One of the most liveable cities

There’s a magazine called the economist and sometimes they rank cities based on a number of factors. One of these factors is not the cost of living.

This year three Canadian cities made the top ten: Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary took 3rd, 4th and 5th place.

When a five-year view is taken, global liveability has declined by 0.68 percentage points, highlighting the fact that the last five years have been characterised by heightened unrest in the wake of the global economic crisis, which has undermined many of the developmental gains that cities may have experienced through public policy and investment,” the report said.

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[…] The Economist magazine has named the Canadian housing market among the most overvalued in the world. (Even though they love our cities) […]

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Tell Garth to watch…


BNN next discussion.

33% of buying in Vancouver is from China.


My impression of the Vancouver island is that people put a lot of stock into their real estate here too. Also paying high prices for homes. Calling their home their retirement fund, renting out rooms and crappy suites to aid their incomes, demanding rents that don’t even compete with proper apartments, they get creative with words and conditions too. I have seen property owners hiding/tearing down trail markers,or ensuring vegetation hides access markers, putting creative signs up to mislead public about access, sometimes even being aggressive/rude about it. A few years ago it was almost impossible to find a reasonably priced rental. It seems that a couple of years ago a lot of rentals came onto the market. Possibly speculators here started realizing their homes/condos are not going to sell for more and now needed to look for generating income… Read more »

International landlord

Lot prices, thus detached starter homes, are going UP, UP, UP!!!

Here is the source REALTOR.CA

See for yourself. No joke.


Romeo Romeo, where art thou, Romeo?

International landlord

International students are going to push up rents significantly.

The Conservatives and Christy want to double (maybe even triple) the number here. 2 suites per house will make you good money.

Westside Realtor

Two offers faxed in from China this week.

No way we’ll be able to convince the sellers to drop that low.

Still, we’ll get them to move downward, yet again.

All those price changes, how many do you think are UP?

None from us, not for a while anyways. Maybe it’s because it’s late August, but I can’t help but feel a coolness in the RE breeze now, it just is not what it was.

What’s next? Well, in my humble opinion, it’s flat (rebgv stats), then down. It’s about time, as it will be nice when locals can buy and not be debt slaves for life.


listen to people on the street anywhere in vancouver and all you here is people trash talking vancouver making fun of how boring it is
how dismal the job opportunity is and how someone just got layed off and i might be next and so on…

hillary sunspot

Calgary ‘livable city’

that’s a joke right?

this cities ‘livability’ is directly tied to the price of hydrocarbons… nothing else. Economist mag and Vancondo just doin’ a backdoor survey …


Dear lord, I hear you. My coworker who rents a house upper floor even wants to sublet two bed rooms to international students to make some extra money. I totally believe it will impact her life quality, but who cares, money is everything in Vancouver. What a hell!

Smug Boomer ....not

Re # 38

I think I’m too good at this sardonicism thing. I would have assumed all would know that was a totally made up sarcastic comment on the Van liveability index thingy, not really made by a boomer, but by a Gen x or y renter.

Boomers don’t even know blogs like this exist. Or that there would be a need for them. Sorry that it caused a lot of typing. Relax. It’s just us here.


New Listings 156
Price Changes 80
Sold Listings 121


@#49 “One can only improve one’s position at the expense of someone else.” It takes a certain lack of moral compass, a certain cannibalism, to know that you’ve improved your position at a great cost to your own children and your friends’ children, and your society…. And yet call it “Beautiful”. Further, I would argue that this “improvement” has been mostly on paper only. It is mostly an “ego” improvement. If the bubble hadn’t happened he/she would have still owned the house bought in 1985, and relative prices for the cabin would have been the same. But the difference is that on paper there wouldn’t have been as many zeroes on the yearly assessment, if not for the bubble. So there are more zeroes thanks to the bubble. But mostly those zeroes do not mean cash in hand until it… Read more »

Reality Bites

@#47 One can only improve one’s position at the expense of someone else.

It is sunny today, because it is raining elsewhere.

You have figured out the reality of the world. You learn fast.

There is hope for you.

Dear lord...

I moved away from Vancouver two years ago to Vancouver Island, and my quality of life improved ten fold. I am more positive, relaxed, productive, nicer and overall happier living and renting in a city that still has citizens that want to be part of Canada. And yes, I rent despite having the ample means to buy. Nobody is obsessed with RE on the Island (now) and it rarely every comes up in conversations. I am back in Vancouver on business for a few days and catching the odd coffee hear and there at cafes. Dear lord, this city has not changed at all – without fail, somebody is talking about RE and its impact on their lives. Everybody is trying to figure out how to make more money. I drive around, and continue to wonder how this city sustains… Read more »


@#38 “I bought my house in 1985, and now my net worth is $2 mil. House paid off, handing DPs to the kids, they’re buying condos. Gonna sell when I’m 70, retire to my cabin on the Gulf Islands.” The joke’s on you. If Vancouver’s bubble had not occurred the net worth of your house with respect to a cabin on the Gulf Islands would have been about the same. But you get to pay more in property transfer taxes buying that place now. slow-clap.gif What else would have been different? Your kids would be realistically considering buying a reasonably priced house with land — you know, like in the U.S. But instead they’re buying depreciating poorly built boxes in the sky. But who cares, that’s their problem right? (“Suckers!” ?) Oh, and additionally your kids will more than likely… Read more »



Ferguson is an inner suburb of St. Louis. It’s a “town” only on paper.


Space, it’s that attitude of Canadian superiority that helped create this mess. “We’re not like those stupid, fat, militarized Americans with their subprime mortgages! Our banks are responsible and our sophisticated leaders successfully guided us through the GFC with minimal damage. Time to buy more real estate because this is the Best Place on Earth™!”


– compared to what’s brought out in Ferguson, Missouri, a town of 21000 people, that’s nothing.


Space, I guess you’ve never been in Vancouver after the Canucks lose in the finals?

Or during an Olympic protest?

say whaaaa?


Lol – $589,000 for a forty year old shack … they’re practically giving it away.