Does density make people happy?

Is there a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ kind of density?

Is density for its own sake an improvement to a city?

Gordon Clark has an opinion piece over at the Vancouver Province about density and it’s effect on people in the city.

Perhaps I’d feel better about all the growth if someone could point to some positives. But where are all the natural history museums, art galleries and other great cultural features common to other large cities? Despite the growth, we’re not acquiring any of the cultural attributes of large cities that at least provide some trade-off to a hectic life in an urban jungle. Let’s face it, we’re an artistic wasteland compared with truly great cities. How are all those condo towers blocking the spectacular views of the North Shore mountains and the ocean making us more interesting?

What do you think? Are community and culture getting shafted in the race to density and growth or are long term Vancouverites just grouchy and looking at the past through rose coloured glasses?


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– maybe it is also the huge NIMBYism that’s so prevalent in Vancouver and against any and all changes to acommodate increase population and just progress? Seems like true Vancouverite, including quite a few posters on this site, believe that Vancouver is their own special place that no one else has a right to move and live here.


@KK – how do you know the cars aren’t just rented for display? It’s common practice even in China to rent 20 to even 100+ luxury cars for a wedding motocade. The way the cars are parked seem to suggest they are there just for show than actually driven and parked there by owners.

Btw, I think you are missing a K in your handle.


Lack of culture? Vancouver is #1 in culture in Canada. 4% of our population is in culture. This helps bring up our standing to the 39th best place in Canada to live.


This city lacks great museums, art gallerys, a lively music scene, etc. The idea of density has been used so our corrupt mayor can give his campaign contributors–the developers more work to pave over this city. Yaletown is such an ugly, characterless site, with all those grey glass towers that have ruined the skyline. Vancouver has terrible urban planners. If it wasn’t for the mountians, ocean, and the climate, Vancouver would have very little to offer. People certainly don’t move here for the ugly architecture, high costs, and lack of culture.


Seriously, bears need to stop posting crap about dating, weddings, cars and license plates. You are sleeping on the job and I have to do your job for you.


Debt to disposable income fell quarter over quarter. When is the last time that has happened? Perhaps a decade or more?

The measure of household credit market debt to disposable income remains at a worrisome level, 163.97 per cent, Statistics Canada said today.

But that fourth-quarter reading is down from 164.2 in the previous three-month period, having climbed fairly steadily for decades.

If the debt binge is declining, isn’t this bearish for real estate prices which are fed by debt?

bear combing its hair

Another interesting observation is that, so far, new lists have not been strong. The growth in inventory is largely due to low sales, not newlists. But inventory was already high. A few years ago before gfc inventory of 8000 was common this time of year.


2 things tourists always say about vancouver

nobody smiles in this city

why is everything in this bland city so expensive..(they dont even know about the real estate prices)


Happy CNY everyone! Those caucasians really love to participate in cultural festivities


space889 – you need to get out more. Check out this recent HAM wedding.

Let’s see if you can actually add up the value of these cars:

Not a caucasian in sight unless you count the staff at Fairmont Pacific Rim.

Heard Herd selling

Rainy weekend, gonna be very few sales, real estate agents soon to become taxi cab drivers

bear combing its hair

At Almost halfway through the month.

I hope I won’t be jinxing anything by saying that sales are down from February. That is, as Cindi Lauper would say, unusual.

Son of Ponzi

you get the same deal with a dentist in Vancouver.
But he works out of his moldy basement.


whats up with the greed in vancouver, i got a small filling done at a dentist in Los Angeles it was only $85… same thing in vancouver would be $220 …… Vancouvers a fuckin’ joke,

Son of Ponzi

Why are you voting # 147 down.
We know the numbers are fudged.
The real listings are probably around 16k right now.

Heard Herd selling

Bob Peenies been drinking his own koolaid, he buys 3 condoms today so 15 K party starts tomorrow


New Listings 207
Price Changes 89
Sold Listings 115


@127: “End of Fannie, Freddie would mean RMBS comeback”

The new scheme would see formation of a Federal Mortgage Insurance Corp (FMIC) to replace Fannie and Freddie, which were taken over by the government in 2008 in the midst of the subprime mortgage meltdown.

FMIC would be funded by user fees and, most crucially, would guarantee 90% of mortgage credit risk.

Hey, I wonder where they got that idea from?

This actually represents a huge increase in de jure USG exposure to mortgages compared to pre-2008, since before the takeover of that year Fannie and Freddie obligations were not legally guaranteed by the USG.


– uhm…I think you have to get invited to those events. These aren’t your regular auto-show where anyone can just buy a ticket and show up. When the event was televised on Real Housewives, I don’t see a lot of Asian owners but local owners at the event. Actually I don’t recall seeing any FOBs.

Heard Herd selling

Happy 15k , I loaded up on free koolaid and still no desire to buy condoms from Bob Peenies, also they had a few leaky balloons at the party today, Bob was blowing hard trying to keep them blown up, he a good hot air blower


I sure don’t see a lot of them in the photos for these kind of events in various papers and mags. Most are white and middle aged or older.

Screw events, look who is behind the wheels. Whites middle aged or older go to these events for free booze, some food and to mingle instead of going to open houses like actual drivers of those expensive, luxury cars.