wrong. Based on what I said Friday, all one had to do on Sunday night was take a few minutes and look at… Read more »


The +0.05 move up in the Can $ today must have wiped out Short em High.


Thanks, !

Not much of a name...


That last point is key, because they always talk about their overhead when trying to negotiate commissions, but you can easily point out that they get most of it back!

They don’t get it back, it’s an expense. It reduces their tax liability. They pay tax on the difference on their income versus expenses (profit). Oversimplified, of course.

Wakeup call

BMO has announced mortgage rate increase from 2.99% to 3.09

Not much, but ya gotta start somewhere.