Harper: No Bubble in Canada

Getting tired of the word ‘bubble’ yet?

With all the news stories and predictions of an Canadian real estate market crash, it’s time for the leader of this great nation to chime in with his opinion:

…Harper told a New York business audience that he did not anticipate a housing crisis in Canada, and that that there was no comparison between the Canadian housing market now and the U.S. market before the crash of 2008.

He said only  small percentage of Canadian households would be vulnerable to interest rate hikes or a downturn in prices.

On the flipside of the argument is a securities analyst with a book to sell and a negative message:

In an interview published in the Globe and Mail today, MacBeth predicts a serious crash in house prices as soon as this coming spring, and advises people with large mortgages to sell, and rent.. His book, When the Bubble Bursts, forecasts a drop of up to 50 per cent in housing prices.

Read the full article here.

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Of course he’s gonna say that who do you expect?

As if Harper would say something like : “Yeah there’s a huge, and quite obvious bubble in Canada especially Vancouver, and it’s about to collapse”

That would be called honesty, a concept completely foreign to the world of politics.


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Professor Ham, surveys of millionaires in China consistently show that most plan to get out. That’s not really a new trend, it’s been happening here for a couple decades now. A lot of that money is corrupt money of course… That’s why many have an end game outside China.

In New York, people are pushing for a foreigner tax on real estate. New York not only gets Chinese money but Russian, which we don’t see here too much.

Orwell called the Altruists Sheep, didn’t he?


Only the evil will win in this environment.

This is not natural environment for HAM to grow. At some point it will blow up either ways, bad or worse. History repeats and humans are humans, can’t fix them whatever you do. Patience is still running high…

Professor HAM

Lesson in HAM money. Over the last 20 years, society has come to the realization that scientific innovation is over for the next few centuries. What used to be the wealth building vehicle for the last 100 years is no more. Now, one of 2 way to build wealth is by exploiting your neighbours; be it outsourcing jobs to third world, or be it importing TFW’s, or signing free trade agreements with other countries. I will discuss the other way of building wealth (the one that affects us) at the end. Th end result of this and the fascist capitalism we have in Canada is Communism unfortunately….because humans are part evil and those are predominant because of natural selection. HAM money originates because of overpopulation and movement to the cities. Whoever owned an acre of land in Shenzen or Beijing… Read more »


Slightly off topic but still bubble-related, this time from the Land Down Under… 😉 “Is Australian housing facing a repeat of 2003? By Katie Holliday | CNBC https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/australian-housing-facing-repeat-2003-223500342.html Australia’s property market is approaching the bubble extremes seen a decade ago, an analyst told CNBC, after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) warned that the market looks ‘unbalanced’. “There was an intense bubble in the property market a decade ago. There were property ‘spruikers’ out there encouraging people to buy five properties at a time – everyone was buying property magazines and all the top rated shows on TV were property related,” Shane Oliver , head of investment strategy and chief economist at AMP Capital, told CNBC. We haven’t quite returned to the extremes we had back then but we’re getting close and that’s why the RBA is getting concerned, he… Read more »


Dave Says:
September 25th, 2014 at 2:58 pm 21

Number 14, I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or a line that Garth is actually going to use.


He will. As someone who reluctantly admits to buying GT’s books, I’ve concluded he’s got the OJ Simpson syndrome of believing the myth if you repeat it enough times. LOL!



They don’t even need 50% down .

UBC in Crisis Mode

The sad truth is there is no housing bubble in some areas where foreign money continues to flow in, e.g. Van West (Dunbar, Point Grey, etc).

Bank will lend to these high-end home buyers, as long as you put 50% down.


@ham 22….chinese guys arent exactly the size of Mike Tyson in case you didnt notice,

Heard Herd selling

Granville Street today 3 brand new Maserati’s in a row, all 3 were senior woman Ham drivers, just because they have $ doesn’t mean they aren’t going to get hosed in the downturn, many have more $ than brains Happy 16k suckers


Guys, I would like to congratulate your recent election victories for Spokesman of your people.

Van guy, thanks for apologizing on my behalf.

Barb Rennie

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Ham,

Canada is not your Swiss Bank Account. If you’ve embezzled billions from your homeland, you have enough money to buy a plane ticket to Switzerland and hide your ill-gotten gain there. Please leave Canada alone. We were just fine without you.

Barb Rennie


I do not agree with u. I am Chinese and I don’t like that some of my countrymen have cause such hate towards my race because of their dishonest actions and selfish behaviour. The message I want to send to them is that they are welcome to stay in Canada as long as they integrate into our society, pay their fair share of taxes, and behave respectfully to others. I apologize on behalf of my people. Its sad that it has come down to this s.


New Listings 190
Price Changes 71
Sold Listings 100



@14: “Unbelievable that he continues to deny the influence of foreign money and temp immigration as the major factors. ”

Why unbelievable? The burder of proof is on those claiming that these are the major factors.

van guy


I agree with u.I am Caucasian and I don’t like some of the comments here. I apologize on behalf of my people. Its sad that it has come down to this s.


many here are just plain out frustrated. So u become racist. I bet u punks wouldn’t say these words in front of a chinese guy.


Number 14, I can’t tell if that’s sarcasm or a line that Garth is actually going to use.

Son of Ponzi

Where’s the ‘Over-Inflated Homes Full of Overreached Lenders Subsidized by Cheap Money’ website?
Why don’t you start one?
You could be the next Garth Turner.

Son of Ponzi

Harper can’t see the bubble, because he lives in a bubble.