Friday Free-for-all Fall Edition!

Hey! You made it to the end of another work week and into the autumn. It’s another sunny day in paradise as the air turns crisper.

Lets do our regular end of the week news round up and open topic discussion thread for the weekend – Friday Free-for-all time!

Here are a few recent links to kick off the chat:

Another housing bubble alarm
2 million east of Fraser
Petronas threatens LNG cancelation
Conference board knocks high prices
Absent homeowners fee
Free money to jumpstart economy

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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It is widely accepted that high levels of debt (of various forms) have played a central role in the 2008-09 global financial crisis, the 2010-12 euro crisis and many previous crisis episodes. The adverse macroeconomic impact of deleveraging also helps to explain the slow pace of recovery among the advanced economies in recent years, while the post-2009 surge in debt accumulation in a number of emerging markets (especially China) raises the prospect of a new wave of debt-related crises unless corrective policies are implemented. The 16th Geneva Report on the World Economy provides a multi-dimensional perspective on leverage for both advanced and emerging economies. The report’s comprehensive approach includes both public and private debt, with the latter broken down on sectoral lines (households, non-financial corporates, financial sector). It emphasises the macroeconomic impact of leverage, with a sharp distinction between ‘normal’… Read more »

@the confused


300,000 Hong Kong. Canadians don’t want to move to Canada? They took out a passport for a reason.


Oh yes, Vancouver prices are going to crash 90%. Yay….upvote.

You guys never had a clue to begin with


“Mass default looms as world sinks beneath a sea of debt” UK’s Telegraph


“Higher debt with lower growth a ‘poisonous combination,’ Geneva Report says”, CBC

“Interest rates will have to stay low for a long time or the world economy could crumble under mounting debt loads, an influential report written by three former central bankers says.”

Joe Mainlander

@#101. All work that provides a service, produces a good, or creates innovation and new work, is a benefit to the economy and us all. Whether you operate on a heart, or sling coffee, you contribute.

People who park their money in a concrete box downtown and receive a windfall through government subsidized asset inflation do not contribute. They take away from others without creating real growth to our economy. They should be the ones we put down.

Bob the builder

….How long would the tent city of lasted if it was in a Westside park? Maybe 10 minutes and the VPD riot squad would have been called in….

Since the West Site is apparently nothing but unoccupied houses, do you think there’s anyone there to notice a tent cit?

Bob the builder

…What they don’t realize is that a lot of trade people to get the highest level of certification go through just as much school & training as a doctor or lawyer, require as much skills as a surgeon,…

You’re on crack.


People always put down trades relative to prestige professions like doctors and lawyers. What they don’t realize is that a lot of trade people to get the highest level of certification go through just as much school & training as a doctor or lawyer, require as much skills as a surgeon, and likely working with more dangerous materials. Granted they aren’t white collar and don’t have fancy degrees hanging in their office from an university, but they can be as skilled or more than your doctors/lawyer.

I think we have way too much of a warped sense of what is a profession or skilled work nowadays.


“nobody from from HongKong is moving to vancouver…”

300,000 HK residents have Canadian citizenship because they have no plans to move to Vancouver. Ok….


To those here being willfully blind to the events going on in hong Kong….

You make your own bed.

Remember when I told you the S&P was going to 2000? Same response.

Is not about you anymore.


Paul B,

Could you post SFD sales in breakdown of what’s sold in Richmond, Van West. Etc. Its going to get interesting over the next month. If there is a sudden influx of Hong Kong people, I will buy.

The Economist has an article out saying this is a game changer.

Paul, do you email these stats?


mike mccardell busts asshole litter bug

Westside Realtor

Horribly weak market on the west side sfh mkt, price and price expectations declining.

Can’t see how this does not spill over to other parts of town.

A friend is trying to dump his sunshine coast vacay place he bought a few years ago. He is going to take a serious hit on it. Statistically true.

Shut It Down Already

Zero professional opportunities for somebody like you, Ted.


nobody from from HongKong is moving to vancouver…

vancouver is a backwater with a pitiful job market, dismal economy
zero professional opportinties and 10 months of cold weather

why would somebody take a 90% paycut , cripple their career or end up unemployed just to live in lamecouver

Heard Herd selling

HSI correcting is broadbased no different than TSX adjusting, myfriends in HK, who moved from Vancity say they’ll never move back as Vancity isn’t worldclass, its a poser wannabe city


Me freindsis come back and want house, say Hong Kong very not good because the China not good for future of family and he say Vancouver is good for other peple come very fast from home land too.

Vancoucuver best place on the earth!

Westside Realtor

Hong Kong,

Send those buyers over to Westside sfh market.

It needs all the help it can get.


The protests in Hong Kong have the potential to launch Vancouver SFD home prices into the stratosphere.

If a crackdown happens, expect 300,000 families to head to Canada. The Majority of them to Vancouver.

Don’t kid yourself. If the inflow happens, add another $1 Million to the SFD in Richmond.

Daily stats will be very interesting going forward. Someone please post them here.

HSI Property Index

HSI Property Index down over 1000 points in HK this morning… about 3-1/2%

this is crowding around to get out of RE all at same time… like the traditional method.

HAM accident

Asian lady went through stop sign at 168/40 ave..

Brand New Toyota Van.

Totaled 3 cars in the process.

I bet she had a ICBC approved ‘overseas’ licence based on the other members in the van and the fact they knew no English.