Friday Free-for-all!

It’s that time of the week again!

It’s Friday Free-for-all time!

This is when we round up recent news and have our open topic discussion thread for the weekend, so lets get to it.

CMHC looks to fill gap in research
Pipeline approved (sort of, kind of)
Biggest bubble is here at home?
CMHC to return to lower risk roots
Targeting the wealthy by an on ramp
Gay neighbours raise RE values
Wilmar estate on the block

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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No we’re not supposed to pay attention to their present behavior, we’re supposed to give a shit about what happened hundreds of years ago.

Taiwan is also on their hit list even though 90% of Taiwanese want no part of that hellhole and it looks like Hong Kongers are increasingly unhappy to be part of it as well.

Here in Canada we need to oppose any and all ties with China as it appears that all 3 levels of government are attempting to sell us out.

Harper, Krusty and Mayor Moonbeam all want to even more business with these totalitarian scumbags even though the people here are growing increasingly skeptical based on China’s growing aggressiveness and arrogance.

Our politicians are nothing but whores.


The Chinese culture is more about isolationism than expansion for the last 600+ years.

What the fuck happened with it in the last 10 years?

The Man

Welcome to the Vancouver China Info blog.

And by the way… ’round these here parts a ‘mainlander’ is someone who doesn’t live on one of the islands off the BC coast.

Have a skookum day.

Son of Ponzi

When did China invade another country?
Well this is easy.

Guy Smiley

As for bullying, when did China occupy another country?

Tibet comes to mind.

I’m trying to avoid this fray, but that one was a bit too obvious. While we’re at it, doesn’t sound like the Uighurs are too eager to be part of China either.


than should you move on. why bitching about which people buying RE?

Double standard, Move on.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

4SlicesOfCheese is back and he’s butt hurt.


“incessantly bitching about the past – never able to move on, constantly looking for revenge”

This is you. There is a certain fraction of any group of people that think like this. You are generalizing all Chinese to be like this based on a fraction. Maybe they are all like that, but from the people I know, they all aren’t. One thing is for sure. You are like that. Looks like you are the hyprocite. You are exactly what you hate in Chinese people. That’s actually typical of most people that hate. It’s like how gay bashers are mostly in the closet gays.

Best place on meth

Here come the butthurt Chinese, incessantly bitching about the past – never able to move on, constantly looking for revenge.

Are the Vietnamese still bitching at the French and Americans? No, they’ve moved on with their lives.

Maybe the Cambodians should be constantly bringing up China’s support of the Khmer Rouge while they systematically murdered 2 million of their own people.

Oh poor China, always playing the victim card while never acknowledging their own atrocities.

Fuck China and fuck their hypocrite supporters.

UBC in crisis mode

10% or $600,000 off, developer special?
5688 CHANCELLOR BV, University, Vancouver West, $5,388,000.00


@BPOM – There are only 22 countries in the entire world out of 160+ countries that Britain has never ever invaded.

Talked about war mongering…it is the Angolo Saxons who are the true war mongers. It is a feat that even Mongols at their height with the largest landmass country ever can’t even come close to match.

Lastly, if your culture mentality is to take over the world, you don’t build a fucking wall around yourself. Learn to actually do some reading and research. The Chinese culture is more about isolationism than expansion for the last 600+ years.


As for Japan, let’s see, they burned, raped, and pilliaged their way through Asia. Killed tens of millions of civilian in China alone. Nanjing massacre. Experimented with and used biological warefare agents in China. Japan killed more civilians than Nazis killed Jews in China alone, never mind the other countries they occupied. Ask how the Koreans feel about Japanese. Germany apologized, banned Nazism, made reparations. They felt shame for what they did. They don’t feel they are victims in WW2. Japan denied everything, still worship convicted war criminals as national heros, and claim they are victims in the war. And you expect their victims to forgive them? As for bullying, when did China occupy another country? Send in drones, special forces US style? Take down elected government and put in puppet dictators? Finance terrorist organizations that come back to bite… Read more »


hmmm….90%+ of my Cantonese classmates went back to HK to work after university. 50%+ of my Taiwanese classmates went back to Taiwan after universe. Most of them kept the homes they bought here as vacation homes and also to keep getting government cheques. There are Cantonese people who have been here for 20+ years who can’t speak fluent English. It is only those who are went through K-12 school system here that speak English. Lastly, look up history. HK was ceded after Opium war, a war started by a democratic Britain that forced China to import and legalize opium, despite having it banned in its home country. Talk about a war on drugs. HK was under British administration for ~150 years and HKers never had the right to elect anything/anyone to govern the territory. This thing about electing the governer… Read more »


“French still bitching at the Germans like the Chinese constantly do at Japan.”

Does Angela burn incense at the Nazis Temple annually?

Look up what is “on 9” in google. So you are more well read in World Culture. You fit into that gp perfectly.

say whaaaa?

This place is a comedy goldmine …

I’m not sure what to make of #237 (and to a lesser extent #239). If it’s some kind of false-flag race baiting, my hat’s off to you sir, well played. If it’s a legitimate post, the irony is palpable. Please “”mainlander|” enlighten us regarding your positions on Japan, Taiwan and the Koreas.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

>Meanwhile, the province has no problem giving away almost a quarter of a billion per year to the very profitable film and TV industry.

the province stopped giving tax breaks to “the very profitable” film industry. heaven forbid this “very profitable” industry pay it’s fair share back to society.

why do you advocate corporate welfare for some industries, yet attack pro-business policies for other industries. your argument seems contradictory and inconsistent.


I didn’t expect our resident idiot to understand Lifetime Renter’s comment… A little over 30 years ago, the English speaking world started down the pro-business, pro-rich, anti-worker, anti-poor “supply-side” path. In the beginning it was justified. Income inequality was very low, corporate profits were low, unions were strong, wages were high and tax rates were high. Of course, today we have the exact opposite situation. As a percent of the economy, corporate profits and income inequality have never been higher, while worker pay has never been lower. In fact, BC healthcare workers just accepted a bullshit 5.5% raise over the next 5 years. This is less than inflation. Meanwhile, the province has no problem giving away almost a quarter of a billion per year to the very profitable film and TV industry. Does anyone think that if labour had any… Read more »

Bull! Bull! Bull!

@Lifetime Renter

is classism better than racism?

Lifetime Renter

I could deconstruct BPOM’s rant full of grotesque generalizations and bitter hatred but why bother? All I know from a lifetime of being involved in some pretty hard fights and supporting others, is that if you are a worker who is standing up for yourself and fighting for a better world, then I’m with you. And I don’t care where on this planet you are located or what part of China you are from. I don’t care if you are black or white, a man or a woman. If you are Canadian born, an immigrant or ‘temporary foreign’. If you are gay or straight. I don’t care if you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist or into Feng Shui. From experience and reading of history, I know that when we as workers stand up for ourselves, unity and solidarity are… Read more »


“mainlanders still worship Mao and believe the Tiananmen protesters were terrorists who deserved to be gunned down”

Never mind many ‘mainlanders’ immigrating to Canada are Cantonese. Your racist vitriol you keep spewing here degrades the purpose of this blog. I alas am in the minority, as of the time I write this you have 21 upvotes and 5 — hang on… 6 — downvotes. The tribe has spoken.

This blog has become a laughingstock in big part thanks to you, best place on meth. Keep up the good work.

Romeo Jordan



Hard.not to be impressed.

You nailed it well done.

We are going to win. I sense things are unraveling at the seams.

Be well.


Its ok I still love you.

Best place on meth

” I don’t like those rich bastereds driving lamborghinis either” That’s rich, inglorious bastereds and I’m not buying your argument. Cantonese believe strongly in rule of law and democratic principles. Meanwhile, mainlanders still worship Mao and believe the Tiananmen protesters were terrorists who deserved to be gunned down. Cantonese move to Canada and become Canadian while mainlanders come to Canada and demand to be served in Mandarin. Cantonese will fight for freedom from oppression by tyranical government while complacent mainlanders don’t mind being ruled by the vilest, most corrupt thugs on earth – as long as they’re making more money. Also, mainlanders are still butthurt about WWII and want to get back at everyone who wronged them over the last 200 years while other countries have gotten over it and moved on. I don’t see the French still bitching at… Read more »

I knew it

@237 “But don’t believe what the Cantonese say about “mainlanders”.

I knew it. BPOM is Cantonese. That short, ugly, rude, SARS spreading, bush meat eating loser is Cantonese. Spreading rumors about Mainlanders.