What’s wrong with Canada’s economy?

Economists are apparently ‘scratching their heads‘ over Canada’s humdrum economic growth.

The US has been growing new jobs lately, but not so much here at home.

In June, Canada lost 9,400 positions and the jobless rate edged up to 7.1%, the highest reading in six months. On Friday, Statistics Canada will release its labour force survey for July.

The Canadian economy “should improve next year when stronger U.S. growth helps to boost hiring and investment here at home,” the Conference Board’s Mr. Hodgson said in Tuesday’s report.

Read the full article over at the Vancouver Sun.

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Shut It Down Already

Nobody is admitting to shorting Home Capital Group (HCG.TO) then?


Romeo Jordan: fuckwad Westside Realtor: fuckwad Also, Romeo is really sure that westside is soft. Romeo Jordan Says: July 10th, 2014 at 2:47 am 49 “$170,000″ Just illustrating to the bulls that housing is not the only way to make (or lose) $ I have friends who make well over one million per yr(way way way more than me…and by the way I am not defined or all that interested in money but I am in vakye) who are bearish and who have been wrong for years. And will be wrong, until they are not. This market is fuck ed from a valuation perspective. But who knows, maybe hordes of HAM will keep flooding over here and CMHC will double from here in terms of insured mortgages. But…why. are Westside sfh sales so soft? Long time.lurker, answer me that u… Read more »


Some lexical sleuthing.

Romeo Jordan: dumbass shitforbrains
Westside Realtor: dumbass shitfucker

Romeo Jordan Says:
June 13th, 2014 at 8:41 pm 97
Sales spike.

Prices fall.

Nothing not to over here.

People (dumbass shitforbrains) jumped to buy Nortel when it first went back below $100.00

Rising sales and falling prices are NOT mutually exclusive.

You idiots.

The shit kicking had begun.

Enjoy it.


Tedeastside, we received your job application and we’re sorry to tell you that it’s been declined. You’re clearly unemployable and should stop blaming the city in which you live for the fact that you’re woefully under-qualified. Feel free to try again next year.


Nice. Anonymous swearwords. Real classy.

Westside Realtor

Oracle, go fuck yourself.

I am right, this market is in decline.

Go move away you fuckwad.

Who gives a SHIT what you think you idiot? Dumbass shitfucker.

Westside Realtor is a fraud

Go away WSR/Romeo Jordan.

Westside Realtor

Oracle, so funny, denying the obvious.

Move away already you shithead.

UBC in Crisis Mode

Some recent price reductions (- 6% or more) for Vancouver locals (< $1.5 million): 1088 E 61ST AV, Vancouver, BC V5X 2C4 This QUIET, BIG WIDE Craftsman style house with front door facing Moberly Park is located in Prime South Vancouver area with great VIEW… House – 4,114Sqft. – 7Beds – 5.0Baths $151,000 (9.2%) July 16, 2014 New Coast Realty $1,499,000 5910 OAK ST, Vancouver, BC V6M 2W2 Luxurious Montgomery Townhouse in safe and distinguished Oakridge area with 3 bedroom, 1 den and 3 bathrooms. The 1505 square ft suite … $108,000 (9.1%) July 22, 2014 Macdonald Realty Westmar $1,080,000 # 1702 1221 BIDWELL ST, Vancouver, BC V6G 0B1 Introducing The Alexandra building, a brand new boutique luxury building in Vancouver's most sought-after address steps from the World-… $100,100 (8.7%) Aug. 7, 2014 Re/Max Metro Realty (VanPen) $1,049,900 1120 E… Read more »


i could compare career opportunity in Los Angeles vs vancouver …

but what a blood bath that would be for vancouver , the world most pitiful economy ……

no to mention everything you buy in vancouver is double the price of LA


@55 You don’t get any points for comparing similar places. More randomness, please. How about the Downtown Eastside to Hollywood. “guess i need to be accosted by a deranged crack addicted hooker instead of hanging out with brad pitt”


i could save a ton of $$ selling here and buying a house in santa monica

only problem is how do i bring my friends, family, and job with me….
Guess im stuck in van

Son of Ponzi

# 54
Could you compare some other random part of vancouver to some other random part of california next time? i just can’t wait.
How about Ditchmond?
Any swamps or flood planes in Soufhern California?


c’mon ted, you compared killarney to santa monica just yesterday. Could you compare some other random part of vancouver to some other random part of california next time? i just can’t wait.


i love how Killarney Fraserview is more expensive than Santa Monica

the vancouver lifestyle costs money, cruising world famous 49th avenue to Sunset Community center to play badminton

guess im stuck Cruising Sunset Boulevard to Hollywood or Dodger Stadium

long dong

Versace is perfect for Vancouver fools. The company went through an ownership change and now it’s Chinese quality crap. They have $200 shirts at the local mall here and they’re thin as paper and already pilled. My $8 Kohl’s shirts are superior. No joke.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

The UKs second bubble is popping? Our first one is still going. I guess they don’t have cheap credit like us.


“…..Since this spring we’ve been shopping for a teardown in the killarney/fraserview area of eastvan. Frequenting open houses…..” Why does one ‘shopping for a teardown’ need to go to open houses? @MELBA Lot size is just a number. you still want to look at things such as slope, trees, property lines, neighbouring houses. You also go into the house to get a sense of the view from the front and back. Attending an open house lets you talk to the agent, gauge demand and pick up the property disclosure statement while you there. Enough reasons? Burnaby and coquitlam have greenbelts which may run into your property. If you blindly purchase a property based on a picture and description then discover 15ft of depth on the property cannot be touched because its government protected green space, you would have a few… Read more »

Son of Ponzi

#47 says:
Like I said before, concentrated immigration on Temps are causing this more than are low interest rates or CMHC.
Pats and Joe, your turn to respond.

Son of Ponzi

As soon as I have saved up enough money for a down payment on a Westside Mansion, I will retain the services of the Westside Realtor.
He seems to be very honest and trustworthy, unlike Pats and the Mainlander guy.


Yes westside realtor, get lost.

Some real news. Word is that Surrey City Staff are looking into making detached 30 foot wide lots. These would be permitted only on existing 60 foot lots that have an alley running at the rear of the existing lot.

What this does is make 60 foot detached homes even more rarer….this pushing up their price. The new 30 foot homes will then become the new normal for detached homes.

Like I said before, concentrated immigration on Temps are causing this more than are low interest rates or CMHC.

Westside Realtor = Romeo Jordan

Ah Westside Reator, I see you are at it again, with your childish taunting of Oracle… I have analyzed your posts over the last several weeks. I have looked at your syntax, prose, and grammar. Uncannily, you sound remarkably like good ol’ Romeo Jordan – right down to using works like retarded and trying to question, ever so slightly now, those that have differing opinions. Sounds very very very familiar… You have failed to post one tidbit of useful qualitative or quantitative information on this site. It has all been drivel. Romeo, I don’t know why you feel the need to pumping the bearish perspective on a bearish site – you are not going to sway the ‘masses’ because the masses don’t read this site. Your quest for confirmation bias is very very annoying. There is only one realtor on… Read more »


New Listings 205
Price Changes 80
Sold Listings 148