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Bubbles Bloom Anew in Desert as Buyers Wager on Las Vegas

The evidence? The article cites one property in each city.

Yes prices in Phoenix and Vegas are up double digits from the bottom. But that was a pretty deep bottom. And:

In Las Vegas more than half of properties with mortgages are underwater, or worth less than the loans against them, according to Zillow Inc., a real estate data firm. In Phoenix, the share is a third. Nationally, about a quarter of mortgages have negative equity.

Which means that the Vegas and Phoenix markets are currently farther below the bubble peak than the national US market on average.


Never thought of this happening, but as the following chart shows, there’s a fairly close short-term correlation between rising bond yields and rising asking prices too. http://i.cubeupload.com/Ni1Aye.png

I need some time to think about this one.


Careful with post 110.

Looks like a virus attack so don’t open link.

Looks like the race riots have begun.

Best place on meth

“Anybody know what’s up with the gongshow on “realestatetalks”?

I only check it about once every couple of months or so and it looks like some jerk is pumping out hundreds of garbage posts a day…how is that possible?”

Looks like Horton’s back with a new ID. No wonder there are only 5 people still posting there.


yo, stop with the racist shit, or i’m going to fuck all of u up!


Waiting to exhale

I am not picking on anybody. I am just sick and tired of sifting through the racist and other BS while I am trying to read this blog.

Son of Ponzi

# 103
Now Carney is pushing his “escape velocity” BS in the UK.
“God save the Queen” from this Financial Superstar.

Naked Official #9000

For anyone following the Sunshine Coast in the VanPeak forum, I have just posted the past week’s sales for Gibsons, Roberts Creek and Sechelt. All three areas combined had only 6 SDH sales. August is starting to stink.


As for $1mill+ sales – bahahaha

Son of Ponzi

Waiting to Exhale.
Why pick on me?
BPOM get’s much more up-votes then I.

Waiting to exhale

@ Son of Ponzi #102

I go to that Mcdonalds quite frequently and I call BS on your post. Quit posting your racist comments in a real estate blog; I am sure there are other avenues for you to do so. BTW, what are you doing in Richmond anyways if you dislike what you see so much that you have to vent your anger on a real estate blog?

I bet you are just dense.


“In physics, what goes up doesn’t have to go down. Look up “escape velocity”.

No such thing in finance though!”

Achieving “escape velocity” to get out of the global housing bubble is explicitly what the central bankers have been trying to achieve. But will they succeed?


Son of Ponzi

The McDonalds in question is the first McDonalds store to open in Canada about 50 years ago.
I think it will be the first to close.
Most of the customers are elderly Chinese who order one coffee and then get free refills.
It’s their regular meting place.
They also get complementary copies of Chinese newspapers.


Anybody know what’s up with the gongshow on “realestatetalks”?

I only check it about once every couple of months or so and it looks like some jerk is pumping out hundreds of garbage posts a day…how is that possible?

Best place on meth

Jesus Christ.

That stupid cow has been in Canada for 10 years and still can’t speak enough English to order a coffee?

What a disgrace. What an arrogant, lazy, belligerent piece of crap. We need to make language skills a pre-requisite for new immigrants – especially those from the PRC, and keep out this kind of riff-raff.

Son of Ponzi

I’ve been keeping track of the following listing, simply because I thought the asking price was insane:
14-4388 Bayview St, Richmond.
Listed for 1,295,000 assessed at 933,000.
And it’s just a friking Townhome.
It seems to have been sold.
Anyone know the sale price?

Harry Wang

Just because red carpet wasn’t rolled out, don’t call it discrimination http://www.sunnewsnetwork.ca/sunnews/straighttalk/archives/2013/08/20130824-072346.html#.Uhi_KAm-jp4.facebook Canadians routinely bend over backwards to people who are new to or rough with English. It’s simply unfair to cry “discrimination” when just once things don’t turn out perfectly. Hai Xia Sun is doing just that after her experience at a Richmond, B.C., McDonald’s. Sun didn’t get what she ordered. She wanted to correct the mistake but says the manager sent her away saying, “You don’t understand English … The line is long. I want to serve other people.” Sun has the Chinese Canadian National Council on her team now — their executive director labelling the experience “unacceptable.” Now Sun doesn’t just want a simple apology. She wants a written one from the franchise owner, the manager and she wants it made out to all Canadians who aren’t… Read more »

An Observer

UBC #95

He bought the lot for $1.18 million and the house couldn’t have cost much more than $600K to build. It’s only 2800 sqft and not that great – So he’s in for maybe $1.8 million


The Ottawa condo development ad which keeps coming up on this webpage for me now has:

“Breaking news… $10,000 off selected condos… Limited time only…”

Yes I believe the “limited time” part. Next it will be $20,000 off. 🙂

UBC in Crisis Mode

Wow, the owner/developer finally unloaded this house after more than a year.


let’s see how much he has made:

Just some assumed numbers:

Land: $1,6 million
house: $800,000
total $2.4 million
other cost?

Asking price $2,288,888

Best place on meth

@fixie guy

Yeah but….free dogs.

And they’re free range.


#89 & 90. Next up: restaurant revival! Capitalism: the problems solve themselves.

fixie guy

@90: Houses won’t cost $100 since buyers remain responsible for back taxes owning. Detroit is also a city built to serve millions, supported by a unemployed tax base of approximately 700K and falling. Chinese investors are setting themselves up as an unwitting charity.

fixie guy

@81: Of course. I understand the requirements, but not how to filter for first and last price per property in Excel. Downside is underestimating just how badly the market is performing. I’m OK with that. 😉