Downtown jail to become affordable housing

The vacant remand center in the downtown eastside is going to see new life as affordable and low income housing.

In a $13 million dollar project, the former jail cells are being converted into homes.

In addition to the residential units, the development will include the conversion of the existing jail gymnasium to a multi-purpose room, a community garden in the courtyard, a communal lounge and a bicycle storage facility.

“By combining affordable housing with support services and job training opportunities, we’re providing quality housing and strengthening the Downtown Eastside economy at the same time,” said Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson.

The remand centre functioned as a jail for those not yet convicted of crimes, including the Air India bombing suspects, for 30 years before closing in 2002. The property has sat vacant ever since, prompting Vision Vancouver to recommend repurposing the space in 2006.

Read the full article over at Global News.

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Selling rep = representing the buyer.


5 SFH West Vancouver sales today. 1 was about 1.5 million and had a Local Realtor. The other 4 realtors who were the selling reps were from you-know-where..


@ 15 space889

Hey! I’m a boomer. I could shoot down all of your stereotypes, but who cares about that? I know it is tough now for young people. Get out of Vancouver! It is making you nuts.


Gosh! This isn’t about fairness! It’s about what you want for yourself and your kids’ future and your ability to communicate that to your government. We all know if you go to any Carribbean island the locals are turfed off their land to make way for hotels and home for the global wealthy. Obviously rich Canadians play a part in this. The locals have no say in the matter because they are poor, landless, and without a voice. They also can’t really afford to emigrate. ( I am thinking of my visit to Tobago here). Hell, they can’t even afford the trip to Trinidad as their wages won’t take them even that far. As a Canadian living under a system of good government I don’t want to find myself in a position similar to them just because I rent and… Read more »

Egg Hunt

Lots of property tax.
It is for whole family, annually,
To me, hardly lots of tax paid for those
who own and operate multimillin dollar property.


@Shibor this – why not? Eliminate the income tax and replace the lost amount with commensurate property taxes increase. Frankly, it will probably be much better than the current system by eliminating the hugely complex tax systems that runs into tens of thousands of pages, save Canadians and corporates billions in tax preparation bill each year, don’t cost any extra $$ to admin since we already have a property tax assessment and collection system in place!! All those billions of dollars not spend on tax filings can be freed to do more productive/leisure purpose in the economy. Face it, $$ spend on tax compliance is just wasted money.

For a person making $60K and paying $25K net income tax vs $25K net property, the end result is the same.


@fixie guy – HAM made their wealth in other countries and came here with the money. They have no working income because they don’t need to work. How is that unfair? See my post about Canadian ex-pats then.


@rololston – how do you know the HAM didn’t pay income tax in China? China have put lots of rich people in jail for years for failing to pay taxes. It just don’t get reported here because hey, why would Canadian news outlet care about that. Also Canada used to give wealthy immigrants a 5 year income tax holiday!!! The arguments against HAM can pretty much be applied to any group that’s not paying a lot of income tax or much of any tax. HAM at least pays lot of property taxes even when they aren’t in the country. How about all those Canadian ex-pats living and working in US/elsewhere for 30 years, never pay a dime in Cad taxes and then moving back to Canada for retirement and using all the social benefits and healthcare??? I don’t see anyone… Read more »

fixie guy

@15 space889 Says: “You know, all those retired baby boomers, they pay no income taxes…”

The first Boomers hit 65 recently. The peak are still in the mid-Fifties, far from retired, and paying taxes commensurate with the high incomes you resent. The last won’t be retiring until 2029, assuming the retirement age is still 65.
Invented analogies divorced from reality hold no value, no matter how satisfying you may find them.

Shibor this

To paraphrase Kant’s categorical imperative: what if we all behaved as HAM?

If all Canadians paid little income tax and but high property taxes and consumed healthcare, education, transport services, what would happen?

Hint: property taxes alone won’t foot the bill.


Yeah, I can’t stand elderly people who paid tax their entire lives and the poor, lol.


Sales seem to be up. Does anyone have comparable data for last February?


Or replace boomers with say low income single parent households, welfare recipients, homeless people, drug addicts that the city spends so much money on each year, criminals in jail that cost taxpayers $100K/year, marjuana growers that also pay no income taxes, and you pretty much get the same effect. None of those groups pay much if any taxes and yet costs money from taxpayers. However, they did have the luck of being Canadian citizens which prevents government from kicking them out. Should government design some policy as well to prevent them costing taxpayes because they pay less taxes than a live-in caregiver? Oh right, I forgot they don’t drive up home prices and drive out the locals. But but we are told that HAM is at best a localized effect, it doesn’t spill out of West Van, Van West, and… Read more »


You know, all those retired baby boomers, they pay no income taxes, collect social benefits, got cheap education during their youth. Then they ride the wave to become managers with only a bachelor degree while lording over harder working young PhDs today and calling them lazy. They are sucking up all the healthcare money and taking up the spaces in hospitals with their chronic disease and drugs costing tens of thousands of dollars. Not only that, they also racked up all those national debts in the 80s/90s and never bothered to pay it back. Instead saddling us young people with the it, never saved and invested for infrastructure upgrades, and now has the gall to complain about high taxes, and long healthcare wait when they are the ones taking up most of the resources?? Finally, just to stick it to… Read more »



Agreed. Their’s no point rewarding HAM that’s bailing out of the market. if they bought a while ago, it’s likely that they have made a ton of money.

There are plenty of equivalent properties for sale. If you can avoid rewarding HAM, why do it? I’d rather do business with someone I like, regardless of where they are from.

John B.

Living in a prison sounds like a great idea. It would be a great place for the grow-ops as well. Lets wait for all those marijuana dealers, they will be really pleased by this. I hope it won’t be as expected as I suspect it to be.

The other question is: will it be sold as a condo or a townhouse? Because condos, following the last Market report, are not selling that well right now.


Copy pasted from the VanPeak Boards..

2014-02-17 Numbers
Hey guys, I can’t post on the board for some reason.

New Listings 292
Price Changes 100
Sold Listings 214


So much for the “market running out of steam” idea that was floated on the last thread:


without marijuana and real estate speculation, does vancouver even have an economy


Sick of Gregor. Shouldt’av voted for him a 2nd time.


232 sold listings according to chipman

Heard Herd selling

Mega new listings

Bailing in BC

Too bad Turkey. Shame we can’t just stick to RE.