Happy Holidays!

Whatever your religion happens to be.

Be you a bear, bull or agnostic.

Whether you’re an internet millionaire or a carrying a debt load of 165%.

You might be a real estate salesperson, a bearish economist or a somebody just trying to get by.

The most important things in life don’t tend to end up on a financial statement or notice of assessment.

Whatever your situation is, thanks for visiting VCI and taking part in the conversation.

You deserve a holiday, and we hope you have a good one!


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Thanks SOP and NS. I agree, no poles and Pizza is the way to go 🙂



Lots of patience. I like the Italian habit of referring to the snowplow as “pizza” (as in the shape of a slice of pizza). It’s easier and more fun to shout “pizza” than “snowplow” or “triangle. Enjoy it while you can still keep them in sight!

Son of Ponzi

Around 5 years is the best time for kids to learn how to ski.
I suggest a few lessons. You’ll be amazed at the results.
In any case, make sure they don’t use any ski poles.

Randy Randerson

Point #5

5. Consumer IQs will increase

For those in the mortgage industry who prefer an uninformed consumer, your days are numbered. Canadians will spend more time researching rate comparison websites, online mortgage forums, news portals, blogs, calculators and other online mortgage tools. They’ll become increasingly savvy about fine print like penalty calculations, rate blend policies and refinance restrictions. (Find tips for securing the best mortgage in Robert McLister‘s Mortgage Checklist.)

This is the weakest prediction, I don’t see how people who like to bury their heads in the sand about Vancouver RE, will suddenly wake up one day and realize their mistakes.

Son of Ponzi

“faith based investment decisions”.
call me an Imvestmemt Atheist.


Teaching a 4 and 6 year old to ski definitely takes lots of patience! But so far so good, nice soft snow and the kids are starting to figure it out.

New Listings 74
Price Changes 44
Sold Listings 99



“Expect more rule tightening in 2014”

Don’t tell Rob, but “things” will tighten in 2014 by doing nothing. The 5 year renewal gap goes from -2% to less than -0.5% in less than three months starting… oh… about… now.

I don’t know much about the direction of interest rates and don’t pretend to but the US now has most of its economic cylinders firing. In the past, that has usually led to higher rates. Whether or not that means higher rates for Canada I don’t know.

Funny how Rob states, “Economists and government officials have been warning us of higher rates for four years. So far they’ve been wrong, and now many consumers aren’t sure what to believe.”

Consumers, apparently, want someone or something to “believe”. How true. Right up there with faith-based investment decisions.


Five Canadian mortgage market predictions for 2014


1. New mortgage rules

Expect more rule tightening in 2014 designed to reduce mortgage risk for lenders, mortgage default insurers and the government. By definition, those rules will make it slightly harder to get approved for some mortgages and further slow the housing market.


…….Interesting article:
“The world braces for retirement crisis.” :


Isn’t it obvious the solution to all the world’s economic problems is to simply invest in Vancouver Real Estate? Clearly, as dimwits on this site point out every day, there’s no downside.

Yellow Helicopter

63 66 68 is RC


San Jose prices up 40% in 1 year. Wow. Palo Alto prices increased by $100,000 A MONTH!

No correction coming here folks. Just wow what’s happening in the USA. Denver up 29%. Wow.


Tedeastside Says:
My favorite movie is that Jim Carey movie “Dumb and Dumber”.

Your behavior & comments are getting Dumber and Dumber every minute,please go see an psychiatrist.


My favorite movie is that Jim Carey movie “Dumb and Dumber”.


Year end in Vancouver means that at least one local realtor needs to take to youtube and explain how stupid it is to rent when you can buy.

Last year it was Ian Watt:

This year it’s Owen Bigland:

According to Owen there basically is no difference in the cost to buy or rent a place, maybe $100 or $200/month, so why not buy, rates are low?

We all know that the cash cost of ownership is much higher (for me in coal harbour it would cost roughly double to buy), and rates are already heading higher.

He also gets a bunch of other things wrong but that’s par for the course for realtor youtube videos.


Vancouverites will never produce a winner. Thay will never have Facebook, Twitter, and Intel. They are smug unlike people in Sunny Santa Monica. RC may be right on some points but not this one.


63 was most likely RC or noname


RC should call up Mark Zuckerberg and scream at him and ask him why he chose SanFran over best place on earth,
for fun lets compare companies in SanFrancisco vs Vancouver then we can ask people where they would rather start their careers

Canada has never produced a Steve Jobs Mark Zuckerbereg or Bill Gates… and never will


Vancouverites have less IQ than people under the San Francisco California sun. I love my followers who will blindly upvote me. Vancouverites are a sad miserable lot.


Hahaha…San Fran has a real downtown? Aside from a square block (union square), vancity downtown is much better.

TedLSide is clueless along with his upvoters…hahaha.

Oh, Canada just set an all time record with the highest number of millionaires and billionaires EVER!!


@ Canada guy
Thanks for the great article.

The following story gave me some hope today.




So much has changed along skytrain route in 27 years. ie more condos.

Canada guy

The end of what made great cities great. From Al Jazeera: Expensive cities are killing creativity.

Relevant to Vancouver, here is one of many interesting comments:
“New York – and San Francisco, London, Paris and other cities where cost of living has skyrocketed – are no longer places where you go to be someone. They are places you live when you are born having arrived. They are, as journalist Simon Kuper puts it, ‘the vast gated communities where the one percent reproduces itself’.”


have a good time in SanFran , they actually have real tourist attractions, they actually have a real downtown with office buildings,
there’s a lot of economic activity there it would overwhelm a Vancouverite….
they dont have many glass condo buildings or much cold rain so a Vancouverite might be homesick, the California Sun and friendly people will be culture shock to a vancouverite


I knew a fellow up in Egmont who lived in an old school bus. He passed out one night with a candle still burning away. The handfull of bullets he had left on the table woke him up when they started firing off. Since none of them hit him, they saved his life…LOL.Everyone laughed about this for months.