Friday free-for-all!

Its the end of another week and that means it’s Friday Free-for-all time!

This is our regular end of the week news round up and open topic discussion thread for the weekend.

-news links to come?

So what are you seeing out there?

Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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The Man

@#50. Was in Hangzhou China back a few years ago. Walking around West Lake I saw lot of feminine looking young Mandarin men walking around hand in hand with their arms around each other. I asked the Chinese girl I was with, what’s up with that? I thought homosexuality was really frowned upon in China. Oh no, she tells me, they’re not gay, thats what guys do to show they’re good friends! : P Yup, that’s gonna get you the chicks.

Bo Xilai

Look like ICBC outlets will be issuing lots of “N” stickers next week…


gold diggers dont want to live in a low status, boring nobody backwater place like vancouver …they want to live in status cities like Los Angeles

Todd Manley

@#55 Actually, you may be right. Most Van men will start to avoid the white Van gold diggers, marry asian girls, and leave the “Real Housewives of Vancouver” to you. Have fun. Especially, when they divorce you and take half your stuff.

@Todd Manley

keep telling yourself that. if it was true, then african men would be the most prized in the world.

in the real world, women like money and status.


here’s a hint. it won’t be renters, and it won’t be people who are 1 paycheck away from defaulting on their mortgage. those types of people are losers.

Todd Manley

Me thinks a long english cucumber trumps a small chinese mandarin.


past performance isn’t an indicator for future success.

all of you are talking about the way it has been in the past or how it is now.

i’m talking about how it will be in the future.

women will always seek high status high power men. ask yourself, who will be the high power, high status men of vancouver 10, or 5 years from now.



I think we can dispense with the “noble” part, but still, the other way around appears more likely, e.g. Wendy Deng/Rupert Murdoch.

@Todd Manley

obviously no white woman or asian woman is going to go after some dark, short, pudgy nosed peasant Cantonese guy. that’s not what we are talking about. we are talking about noble, wealthy, Mandarin men.


ICBC and Richmond RCMP recently agreed to recognize Chinese driver licences.

My question, how did this woman get her licence?

Todd Manley

Pffft, even asian women prefer white men. Dream on Chang.


If white women were smart, they’d be trying to figure out how to snag a rich Chinese husband.

Mick Murphy
Westside Realtor

Great post UBC.

I will not be surprised to see avg/benchmark prices tick higher as formerly $5,000,000 places get blown out the door for $4,000,000, on their way down to $2,500,000.



The Economist; “Global property markets. Frothy again”
“Easy money is inflating house prices across much of the globe”

“Before the financial crisis of 2007-08 low long-term interest rates fuelled an extraordinary house-price boom around the world. That bubble was pricked in the crisis and subsequent recession. Since then, however, central banks’ attempts to crank up the recovery by pushing down long-term interest rates to new lows have had a predictable consequence in many property markets. House prices are now rising in 18 of the 23 economies that we track, in eight of them at a faster pace than three months ago”

UBC in Crisis Mode

List price reduction in Vancouver (price range: $1-2 millions, some reductions are $200,000) # 302 5838 BERTON AV, Vancouver, BC V6S 0A5 The Wesbrook. Built by ASPAC Development, creators of Coal Harbour’s waterfront neighbourhood. The interiors are superb with Sanidero k… $181,000 (12.2%) July 24, 2014 Royal Pacific Realty Corp. $1,299,000 # 904 1835 MORTON AV, Vancouver, BC V6G 1V3 Absolutely stunning and completely re-configured and renovated corner suite in sought after ‘OCEAN TOWERS” on English Bay with spectacu… Condo/Apt – 1,440Sqft. – 2Beds – 2.0Baths $200,000 (11.1%) Aug. 16, 2014 Macdonald Realty Ltd. $1,599,000 1088 E 61ST AV, Vancouver, BC V5X 2C4 This QUIET, BIG WIDE Craftsman style house with front door facing Moberly Park is located in Prime South Vancouver area with great VIEW… House – 4,114Sqft. – 7Beds – 5.0Baths $151,000 (9.2%) July 16, 2014 New Coast… Read more »


I am hunting for a vacation family condo at Whistlet, the prices just keep getting better!

Proof positive that patience can pay off.

Westside, my brother-in-law is watching your area closely, he feels same as you do.

Son of Ponzi

West Vancouver Realtor.
Good for you to come out of the closet.
Most posters on most blogs are phony anyway.
Remember, on the Internet, nobody knows that you are a dog.


“Sydney property boom depends on rates”, Financial Review.

“Australia Central Bank Holds Interest Rates Steady. Reserve Bank of Australia Holds Policy Rate at Record-Low 2.5%” Wall Street journal


@WSRealtor – I am in the valley, market looks like it is cooling here too. Or perhaps just summer doldrums….


(I encourage readers of VCI to check out the following blog on a regular basis. It is a great source of information about what is currently happening in our financial world.)

The simple truth about Quantitative easing


Moderator, this WS Realtor/oracle thing is getting old. IP address bans?