Land sales indicate end of boom

In a sign that builders seem to see an end to the current housing boom land sales have dropped off in the first half of this year.

Land investment is down 51% in Toronto, 30% in Vancouver and 52% in Calgary compared to the same period last year.

Richard Vilner puts it this way in the Financial Post:

“The slowdown began to happen in mid-2012. There was a big time slow down versus those robust two years pre-slowdown. The cranes you are seeing now are for residential land deals that closed a couple of years ago.”

There’s still a lot of land in the pipeline though, condos will be going up in those cities for some time yet even if no more land changes hands.

Read the full article here.

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but if you lived in La Jolla you wouldnt be walking distance to park royal mall they got a winners


#58, What looks like a better deal?

This $5.5M La Jolla home,

Or this one for $5.8M in West Van.

I’ll take the one in La Jolla.


thats because Califorinia actually has high paying jobs, industry and a real economy to support the real estate market, versus vancouver’s rock-bottom wages, pitiful career opportunity and disgusting weather


just got back from La Jolla (San Diego)…

RE prices there make Vancouver look like a bargain….

It should be noted that there was a Ferrari, Lambo, or a Rolls Royce seen every 30 seconds or so…no kidding.

$17 Million homes…and no, they weren’t huge mansions.

I think a lot of money chasing limited resources.

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But yesterday the headline was “Royal Lepage says real estate headed for upswing!” Today, it’s a “major slowdown”.

So confused!


Interesting reading GT’s comments tonight – insulting his readers a bit more than usual. Then along comes comment #73 demonstrating what, with hindsight, is patently obvious – he’s in the sauce!! LOL!!! Now it all makes sense!!!

one migrant economy
one migrant economy

‘never believe anything until it’s been officially denied’

Son of Ponzi

# 49.
After all not a bad deal for the buyer.
The “dentist” threw in 100 k worth of fake gold fillings to clinch the deal.

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@48 – some moron paid $858,000 for that POS and we are not in a bubble? Yeah right!

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@47 – never believe anything until it’s been officially denied

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one migrant economy

“We are not responsible for the housing market collapse that caused mortgage loans to default at unprecedented rates and these securities to lose value as a result,” the bank said in a statement this week.


New Listings 243
Price Changes 82
Sold Listings 150


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Many Franks

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Many Franks, can we trawl the archives for clichés or does it have to be fresh meat?

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Mick Murphy

VPD renews call for ‘blessing scam’ victims to come forward
Elderly Chinese women being targeted for cultural beliefs

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Another question:

If US home prices are the same today as they were in 2003, does that mean they’ve been flat for 10 years?