Rent to own?

At least one local developer has struck on an ‘innovative’ way to rent out their property: rent to own.

Just like TV and Furniture in the 80s, you can rent to own a condo.

Under the plan, 15 per cent of a tenant’s monthly rent goes into a credit account. That money can then be used in the future for a down payment on a new Bosa home purchase, to a maximum of three per cent of the home’s value.

This should appeal to someone who is having difficulty finding a unit for 15% less and putting the money away themselves.

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No Monopolies

@#78 “everyone wants to go to the best school”

So… that’s good, as there is no capacity limit. If everyone wants to go to the best school, then more best schools will be built, as the market will supply the demand. Just like if everyone wants to go to McDonald’s and not Wendy’s, then more McDonald’s will be built, and less Wendy’s. The only thing that limits supply is demand. Of course, a monopoly can limit supply too.

Works well in our medical system. That is it’s strength, that private delivery and choice were maintained while ensuring gov’t funding.

Bob the builder

….but…most of my rich relatives ….

LOL. I can’t wait for elementary school to be back in session so the dorks don’t have time to post anymore.


Having rich parents is a defense against murder and it works.


is having asian parents defense against murder charges?

>Crown counsel Sandra Cunningham argued that Leung was motivated by a fear of disappointing her parents, who disapproved of premarital sex.

>Her father was autocratic and would lose his temper, berating his children at times and did once slap Leung when she was 10 years old, said Cunningham.

>But the dad was the product of his culture and while he may not have been nurturing and loving, Leung knew that she was cared for and loved, she added.

>“Ms. Leung did not have a controlling mind,” he said. “She had a controlled mind.”

Harry Wang

“China creates 40,000 new millionaires”

beige and blu

Maybe Chinese can afford to send their kids to private school because they are experts at shipping junk to Canada and getting top dollah


If you regularly leave your 6 year old home alone then I think it is very likely social services will get involved if someone notify police/social services.

If you do the same with a 14 years, police / social service isn’t going to care cuz a 14 year can take care of themselves at home.

I think the minimum age for babysitters is 12 or 13.


Why you minions fighting about BC Gov vs BCTF.

If you want you kid to get a real education, go to an elite private school like Southridge. Sure you will pay $1000+ a month but…most of my rich relatives send their kids there. They had a field trip…to Spain and Italy this year.

Funny how the upper class has the lower and middle classes fighting amongst themselves…maybe you guys deserve your lot. Get educated! 😉


@72 – everyone wants to go to the best school, just like everyone wants to see the best doctor. However, there is a capacity limit, so how do you decide who gets in? If the top 10 elementary schools have say 500 grade 1 spaces available but there are 3000 students who want to get in. How do you decide which of the 500 to accept? Especially in your system is implemented where government foot the bill and every school can only charge the same fee? More likely than not, an informal system of bribes, “school contribution”, personal connection, and skewed enrollment acceptance process will evolve that will end up favoring the rich, wealthy & well connected. The poor people will end up with the bad, probably even worse than the current public school system where the chance of a… Read more »


@ space889:

fwiw, i dont think there is a legal minimum age in BC. looks like they just applied a broad brush stroke to most/all students kindergarten to gr 7. apparently they think someone in high school is old enough to take care of themselves all day long.


I don’t think it is legal to leave kids under 12 or 13 home by themselves and hence they must be in school or daycare or something similar and that costs extra money. Kids over 12 or 13 can be left at home without supervision by parents legally. So only those parents with extra out of pocket required experience should get compensation out of a limit pot. Now granted the real reason for this is simply to buy votes and sympathy for the government. BTW, there is no “fair” taxation. You can argue against any and all kinds of tax schemes. Someone always feel they are paying more than they should. You have to look at what’s good for society as whole in long term. Having a good supportative school system is one of those, even for those without kids… Read more »

Bob the builder

Of course you have to pay for education even if you don’t have kids – you’re paying for education that you received as a kid. And, those kids being education now will pay when they grow up too. That’s how it works.


This blog is going off topic and talking about the teacher’s strike because of that Vancouver Sun article about Chinese officials being concerned about the strike and how it is impacting international students. This then leads to a discussion about foreign investment in real estate.

Just goes to show that **everything** in BC always comes back to real estate. Most people in other parts of the world would be hardpressed to understand a connection between a teacher’s strike and real estate, but here in BC everything that happens is about real estate.


@ George:

well said. i agree, fair is fair.

think about this though…

now say there is a translink strike. many will obviously be affected. the govt then steps in and offers to pay taxi fares for only a select slice of the tax payer base. you get the idea…

No monopolies

The education system should be like the medical system. I go to whatever doctor’s office (private business by the way) and the gov funds it. You should send your kids to whatever school you want, public, independent, Montessori, Jewish, Catholic, whatever, and the gov funds each student equally, as long as that school follows curriculum standards and doesn’t charge tuition. Like in Sweden. Competition and consumer choice, yet equal funding remains.


@bullwhip29: While I believe everyone, including childless individuals, should have to pay toward the education system because that is the cost of social reproduction, I do agree with you that the $40 payment to parents is unfair. If everyone benefits from an education system, even childless people, because everyone benefits from an educated populace so everyone has to pay towards the education system, when the education system is out of commission everyone should get the refund then, not just parents. Education systems out of commission due to strike may be causing problems with the development of these students that will cost taxpayers (all taxpayers, even childless ones) more money later on to address. Everyone shares the costs, so everyone should get the refunds. But you have to remember, none of the BC Liberals’ tactics have anything to do with fairness.… Read more »


@bullwhip29 “Roughly half of my property taxes go towards the BC school tax. SInce I do not have any kids going to school, I am effectively paying to babysit other people’s kids out of my own pocket (imho). Does this seem right?” I don’t have any kids myself and I have no problem with the fact that my tax dollars go toward the education system. It’s because I am part of a community, a society, and I understand that social reproduction is to my benefit and does cost money. It is to society’s benefit to educate our children for a host of reasons. Educated children are more likely to grow up to be healthy, productive adults compared to uneducated children. But you are right–it’s not all about education. It is also about babysitting. A number of social trends have caused… Read more »