Friday Free-for-all!

Well well well, you made it to the end of another work week!

That means it’s time for our regular Friday free-for-all post. This is our regular end of the week news Roundup and open topic thread for the weekend. Here are a few recent links to kickoff the chat:

Canadians feel financial squeeze
Growing number lack emergency funds
Fitch: Canadian market 20% overvalued
CMHC could force banks to pay deductible
Van & Toronto: Record building permits
How to go broke on $400k a year
Live with renters to help pay mortgage
Complaints over monster homes
Rejection of Chinese steel delays bridge
Can China end BC school strike? (1:45)

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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alright, gotta spill the beans. T
rump towers downtown is a luxury condo with units over 1mil.Problem is, the electrical wiring being used is sub standard.

Not sure if its the developers fault or sub contractor. Regardless, pretty much bs for them to do this.

Bob the builder

……Having lived in Tokyo where the system is as efficient as efficient can be….

Is that the same Tokyo with a population 5 times that of the lower mainland or some other Tokyo?

Bob the builder

….The original skytrain was built with four axles and it hardly screeches…..

If you ever rode the original skytrain you’d know that it also scretches like a banshee – I was stunned how loud it was the first time I rode it – 25 years ago.

Bob the builder

….“CP’s attempts to clear the corridor are nothing more than a negotiating tactic,” the mayor was quoted as saying in a city news release. ..

Of course, the city zoning out any development options along the corridor was also nothing more than a negotiating tactic to get force the price as low as possible. As soon as the city get’s that land, the zoning will magically change – or, surprise, surprise, they’ll run transit trains down it. I love the smell of slime in the morning.

Zero Down Forty

@#82 “Vancouver prime property market sizzles, fueled by China cash”

More yellow helicopter journalism.


What’s next for the local elite? A racetrack for their Lambos and Ferraris?


It’s happened before. Singapore was once a part of Malaysia. Ever look on a map to see where Singapore is? It isn’t anywhere near china. It’s also an Island, just like Richmond.

Maybe it’s easier to succeed when their is a natural boundary separating you.


HAM is attacking teachers.

Mainland Chinese with money will eventually demand that all locals cater to their demands.

2050. The date Metro Vancouver seceded after a referendum to become a city state.

Joe Mainlander

@#97. What’s important to compare are the prices rises in Vancouver, Calgary, and all other major Canadian centres. They have doubled to tripled in all centres, with a similar 250%-260% increase in both Vancouver and Calgary.

These cross-country increases have nothing to do with income and everything to do with asset inflation caused by handing out over a trillion dollars to Canadians to go forth and buy homes.

Harry Wang

“A brief melee broke out at a parent, teacher and student pro-teachers rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery Sunday when it was crashed by a group of parents from Richmond wielding anti-union signs.”


Took the family to Water Mania in Richmond. It was great, took this picture.

They are building a new development on the site of the old fantasy gardens.


>In other words mountains, the ocean and Asians have nothing to do with bubble pricing in Canada.

have you ever compared vancouver prices to calgary?

have you ever compared vancouver salaries to calgary?

your comment leaves me…. stunned…


@ham you sound scared shtless. Better sell that Surrey house before it is worthless.


How many doomers here called for equuties and RE to dump like shit in 2009? Well u fools missed a massive run in both. So you come here to whine and cry because youve become a Garth worshiper.Cmon guys, raise your hand and admit to being an idiot. I can name one fool, please be generous amd join the list. JESSE!!! Where da fack are u fool lol!!!



Snow in summer. No mountains. No ocean. No asians. But:

“Calgary repeat homes sales top Canadian price growth. Prices up nearly 8% from last year”, Calgary Herals.

In other words mountains, the ocean and Asians have nothing to do with bubble pricing in Canada.

But for a laugh here is this comment form @88 fitzrovia:

Realtors are saying and then ends…Any HAM deniers still out there?

Realtors are saying…When the fck are you going to figure out realtors lie and will say anything to convince you HAM is a factor. No realtor is a credible source for anything.


Garth just gsve 30 reasons on why real estate is doomed. He said the same in 2009. This guy hasnt given up yet? Hes humiliating himself! He just can’t accept defeat. Unreal how he even shows his face around after 14 years of saying RE is doomed. Maybe his plan was to suck people’s money to invest in his funds


Many posters have a vested interest in confusing “Bears”.

If the confused knew the truth, they would know what to oppose.


is this what richmond is going to be like?

For Sale
For Sale

From the Reuter’s article:

“Realtors are saying that more than half of buyers in prime markets are mainland Chinese.

“My market, the luxury real estate market, is primarily Asian buyers – mostly from mainland China,” said realtor Malcolm Hasman, a partner at Angell Hasman and Associates. Hasman said Asian buyers accounted for roughly 90 percent of sales of properties costing C$5 million(4.57 million US dollar) and more.”

Any HAM deniers still out there? Patriot? Ponzi? Still saying there is not enough data. When will there be enough data??


Ted i’ve never responded to your posts but given statscan data on reported median family income (as in #25) there is something to your contrasting calgary and vancouver