FFFA! End of boom, TFW, Teranet, Banks

It’s the end of another week!

That means it’s time for another Friday Free-for-all. This is our news round up and open topic discussion thread for the long weekend.  Here are a few links to kick off the chat:

Scotiabank: bubble warning
BMO: bubble warning
TD Bank: bubble warning
RBC: bubble warning
CIBC: data warning
Pimco: bubble warning
Teranet stays flat in march
Open houses – true or false?
Import workers for $11/hour?
More complaints over TFW
Ka-shing dumps china property
New Zealand targets affordability
Sunshine coast sales challenge

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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Ever hear of ‘Shorting Canada’?

Let’s see the currency hit 60 cents…i would have a great day!

Oh and its good for jobs, exporters and the like.

I think I need people like you having bets on the wrong side.

Atomic Frog

Personally, I know many Chinese locals who borrow heavily to buy into this Vancouver property bubble. Many of them are suffering financially now (say cannot rent the basement out at the price they want or house appraisal goes down and cannot borrow more from LOC). I know many of them who bought a SFH have an outstanding mortgage balance of well over 500K+. They are literally working for the house they live in, and likely only have 15 bucks left every month after mortgage.

So, if there is one ethical group that is suffering badly from this bubble, it is actually the Chinese. There is no doubt the Chinese mainlanders will continue to drive the bubble, but many of the local Chinese homeowners are suffering now just like anyone who bought in the last 5 yrs.


@ #154

” I really want to see the end of HAM, but when? So frustrated… ”

Very simple.
Just write to the Minister of Immigration


LMAO at the folks on here, who post day in and day out, celebrating racist vitriol and cheer-leading job cuts.

what a horrible way to live.

Newsflash! Time is linear – each day that passes is a day you won’t get back. Spending your life being negative isn’t healthy, and will just leave you with regrets later in life.


Sign of housing slowdown



Canadian, U.S. housing markets defy expectations, price gap hits record

Average Canadian home prices were 66 per cent above average U.S. prices during the first three months of this year, he says. (Note: these are prices for existing houses and condos, not those that are newly constructed).

Bull! Bull! Bull!

HAM is coming to vancouver with down payments for a house strapped to their wrist.

$136,000 watch catches border guard’s attention


A man who smuggled a $136,961 watch into Canada without paying his duties, was fined more than $14,000 in Richmond provincial court on Tuesday.

Zuo Qing Huang pled guilty to possession of goods unlawfully imported contrary to the Customs Act.

He returned to Canada following a Hong Kong trip, and was referred for a secondary examination at Vancouver International Airport.

Son of Ponzi

Philip Till on CKNW said this morning if he had kids today, he would enroll them in Mandarin immersion.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

Better learn mandarin before you are languaged out forever

Chinese Crest ad draws criticism



I knew few Chinese families living and working in Canada, they had properties in China. They have just sold or planning to sale in order to afford a bigger property in Vancouver. So, it’s not only rich immigrants are buying, also mid-low income immigrants compete too. I really want to see the end of the hot money, but when? So frustrated, no wonder locals think to win the lotteries in order to buy a house.

HAM is a MYTH!

who’s going to mandarin class tomorrow?

Not the 426 people trying to sell their houses.

Bull! Bull! Bull!
Son of Ponzi

Gotta love the 181 price reductions!

Heard Herd selling

Rumor has it real estate agents will start charging a inital 99.95$ list fee, due upon signing contract… Forecast is excessive listing with below average sales.. ie must make lease payment and Starbuck Fix

Best place on meth

Very nice, we haven’t had a 400+ listings day in over 2 years.

+154 to Thursday’s inventory.


New Listings 426 (that’s a lot of listings)
Price Changes 181
Sold Listings 168


China Boys


Man, 35 years ago, we even had a hit song about what was to come.

“Ten billion people across the sea…”


Wow, yeah so sick of the demonization of Asians. How come people never post about all the good things Asians do in the community?

Case and point:


Man of Asian decent gives the shoes and socks off his feet to caucassian crack head and then walks home bare foot

Heard Herd selling

I walked by a real estate lawn sign install dude today, I say you must be busy, he says ya but more and more seller’s don’t want signs, apparently they the sellers and agent’s don’t want to scare others into monkey see monkey do, trying to keep secret

Son of Ponzi

oh, you mean goggles.
I only use them when I go swimming.