FFFA! Let’s weekend!

You made it to the end of another week and that means it’s time for our regular end of the week news round up and open topic discussion thread.

Here are a few links to kick off the chat:

Poloz closed door speech breaks custom
CMHC: on course for soft landing
TD: housing starts unsustainable
Statscan rushing to redo July jobs data
Apartments vs inflation
OECD better life index

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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FFFA! LetÂ’s weekend!


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142 -One of those claims was kicked out

We missed out on getting 50,000 honest, hard working, tax-paying Millionaires in BC 🙂



Ah, I see. Native-Canadians have land claims. Chinese have claims to citizen ship. Both are suing the government, correct?

I think one of those claims is a bit stronger than the other.

good luck witht hat

Vancouver Canucks holding hockey camps in China


i don’t think the Canucks understand how it works. we don’t westernize them, the sinophi us.


the last decade has been funny after the PNE is over and they have to make excuses why attendance is down year after year

last year it was too sunny, people were doing other things
the year before that it was too rainy people were doing other things

wonder what this year will be…


Survey show 80% of renters under 50 desire home ownership

Two per cent said they didn’t think buying a home was a good investment. And most – nearly 80 per cent – said they would like to buy but were holding back for a variety of reasons including saving for a down payment, fears about qualifying for a mortgage, or a sense that now is not the right time to buy (about 14 per cent said they don’t think it’s a good time given the economy).

In other words, only two per cent won’t buy becuse they think today’s prices are fundamentally too high. Sigh.

Westside Realtor

Gah, aka Oracle, Why so much hate? You bought your Surrey building lot, so now apparently you can find a mate and start a family. I an happy for you. If that is what it takes, so be it. I admire your practicality. I figure you looked in the mirror and equipped that that was your best shot at happiness. And you took it. Well done and again I hope you find the happiness you seek. Me – I just help people by and sell RE for a fee. And I have posted this blog my strong sense that the Westside sfh market has hit a wall and is falling off now. I don’t know what about my message irritates you, but let it be. You have bought, so take your chances and move on and up. That said, I… Read more »


@#141 Yes, they look similar. But, they’re the ones who have a land claim on the PNE. Unceded territory, you know.


I used to think Chinese loved the PNE. But then I realized the people I was seeing weren’t Chinese, they were native-Canadians.

X3 D

It was free day @ the PNE. AKA the only day Asians come to the PNE.


#136 Don’t figure it matters if westsiderealtor is a realtor or not? I really hate seeing his posts get upvoted by people not realizing he’s just making shit up in a lame attempt to talk the market down. Anyways, agreed too much of the board is getting taken up by comments attacking him, I’ll just downvote going forward.


New Listings 208
Price Changes 84
Sold Listings 166



@134: “Its about as useful as People magazine’s, “Most Beautiful Person in The World” issue.”

It’s very useful to the EIU’s target audience, namely expense account executives.

Don’t blame the EIU for doing the job they are supposed to do, blame the MSM for pretending the survey is something it isn’t.


why people care who is westside realtor?

Westside Realtor is actually Jimi Hendrix. He posts here between his hits.


#127 bestplaceonearth said:
“if you are really a west side realtor, you should be out there listing and selling houses”

And if real estate sales are so great in Vancouver, all the used house salespeople and realty investment bears that frequent this site should be too busy buying/selling houses too.


@#131 Oh joy! A report using a contrived goalposts and definitions for the vague term “liveability”!! (1) “It does not take into account the cost of living as a factor in ‘liveability’.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World%27s_most_livable_cities So, who are the only people for whom liveability has nothing to do with costs of living? A) The very rich, and B) The homeless. Yup, obviously this report is very relevant to the mainstream which it is regularly reported to. Everybody here for whom cost of living has *nothing*, *zero*, *nada* to do with liveability, please raise your hand… Yup, I thought so. (2) “The Economist Intelligence Unit has been criticised by the New York Times for being overly anglocentric, stating that “The Economist clearly equates livability with speaking English.” (credit, same Wiki link as above) I guess that’s what happens when your “world” ranking only… Read more »


vancouver has fallen in the ratings to #3.

also, calgay and toronto are number 4 and 5.


@work – Well I’m sure the victims will be compensated via a victim fund that’s fund by a special levy on RE lawyer clients.

Same thing happened a few years ago in Vancouver where buyers of new condos found that that they now owe two mortgages on their new condos because laywer gave the money to developer, not the developer’s lender. The solution was a special fund to compensate victims of this type of crime facilitated by lawyers by levying a special charge on all home buyers who use a lawyer to buy/sell a home. The lawyers themselves obviously never had to pay a dime into this fund out of their own pocket.


Vancouver rated one of the top 10 most liveable city in the world again



Seems like a Toronto pre-sale condo (“Centrium”) developer may have skipped town. The involved RE lawyer also recently declared bankruptcy. Pre-sale buyers are trying in vain (so far) to get their money back. See their discussions in their forum

“In 2013, the construction site for Centrium was auctioned away to another party already. Meerai Cho had given away our money to the developer Joseph Lee, who had already fled to Korea. Meerai Cho as a trustee should not have done this, and this is considered illegal. This money, which is more than 15million (possibly twice of this amount) dollar, should be paid to Joseph lee after the construction completed. Meerai Cho shouldn’t have done this. This is possibly a plotted crime.”


Wow, just caught wind of CANY vs CoV:


City hall getting sued at the supreme court for secret land swap deal on a lot adjacent to Emery Barnes park.
Aug. 25!

Part Nimbism, part CoV and developer shady dealings.


Many Franks, Bill wrote a good article. Everything he said is the truth. It is amazing how many people deny simple supply and demand economics. It’s pretty simple for us to create affordable housing.

1. Let developers build more units
2. Speed up approvals
3. Reduce housing taxes

Or we can elect dummies who talk about affordable housing but make building it more difficult.


if you are really a west side realtor, you should be out there listing and selling houses. any if you keep posting in this blog, that would tell a lot about how good you are !!!

any of you miserable soul dared to get out there and enjoy the best place on earth this summer?