Swimming with ideas

Looks like there may be another chunk of land that will give developers that claim they love: the last waterfront development available in Vancouver.

The 40 year old aquatic centre is up for grabs, but the city does want a new one built – they’re looking for bids and ideas for a big chunk of land downtown:

News of the potential arrangement — still a long way from reality — caught many off guard Wednesday, even though it’s contained in a city information package that has been available to potential buyers since May 12.

The city has invited offers on 12 parcels of land contained within the Granville Bridge’s northeast off-ramp and loop, which will be decommissioned and removed.

The land has a total assessed value of $36.14 million and bids from potential buyers are being accepted until Aug. 15.

The city’s “invitation for innovative offers” on the site notes it wants a “renewed” Vancouver Aquatic Centre on the property, to be built by a developer and transferred back to the city for a nominal fee of $10.

Read the full article here.

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@4, patriotz:

Vote for Cedar Party.

They make more sense than all of the “opposition” to Moonbeam and his posse.


Because rich Britons and Americans wouldn’t be bureaucrats finding a safe haven for their money. They would be successful in their own right and have something to contribute.

I rest my case. I mean, case closed 🙂


“Think of it this way. If it were rich americans or rich british buying up real estate, and they were before the chinese, you would rarely hear these kind of comments coming out from people.”

Because rich Britons and Americans wouldn’t be bureaucrats finding a safe haven for their money. They would be successful in their own right and have something to contribute.

Tell me, with all these “investors” coming from China, where are all the new startups and businesses?

They’re getting a passport and free healthcare for life in exchange for what.

Westside Realtor

There are lots of rich foreign buyers coming to Vancouver.

But less than before. If Westside sfh buying intensity is a decent guage that is.


“People actually understand that HAM is a serious problem and it’s not racist to discuss.”

It may not be racist to discuss it, but it tends to end up with some racist overtones and off topic discussions (see this blog).

Think of it this way. If it were rich americans or rich british buying up real estate, and they were before the chinese, you would rarely hear these kind of comments coming out from people. Would you hear that guy on CKNW say something like lets call it London House or NY House instead of Vancouver House. etc etc.

Also, look at how noone ever mentions locals as being a possible cause of the bubble. Easier to demonize a visible group.

Joe Mainlander

Sorry typo. Meant that “there’s no way that 10%-15% of buyers ARE going to effect the whole market”

Joe Mainlander

@#27 Ponzi. Re: “From 2005 to 2012, 36,973 millionaire migrants arrived in B.C”

That’s about 5,200 per year. There’s 30,000 new people arriving every year to Metro Van, and over 40,000 sales a year in Metro, both sides of the Fraser. They may effect some areas but there is no way that 10-15% of the buyers are not going to cause prices to more than double throughout the whole market in a decade. Especially as new homes have been created at a average rate of 17,000 year.

Stating that number is not informative unless you place it in context, then you realize that its’ significance is not that great.

No Noise

Simple solution to all of our problems – tax foreign investors, the more the better


I am Chinese immigrant, but I treat Canada like a home, work here and pay taxes here. But I hate those suddenly rich Chinese people, they either made the money thru their overheated real estate or corruption, then illegally move the dirty money to Canada and park the money in residential houses. Am I considered like a racist? But looks like Canadian government likes the money and never questioned about the sources…really make me want to move somewhere….


Ebola is coming to America for the first time ever, according to CNN (this is seriously getting scary!): The fear began just after news broke Thursday that a long-range business jet with an isolation pod left the United States for Liberia, where it will evacuate two Americans infected with Ebola. Twitter exploded with questions about the deadly virus, which according to the World Health Organization is believed to have killed hundreds in four West African nations. And with reaction to news that two infected Americans would soon be on their way back to the United States. “Why are they doing this?” Robin Hunter asked in a post on Twitter. While U.S. officials have remained mum on the issue, a source told CNN that a medical charter flight left from Cartersville, Georgia, on Thursday evening. Photos: Ebola outbreak in West Africa… Read more »

Kettle Meet the Pot

“Rennie, Ransford, Sommerville and Muir are race-baiting scumbags.”

Kettle meet the pot…

Best place on meth

Rennie, Ransford, Sommerville and Muir are race-baiting scumbags.

Any news outlet that gives them air time or print space is a race-baiting news outlet. I’m looking really hard at you, Global.

We have a lot of race-baiters in this city and they’re all related in one way or another to the real estate industry.

Son of Ponzi

Pats and Mainlander! Take your heads out of the “Tofu Soil” —————— The sheer number of millionaire migrants who have poured into Vancouver is also compelling: From 2005 to 2012, 36,973 arrived in B.C. under the now-defunct immigrant investor program, which imposed a wealth benchmark of $1.6-million on applicants. Before being frozen in 2012, the scheme was the world’s most popular wealth-migration device, with Chinese immigrants planning to settle in B.C. submitting 65 per cent of all applications in 2011. Chinese domination of wealth migration to Vancouver is a statistical fact that belies widespread belief in other reservoirs of rich newcomers. B.C. admitted 30,013 millionaire migrants from Greater China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong) from 2005 to 2012. In that period, there were 242 from Britain and 160 from the United States. Thousands of the rich have also moved to… Read more »


Local Chinese have had enough of the Rennie’s telling others what they can say about HAM

On this, Tan agreed, but suggested Mr. Rennie and others in the property industry steer clear of attempting advocacy on behalf of the Chinese community. “Bob Rennie standing up for the Chinese community? What Chinese community? Real estate investors and landowners. That’s the community he’s standing up for.”


Two days later, University of British Columbia professor Tsur Somerville – whose Centre for Urban Economics and Real Estate is sponsored by developers Grosvenor and Henderson Development, as well as the Commercial Real Estate Development Association – told CKNW Radio that although ignoring the issue would be “foolish,” the debate risked descending into “prejudice, stereotypes and racism.”

Why do they even listen to Tsur when his institute that is supported by developers. It’s like asking a scientist supported by the tobacco industry if smoking is bad for people!

No Noise

The highest property values @ 11x locals earnings in Canada’s (indeed the world’s) history and yet the BC government tells us there’s not enough tax dollars for education, healthcare, infrastructure (earthquake coming, lookout Richmond). So what’s wrong with this picture? Why are property values so high, and tax revenue so low? Everyone, except rich foreigners, are mortgage/debt maxed out so can’t consume, combined with the lack of proper foreign investment taxation which has been put in place in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, England. In Vancouver we’re racist if we even talk about it! Tax foreign investors parking illicit funds already!!! I want my kids to return to school this year. We need a change in BC government.


I just read through the comments on that G&M article. Wow! I don’t give the public nearly enough credit. People actually understand that HAM is a serious problem and it’s not racist to discuss. The comments are overwhelmingly critical of HAM and the politically correct developer friendly spin of our politicians. I had no idea so many people awake!


New Listings 187
Price Changes 104
Sold Listings 138



That Globe and Mail article is awesome! The politically correct are not going to be able to get away with dismissing criticism of foreign investment as racism much longer. Best line in the article: ““Let’s leave it to the rich white dudes to decide what’s racist, right?”


From CBC:

“Xiao Ju (Tony) Guan, a Richmond, B.C., man has been charged in the United States with smuggling more than half a million dollars’ worth of rhinoceros horns, elephant ivory and coral from the U.S. into Canada…

In the United States, Guan is accused of buying the artifacts online through auction houses and galleries located in New York, Ohio, Florida, Iowa and California.

He then allegedly shipped the packages to Point Roberts, Wash. He is also accused of using false shipping labels and falsifying customs declarations forms to conceal the true contents and value of the packages…

Guan is charged in the U.S. with attempted smuggling, falsifying wildlife records and conspiracy. If convicted he could face up to 10 years in prison.

None of the allegations above have been proven in court.”



@ Aggregator 14

CMHC is sooo close to the 600 billion limit and Genworth is days away from their $350 billion limit. Wonder if joe O and the conservative government will delay the crash by increasing the limit and let the next sucker to deal with it.

Bear Vancouverite

@Yunak #13: >No wonder why our local idiots got so excited about unisex >school bathrooms and more gender sensitivity, if back in >the motherland they even have clinics to cure homosexual >“disease” Electric Shock for homosexual conversion therapy is nothing new and is available even in North America. While electric shock is probably not an acceptable or recommended practice for conversion therapy, this quote from the “Conversion Therapy” wikipedia page might be enlightening as to who cares the most about “converting” homosexuals: “The highest-profile contemporary advocates of conversion therapy tend to be fundamentalist Christian groups and other right-wing religious organizations”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conversion_therapy I was first alerted to this ridiculous “therapy” when William Shatner’s “Boston Legal” show featured a case on the topic in one of its episodes several years ago where an American was suing someone regarding that exact therapy not… Read more »

Joe Mainlander

@#15 The local Chinese-Canadians, like David Wong, are like the rest of the local population, and they, too, can be suckered into the propaganda that Van is special and the whole world wants to buy here, while ignoring the class-wide asset inflation that has occurred in all major Canadian cities in the last decade.

Being a Canadian of asian descent doesn’t mean you can’t be sucked into the spectre of being ‘priced out’ by your overseas ethnic compatriots.



Since influential condo marketer Bob Rennie delivered a speech to the Urban Development Institute in May, in which he said “sensational” stories making that link were “bordering on racism,” an array of industry figures have lined up to support his proposition.

You mean sensational stories like Mac Marketing’s fake “rich Asians” on TV? Funny I don’t remember Rennie or other RE bigwigs having much to say about that.

It’s the RE industry itself, through blatant deception like the above, or more subtle advertising (not the least from Rennie) that is promoting the stereotype of “rich Asians” being responsible for high prices.

For them to then start crying racism when this strategy achieves its desired result among the populace is the hight of hypocrisy.

Son of Ponzi