Field Guide to the Tarps of Vancouver

It used to be that Vancouverites were concerned about leaky condos.

There was a time when local newscasters and politicians would wring their hands and referred to condo repairs blossoming across town as a ‘crisis’.

Then we discovered that tarps can be worn with flair!

Here’s just a few different styles that you can currently find on the Fairview slopes, look around town and see if you can spot these or other trend setting styles!

What special style has your strata chosen?

A field guide to various condo repair tarp styles
A field guide to various condo repair tarp styles


1. Drapery:
just throw it up there! This bohemian style says you have more important things to do than tidy up the tarps.

2. Tidy blue:
a ‘just so’ cap of shiny white tarp tops custom fit to your building is offset by a beautiful blue mesh, making even a grey sky look sunny!

3. Showercaps:
just a little on the top please! Leaves the balconies, doors and windows unblocked, but keeps the rain off the roof!

4. Stormtrooper:
for the serious mysterious type.  Cover everything in a tight white shell. These are not the droids you’re looking for.

5. Cascading green:
for extra excitement in a downpour, this style will only work with a multilayered building but creates a beautiful waterfall effect in a heavy rain.  The green mesh says ‘i care’ about the environment.

Have we missed any quintessential Vancouver tarp styles?

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An Observer

BPOM #62, that place was listed as high as $31.9 million earlier in 2012


Some Stats:
Aug 1-13: 2013 vs 2012:
Sales: +42%
New List: +13%
Inventory: -6%

Aug 1-13 Inventory growth:
2012: 18708->18788 (+0.4%)
2013: 17441->17621 (+1.0%)
Inventory increasing at higher rate than last year

New Listings YoY change
Aug: +13% (vs ’12)
Jul: +11%
Jun: -13%
May: -18%
Interesting to see New Listings picking up pace.
It could mean a few things
A. Sellers trying to catch the end of RE boom.
B. According to some realtors, the main demographic driving Vancouver-proper sales lately are existing home-owners taking advantage of low rate-holds to trade up/down. In order to buy, they have to list first.

If I have to bet, I’ll bet
– Sales noticeably drop off by mid/late September
– Peak inventory occurs in September/October this year.

Investing 101

Hmmm. I wonder what this will mean for the price of local RE….

“Many of Vancouver’s mining exploration companies are struggling to keep the lights on and there were rows of empty seats at a Vancouver mining conference in May.”


2013 BMO Student Survey: Canadian Students Relying Less on Family to Finance Higher Education

“Those in B.C. anticipate accumulating the most debt ($34,886) and students in Atlantic Canada expect to take the longest to pay down their loans (7.6 years)”

If debt accumulation was a sport, BC would be winning the cup every year.

Canada Man

Its too bad somebody didn’t tell the Chinese that U.V rays are almost as strong on cloudy days as on sunny days .


Barbara Yaffe: On paper, we’re rich, but our wallets are awfully thin

High value of housing bumps ‘wealth’ of Vancouverites, but you can’t spend it

Read more:


New Listings 201
Price Changes 94
Sold Listings 106


Chinese businessman ordered to destroy mountain villa built atop apartment building

Not intended as a followup to the previous post, but if it works… 🙂


But he’s equating that to Chinese people (ie. non-Westernized Chinese people) and the country itself as being fucked up and some barbaric culture. That in my view is not appropriate and reaks of racial superiority.

China is fucked up because it has been ruled for over half a century by one of history’s most misguided and morally bankrupt ideologies (which has changed its economic approach but not its moral perspective) and for centuries before that by decadent absolute monarchs.

Just like Russia. Race has nothing to do with it.


@TPFKAA – sorry but that’s not the impression I got from reading his posts. My impression was that he views Chinese as culture and pretty much everything inferior based on what he views as stupid customs/fashion. I didn’t get any feeling he was poking fun at the habits of the rich or simply those trying to chase some fashion trends. Stupidity and ridiculous fashion trends knows no culture/country bounds. If he thinks that face masks are stupid, fine state that. But he’s equating that to Chinese people (ie. non-Westernized Chinese people) and the country itself as being fucked up and some barbaric culture. That in my view is not appropriate and reaks of racial superiority. There are many things in Western and Indian cultures that Chinese people think are stupid but we don’t equate that to those culture and people… Read more »


#54 Reality

Right, those creatures (with masks or without, same shit) are changing this part of the world a big time and forever and unfortunately for the worse.

Naked Official #9000


loyal cadre, most realtors recommend every dollar spent on mortgage payments equates to ten dollars in equity next year!


Whatever the skin. Please don’t be orange. Skin damage != beauty.

Wish the ladies would understand that a tan only makes them age faster. Most beauticians recommend every dollar spent on sun screen equates to ten dollars on treatment.


oops sorry, nevermind, i did not see that asshole comment. I thought you were talking to frank for some reason. Just ignore.


Respectfully, I think you missed the irony in Frank’s post. I think that he was poking fun at the cultural norms that rich people adopt to show their specialness and beauty. In the West it is a ridiculous carcinoma orange tan in midwinter; in the East it is the vitamin D deficient anaemic pale look. Among the Kayan Lahwi, it is a 20 inch long neck. Plus ca change c’est la meme chose, or something.

Naked Official #9000


loyal cadre.. keep up the good fight.

Best place on meth

Big sale in Shaughnessy at 3390 The Crescent.

10,500 sqft home on 1.2 acres.

Listed last Sept at 22.8M
Dropped to 19.9
Dropped to 17.8
Sold for 15.2

Bag it and tag it

It’s got nothing to do with skin colour preference, but the reasoning given. It’s mentions that tanned skin = peasant…but really in this day an age white skin = peasant because you’re stuck inside all day in a sweat shop while the shop owner is tanning his/her hide at the beach.


@Reality – so you like tanned skin, that means everyone else in the world must also like tanned skin? Anyone who likes fair skin must be fucked up? Who made you the final judge on what is beautiful or not? As far as I know, a lot of Japanese and Korean also think fair skin are more beautiful, are they fucked up too? Anyways, once the women hits their 50s, when their once nice tanned skin becomes all wrinkled with spots and blemishes from the sun exposure, and their husbands dump them for the new 25 year fair skinned Asian girls, I wonder if they will still think tanned skin are the ultimate in beauty?? If someone wants fair skin, they either have to stay inside or prevent the sun from hittin their face when they are out. If they… Read more »


The Trump Tower Vancouver has already broken ground and has been construction has been ongoing for months now.


@airborne canine #51: In that Globe and Mail article, a rare glimpse of raw tactics from the used house salesperson who made the sale: “We came on the market at a high price… After six weeks, we reduced the price to where we kept it until the loft sold for a fair price.” Since the market determines what a fair price is, of course it sold at a fair price (as Patriotz’ posts have kindly hammered into me)… so that isn’t the part that interests me. BUT what I wish buyers would understand clearly — as shown in this quote — is that asking price can never be assumed to be a fair price. So, who were all those Vancouver idiots that had been bidding prices above original asking price at the peak of the market and through until last… Read more »

Manna from heaven

Let’s see how this unfolds in Vancouver. Wonder if they will even break ground.

P.S. that site is cursed!


Ross Kay claims that:
“During the last year the Federal Government had been successfully rolling the Canadian Housing Market into a controlled slow down, that benefited most Canadians.”

Who, exactly, benefits from a long, drawn-out correction?
1. Flippers.
2. People who foolishly bought at inflated prices.
3. People who are selling and leaving the country (or renting).
4. Realtors.

Who is hurt?
1. People that understand investing and are being forced to rent.
2. Employers trying to attract foreign talent.
3. Real estate investors. (not speculators)
4. Young families.

Who is unaffected?
1. Most everybody else.

I usually like Mr. Kay’s commentary, but I think he is off the mark this time. Although, I hope he’s right that we are now in full correction mode. This insanity has already been going on for 7 years.


Post 45 Anon 321 said: It’s just the latest marketing strategy to attract these beautiful foreign investors. I’m sorry, but what a fucked up race. I’m going to correct you on that. Lets not paint everyone from China with the same brush. Those of Chinese ancestry that have grown up here are great… Having said that, the problem is the recent arrivals who bring their cultural baggage with them. Caucasians are blind (Wilfully?) to what is going to happen to Metro Vancouver in the near future. Once a critical population of Chinese is reached here (2022?), expect Vancouver to be more like China. The fairer your skin, the higher class you are. Plus, expect locals to work as servants in their homes with beatings. Expect masks everywhere in the summer… Etc. I generally avoid going thru China on my… Read more »