Friday free-for-all!

Here we are, the end of another week!

And what do you know, there’s been some rain in the rainforest lately.  Well what a bummer.  I can think of a lot worse places to be- like down in the streets, or down in the sewer… or even on the end of a skewer.

Lets get to our open topic discussion thread for the weekend, here are a few links to kick off the chat:

How to protect yourself from a bubble
Money into REITS instead of condos?
City median income to average price
BC tax revenues drop
Greenspan: no stop without crunch
Zillow to absorb Trulia?

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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I’ve got to leave Vancouver before the city tries to relocate my balls so developers can build some condos on my ass.



Best place on meth

” It is a shame people pay so much attention to China (place where you never eat) when some of our standards here are worse.”

Right on, man! I’m sick of these low Canadian standards.

The melamine in the baby formula and lead in childrens toys was the last straw for me. Don’t even get me started on the poisoned pet food.

I’m buying everthing, including all my meat from Sweden from now on.


@ Insanity #219

I voted you up. I think you make very good points. Although I do think food safety (and product safety more generally) is more of a problem in China, you make a good point that focusing on the problem in China distracts one’s attention from the serious problems with food safety in Canada. However, a lot of our food in Canada comes from China. To the extent that Canadians are living in a globalized market with products from China on our store shelves, concern about product safety in China is justified.

I did not know that people can safely eat rare hamburgers in the US. I still would question how safe that is.


George @216: “There is huge difference from selling e coli tainted meat and selling meat that has gone past its expiry date.” Yes the difference is e coli tainted meat is a million times worse. Meat becomes tainted with e coli because of poor hygiene and handling at the processor. Then people die when they eat it. I have never heard of expired meat killing someone but e coli deaths are common in Canada. In the US ground beef is still served rare and medium rare in burgers and you don’t hear people dying of e coli every week in the US. They must be able to process it without e coli in the US. In Canada it is illegal to serve a burger or any ground beef product in a restaurant medium or medium rare due to e coli.… Read more »

Son of Ponzi

Don’t underestimate Bruce Allan.
He hates Gregor’s guts and he may run for Major just to get rid of the bike lanes.


City selling off land where the Vancouver Aquatic Centre is to developers. Vancouver Sun also says some of the off-ramps from the Granville Bridge will be closed down (making it even harder to get around by car!). They are going to relocate the Aquatic Centre possible to where one of those off-ramps were. The article is awfully short on details. It talks about the development of non-market housing on the site (which site–I guess where the aquatic centre is now). The article is short on details and doesn’t even mention the development of condos. But reading between the lines, it sounds like there is going to be even more curtailed car access for getting in and out of downtown (no offramps for Granville Bridge and then if they demolish the Georgia Viaducts that represent a significant reduction in road capacity… Read more »


@ Boombust There is huge difference from selling e coli tainted meat and selling meat that has gone past its expiry date. E coli occurs naturally in the gut of animals and despite the best of precautions, it can end up on the meat. That’s why it’s important for everyone to cook their meat fully–that kills the e. coli. Now maybe some restaurants have been negligent in not cooking their meat properly–which comes down to lack of training of staff or not having enough staff on shift so one person is in the kitchen so they take the burgers off the grill a bit too early. That is not good but I don’t think it rises to the level of selling meat that is past its expiry date, which is what piper was posting about. And yes, Space889, Maple Leaf… Read more »


YAY 17k Par– oh wait.

Son of Ponzi

Looks like interest will start to rise soon.
Which will spell the end of Pre-sales to locals.
No lender will touch them.
No wonder the developers are going China.

Son of Ponzi

Chinese Laundry is already trade mark protected.
the twisted shape is meant to portray the spin cycle.


New Listings 111
Price Changes 55
Sold Listings 76


……“Even Bruce Allen is ranting about Vancouver House.
Suggests to call it China House.”

Call it The Laundry House.

Or Fox Hunt Manor…….

Or how about: the Sino Screw


@Boombust – And no one went to jail in the Maple Leaf meat scandal either. Did the company even get fined or have to pay compensation to victims? I believe in US a few years back, the biggest meat producer went bankrupt after its process meat was found to have E Coli and a few people died from it. I guess the moral of the story is if we (as in Canadians) did it, it is ok…just normal business slip ups, it’s never evil, intentional, purpose neglect. But if the Chinese did it then it’s OMG, how horrible! How Evil! How Immoral! How on Earth can these locusts be allowed to live! Hmm…kinda of like US supporting Syrian rebels who may or may not be affiliated with ISIS in Iraq while bashing Russian for “alleged” support of Ukraine rebels who… Read more »


Didn’t Wendy’s sell meat that was infected with E-coli a few years ago in the States and some kids died because of it?

It’s not just a “Chinese thing”…so, I don’t know what kind of “point” is trying to be made here.


Didn’t Wendy’s sell meat that was infected with E-coli a few years ago in the States and some kids died because of it?
o be made here.
It’s not just a “Chinese thing”…so, I don’t know what kind of point is trying t


“which is owned by OSI Group of Aurora, Illinois”

Wow, I didn’t expect that last line. I guess when in Rome…

Best place on meth

“Even Bruce Allen is ranting about Vancouver House.
Suggests to call it China House.”

Call it The Laundry House.

Or Fox Hunt Manor.


A suspect meat scandal in China engulfed Starbucks and Burger King on Tuesday and spread to Japan where McDonald’s said the Chinese supplier accused of selling expired beef and chicken had provided 20 percent of the meat for its chicken nuggets. Chinese authorities expanded their investigation of the meat supplier, Shanghai company Husi Food Co. A day after Husi’s food processing plant in Shanghai was sealed by the China Food and Drug Administration, the agency said Tuesday that inspectors also will look at its facilities and meat sources in five provinces in central, eastern and southern China. The scandal surrounding Husi Food, which is owned by OSI Group of Aurora, Illinois, has added to a string of safety scares in China over milk, medicines and other goods that have left the public wary of dairies, restaurants and other suppliers. July… Read more »

Zero Down Forty

#202 “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”, PT Barnum.

This is just creating more local sales interest in the project. These guys are smarter than Cam Good or Mac Marketing, as they are subtler and more sophisticated.

No need for any “Lee Sisters” or helicopters. They get on the front page of the Province. They get Bruce Allen ranting on the radio. Brilliant!


“According to an exposé in the Beijing News, Zhou acquired the rights to a neighborhood renovation project through his university roommate, Mi Xiaodong; he then “transferred the project to professional real estate companies for profit”. Graft investigators detained Mi in October.”

hey, everyone is doing it, must be ok.