I Believe the Children are our Future

The middle class is doomed.

You may have heard of that internal Conservative Government report on the middle class prepared by Employment and Social Development Canada even though it was never released.

The Canadian Press used the Access to Information Act to get a copy and it’s mostly remarkable due to some of its blunt take-aways:

“The market does not reward middle-income families so well,” says the report. “As a result, they get an increasingly smaller share of the earnings pie” compared with higher-income families.

The report also refers to debt, saying “many in the middle spend more than they earn, mortgaging their future to sustain their current consumption.”

“Over the medium term, middle-income Canadians are unlikely to move to higher income brackets, i.e., the ‘Canadian dream’ is a myth more than a reality.”

Well it turns out that there’s another way to look at the same data, as Finance Canada has just done.

“Their analysis arrives at conclusions — namely that middle-income families have stagnant wages, are unlikely to move to higher income groups, and are increasingly indebted — which appear to conflict with the general message in Budget 2014 and previous internal briefings,” says an accompanying briefing note for Oliver.

The new report points out that moving from single earner to double earner households as more women have joined the workforce has acted to keep the middle class afloat.

The Finance Canada report estimates about 70 per cent of the increase in middle-class household incomes since the mid-1990s can be attributed to higher workforce participation rates, primarily by women workers.

“There is no second wave of women, spouses, entering the workforce,” said New Democrat MP Nathan Cullen, the opposition’s finance critic.

Of course the MP is being overly pessimistic without cause, there’s an obvious next wave of income for households and it doesn’t require polygamy.

The children are our future.

It’s time for Canada to get in line with global economic trends and fully utilize the productivity of the available workforce.  We have a large population of potential workers that remain untapped.

Instead of wasting tax dollars and time in school, children could be gaining valuable experience cleaning homes, mining coal or any number of other jobs to help support the household. Lets not squander this bright future opportunity, let’s put the kids to work!

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I Believe the Children are our Future


I voted you up, fool. Because in this country we have free speech. Unlike the country you are so obviously tied to.


@81 “he said that there is someone else who can fill your shoes for the same pay.”

LOL. What you are saying is every business that shuts down in Canada a new one will open up in Canada and provide the same jobs for the same pay. Ever notice all those manufacturing jobs in Canada and the US disappearing over the past 30 years? Should we hold our breathe waiting for a new business to fill the shoes and provide those jobs back at the same pay in North America? If the jobs reappear they are in Asia at a much lower pay. I am not sure what planet of economics you are from but it is not earth. You must be a card carrying NDP member living in fantasy land.



@88 If you and your wife paid as much attention to the way you present yourself as you do your grammar you might find people would treat you with a little respect. Trailer trash just ain’t welcome in Vancouver anymore. The stores know you can’t afford what they are selling so quit wasting their time. Time for you and your wife to move to Surrey my friend. There you can dress in rags, look like crap and still be served in the malls.


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bully retard blackbelt

Dont see any ‘Vancouver is our city’ Asians in this pic of protestors. No loopholes?

Bull! Bull! Bull!

canadian customs would collect a lot more duty. the reason they wave people by even though they are hundreds of dollars above their limit is because it’s not their time to charge duty and taxes. most things are duty free and taxes are 12%.

make it worth their time by increasing taxes and they’ll pull everyone aside.


Dress nicely. In English, it’s dress nicely.


68….only tax consumption = windfall for Bellingham…while BC gets zero tax revenue ….vancouverites are already in love with US shopping imagine if sales tax went up even more in BC



I don’t go to Holts any more for same reason. Find with me. Neimans in Bellevue is nicer anyhow. 🙂

Son of Ponzi

AznPride Says:
September 5th, 2014 at 5:12 pm 78
Vancouver is an Asian city. We run this place. Don’t like it? Leave.
Can’t down vote the truth.
Meet Meena Wong, next mayor of Vancouver?

Bailing in BC

Really?!! The CHILDREN are our future! Have any of you actually tried to get a kid to work?!


Let’s face it – we are all well and truly screwed


Median prices have been drifting down. I expect Average prices to take a hit this month too unless HAM gets really hot and horny and starts a buying binge




He didn’t say it was easy, and he didn’t say he could do it, he said that there is someone else who can fill your shoes for the same pay. That goes for every job from the Canucks lineup to the people at Timmy’s.


New Listings 235
Price Changes 95
Sold Listings 173

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1% er

@49 “The part that the ‘entrepreneurial/free enterprise’ types tend to forget is if your business is worth a pinch of coon shit, someone will replace you tomorrow. Possibly even someone better at it who pays their employees even more.”

If it is so easy then why are you a lowly worker making a sht wage? Why aren’t you out there replacing all the businesses making the big bucks? Either you aren’t capable or are too lazy. My guess is both.


Vancouver is an Asian city. We run this place. Don’t like it? Leave.

1% er

@74 “Crabman 44, Chilled 50: The amazing thing that the 1% has achieved since the end of the Great Depression is to convince the poor that they have too much and that the rich have too little. Incredible! Who would’ve thunk.”

No it is not that the poor have too much. It is the poor don’t work hard enough and we are sick of paying the way for the lazy slobs like you.


@71 “The only differencee between these girls and my wife besides age is … ? I’ll let you guess.”

Your wife is fat, unattractive and does not dress nice?

Did they have security remove her? I am surprised you made it in the mall with a wife like that.


Mac, so many people are racist. They probably got robbed by a white person before. It’s not any different than white people stiffening up when they are driving around Asians. What’s your point?

I’m glad I don’t judge people base on race, but pretty much every ignorant person does, like these Chinese people behind the till, or white people behind the wheel.

Do we really need any more of race bating here?

Ford Prefect

Crabman 44, Chilled 50: The amazing thing that the 1% has achieved since the end of the Great Depression is to convince the poor that they have too much and that the rich have too little. Incredible! Who would’ve thunk.

Westside Realtor

Will be “busy” at a few Open Houses this weekend.

We were able to get the sellers to lower their prices, but I fear we are entering a market where we are chasing the bid lower, so my hopes are not high that we’ll get sales at these prices.

If September does not pick up in HAM buying intensity I think fear begins to replace greed.

That said, Surrey building lots will always be well bid:-)


Upvotes Downvotes in 10’s Says

I’ve had this happen to me here. More than once. Who is it?


Wife and I went into Oakridge. We’re not young kids, we’re not DTESiders, we’re not scruffy, we’re not poor. But when she went into Max Mara, apparently a high-end ladies shop, I could see the shop girls stiffen behind the cash. As she walked to the back of the store, I could see them come out from behind the cash and position themselves to watch her. The only differencee between these girls and my wife besides age is … ? I’ll let you guess. She’s complained to me about this before but this is the first time I’ve seen it.