BC Ferries: Losing money by cutting service

Think of the money the government could save by closing down the Trans Canada highway! No more expensive road maintenance, and the land could be sold off to build more condos!

…Of course there may be some negatives associated with closing that highway.

Here on the coast much of our province is across water, which means the transportation system we rely on is BC Ferries.

An economic analysis shows that the expected $725k savings from recent cuts is actually causing a loss of $870k in tax revenues as tourism plunges $3.9 million following deep service cuts.

About one in five tourism- ism-based businesses in the Coast-Chilcotin region report foreclosure is a near-term possibility.

More than 40 per cent report losing most or all of their tourist bookings when agencies couldn’t sell the Discovery Coast package due to worries over ferry service.

And three in four businesses report decreased income in the year after the service cuts, according to the report by Larose Research Strategy.

Read the full article here.

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Mick Murphy
Son of Ponzi

From the Richmond News:
At the Municipal Election last Saturday, there were 5,730 fewer elegible voters despite a population increase of about 8,000.
Pats, what do think causes this contradiction?

Tally ho.

@#43 “Why the hell is our provincial capitol on an island anyways?”

Cheap real estate. No minorities. High tea at 3.


@ #47 “As for people choosing to live on an Island, Vancouver Island is a damned big island. It’s not quite the equivalent of deciding to live on Bowen. The ferry should be affordable and accessible. It is an essential service for Vancouver Island residents.” People can “choose” to do whatever they want, however convenient or inconvenient it may be, but that doesn’t give them the right to bitch and complain if a wrench is somehow thrown into their grand master plan due to bad economics. I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t some mismanagement of money over at bc ferries, but the bottom line is that many of these less traveled routes just dont make sense at all. Outside of limited service to Victoria and maybe Nanaimo, the rest of the routes are not essential whatsoever. Honestly, it… Read more »



Nothing says Vancouver like bad Asian breath on public transit.


@ #42 yes, things did pickup somewhat this summer, but business overall has been lackluster for many years. fwiw, many US tourists i talk to said victoria was “nice”, but they wouldnt go out of their way to return anytime soon due to high costs and limited number of activities and attractions (outside of the very touristy stuff). i tend to agree that you can get a way better bang for your buck in WA, OR and CA not to mention much better service at pretty much any place you visit. ie. you get better service at an olive garden or applebys in the US than you can get at one of those funky new “wannabee” upscale eateries (which charge 5-star prices) in victoria or vancouver for that matter. while were on the subject, the bc ferries staff couldnt cut… Read more »

LS in Arbutus

BC Ferries is bottom line too expensive and damn inconvenient. Car and driver and kids to Vancouver Island return is $170.00. And then you almost always *NEED* reservations now so that’s another $30 return. Reservations require you to arrive 30 minutes before the scheduled time the ferry leaves. Even if the ferry leaves late, you MUST be there 30 minutes before the *scheduled* departure time. So then you’re there 45 minutes to an hour before the stupid thing is supposed to leave, EVEN WITH a reservation. It’s just so god damned inconvenient. The cafeteria is out of this world expensive. I always split a meal with my kids/spouse because although I can afford to buy 4 meals, I like to get out of there spending $50 or less. The ferry is absolutely unaffordable for many. It’s no surprise to me… Read more »


#34, oh yeah…Jordan Bateman, I’m really concerned what that bogus little pr*ck thinks about everything.

The “Canadian Taxpayers Federation”….didn’t Harpo start out at that astro-turf organization….?


The Man

@#43 Another version from Wikepedia. Interesting politics in those days; “In 1866, the colony of British Columbia and the colony of Vancouver Island were united as “British Columbia”. However, the capital of the Colony of Vancouver Island, Victoria, located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island, was made the capital of the newly amalgamated Colony of British Columbia, following a vote in the House of Assembly. On the day of the vote one member of the assembly, William Cox (one of the colony’s Gold Commissioners and a Victoria supporter), shuffled the pages of the speech that William Franklyn from Nanaimo (a New Westminster supporter) intended to give, so that Franklyn lost his place and read the first paragraph three times. Cox then popped the lenses of Franklyn’s glasses from their frames so that the Nanaimo representative could see nothing at… Read more »

The Man

@#43 New West was the capital of British Columbia colony and Victoria was the capital of Vancouver Island colony. When the two colonies were merged, the capital was moved to Victoria because James Douglas, the governor, had an outfitters store in Victoria and wanted all the miners coming up from the US to register in Victoria so they would also shop at his store.


Why the hell is our provincial capitol on an island anyways?


@33 “tourism related #’s have been on the decline for some time now”

Victoria actually had a record-breaking summer for tourism.
Mostly due to “A resurgent U.S. travel market”

Shut It Down Already

I took a Washington ferry once. Whitby Island route. Not a long crossing, but we had a car and 4 passengers. Got change from $20.


Agree 100%.

I will also add Vancouver Island used to have a strong economy with forestry and fishing. Now all you have is government jobs in Victoria and some low paying hospitality jobs in other areas. Outside of Victoria there are pretty much no good jobs. People on the Island now have less money to travel on the Island, take the ferries, etc. A lot of the reduced ferry traffic is people on the Island who cannot afford to come to the mainland and go to the Gulf Islands like they used to.


New Listings 129
Price Changes 79
Sold Listings 140



That is a Chicago smell.



What an idiot.


You know how scents can trigger memories? Well I just caught a scent which triggered strong memories of Vancouver.

You see, I don’t live in Vancouver anymore. I live in the american midwest. There isn’t a lot here that’s similar to Vancouver. But sometimes you see, hear, or even smell something that immediately takes you back to the best place on earth.

I was on Chicago public transit when it happened. It was coming from the person behind me. Coming from their mouth. The most awful get wrenching smell. It smelled like death, like rotting flesh. The worst bad breath you can imagine.

As soon as that stench entered my nostrils a dizzying array of images of Vancouver appeared in my minds eye.

Just thought I would share that little Vancouverism with all of you.


Well! I nearly had a stroke; the Vancouver Sun (online edition) has a video clip called, “Understanding Housing Bubbles”.

Quite informative, particularly at the 3:44 minute part of the video.


I’m more interested in housing than ferries. My wife works at a bank and her boss sent a link to this BIV article entitled, “Nobel economist housing bubble formula shows Vancouver resistant.” http://www.biv.com/article/2014/11/nobel-economist-housing-bubble-formula-shows-vanco/?utm_source=BIV+Newsletters&utm_campaign=ec7461234c-Real_Estate_Weekly_November_19_201411_19_2014&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_6d3015fdef-ec7461234c-210788101 Here is a copy of my response (unfortunately the charts I clipped won’t paste into the comment section): His theory (as presented by the article’s writer at least) is that builders are smart enough to stop building before/when a bubble pops. I’m not sure if he means that a slow down in building is a precursor to a bubble popping or if he means that when sales drop so do housing starts. In Vancouver, housing starts only dropped off significantly well after sales did in 2008. Vancouver sales began to tank in March or April of 2008. Residential property sales in Greater Vancouver totalled 2,997 in March… Read more »


Good article in the National Post.. BC vs Washington State Ferry service. And how much cheaper they run their service.
Here’s an excerpt:
“It’s more exciting to run a cruise line than a transportation company, and they’ve gone all-in on this philosophy,” said Jordan Bateman, B.C. director for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. “BC Ferries people kind of wrinkle their nose and talk about Washington State being a bunch of rust buckets — and they’re right, but [Washington] gets the job done.”
Full article:


i seriously think some of the island folk out there need to ditch the holier than thou attitude. by having taxpayers subsidizing certain bc ferries routes, they are effectively giving certain parties involved a free handout, which is complete and utter nonsense in my mind. if you felt so inclined to move there in the first place, it should have been obvious to anyone involved that service changes/cuts could come at any time without notice; that’s the risk you take when you opt for something on the outskirts at a greatly reduced price (ie. vs living on the mainland); the same warning should be repeated to businesses too, who also have plenty to learn about the hospitality industry south of the border. honestly, i’ve stayed at various destinations on the isld and never felt at any time that i was… Read more »


– never had big confidence in high CAD, not sure where you got that from.

Shut It Down Already

#15, when it comes to the economic contributions of the Gulf Islands don’t forget about farmers markets! The sales taxes on all those beeswax candles soon add up!


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November 19th, 2014 at 12:30 pm 24
Latest Vancouver weather forecast:

Rain beginning tonight after midnight, ending in early June.


Still beats the fuck out of 5 foot of snow.