Friday Free-for-all! December is here!


If you’ve been keeping track of the days in the work week you know what time it is – Friday Free For All Time!

This is when we do our regular end of the week news round up and open topic discussion thread for the weekend.  Here are a few recent links to kick off the chat:

Rent Vs Buy in BC
Rent Vs Buy south of there
Blame Canadas Big Bubble
Toll the border?
Abandoned homes up for grabs?
Realtor Hunger Index
Sunshine Coast Stats
London asks UK for foreign buyer tax

So what are you seeing out there?  Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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Son of Ponzi

Lots of new listings here in Richmond.
Offshore investors are cashing out and old ladies are getting scared.

Son of Ponzi

Cancelled/Expired: 136


Here’s a great one for this forum. There’s no bubble because no is exactly sure what a bubble is:


152 New Listings in midish December? That seems high. Anyone recall what the comparable dates last year looked like?


New Listings 152
Price Changes 44
Sold Listings 126

Son of Ponzi

Many “vacation homes” are coming on the market in Richmond.
Now as prices are coming down, they are deemed deprecating investments that must be sold before the poop really hits the fan.
Good riddance.


Bull! x 3, what planet do you live on?

Everyone I’ve been talking to lately LOVES the sunny cool weather of the last month or so. Normally, November is my least favourite month, but this past one was incredible! I wish it were like this every year.

As far as the “bears being wrong” nonsense you keep spouting, could you be more specific? Four years ago, I was a Vancouver RE bear. Was I wrong? I was much more bullish on Phoenix, so that’s where I invested. Was that wrong, too? Did you see my comparison from Thursday?

Someone that bought the benchmark condo in Oct 2009, made about $540. OTOH, someone who invested roughly the same amount in Phoenix instead made about $188,000. If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right!



“The VSB has begun cracking down on this as it is illegal for a student under that age to be living and going to school without a guardian present”

It is legal for a 16 year old to live on their own and attend school. I know because I did it and I was really not that unique many students live independently at 16. As far as living alone while attending UBC as the student in the article did I’m not even sure what to say that is quite common in my experience. 18 year olds are adults from a legal perspective. If you end up getting in trouble during your first year in university that isn’t because your parents weren’t there to take care of you but because they did a bad job in the first 18 years.


@79 usually a lurker.

The VSB has begun cracking down on this as it is illegal for a student under that age to be living and going to school without a guardian present, however I know many of these students use Uncles and other relatives a “guardians” even though they don’t even live in the same house/building.

Persians downtown do this quite regularly.


BMO is raising its 5-year fixed mortgage rates and will also increase variable rates.

The CBC says it is anticipation of the US Fed decision to taper back its bong-buying program. The bank says the posted rate for a five-year fixed closed mortgage will be 5.44 per cent, while the posted five-year closed variable rate will be 3.1 per cent.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

there is always a lull in posts during xmas. that lull would provide you a good opportunity to retire from the vancouver bear scene.

most people stop posting during the holidays. all you have to do is not start again. thus you, and this blog would simply fade away.

it seems like a dignified to end your mission. you were wrong. that’s ok. just accept it and fade away into the winter sunset. VHB has already done it. maybe your time is coming too…


Bull Bull Bull, I went for a great bike ride on Sunday. Sorry you were having such a miserable day.


Billy Bob.

Would you like your condo to be 1000 ft wide, 1000ft long or 1000ft tall?

Son of Ponzi

Triple Bull.
Actually, I enjoyed the sunny, dry weather.
Slap on a warm coat and it’s comfortable.
My son played soccer this Saturday. Much more pleasant than the dreary, misty normal winter days here.

Billy Bob

When exactly will I be able to buy a 1,000 ft condo downtown for $350K? I’ve been reading for a number of years and am getting increasingly impatient. Tell me the answers bears.


1)B.C. investing $20 million to help mentally ill drug addicts in Vancouver However, the plan appears to be far from what Vancouver’s mayor and police chief called for two months ago

2)Seedy Downtown Eastside hotel gets a makeover to provide 36 rooms for homeless women (Meaning crack heads & hooker)

Bull! Bull! Bull!

what do you think of the freezing cold weather? do you wish it would rain again?

now you know how the rest of canada feels and why everyone wants to move here.

Many Franks

Wow! Mea culpa. According to my own advice I will briefly shut up.

data junkie

“Does UBC have a pre-med program?

UBC does not have a pre-med program. Please see our Admissions Requirements for information on all prerequisites necessary for application.”


Many Franks


I doubt very much that UBC has a ‘pre-med’ program. What a dork.

To paraphrase, “if you don’t have anything smart to say, don’t say anything at all.