Friday Free-for-all! The Late Edition.

It’s the weekend again, but not just any weekend, this is the relaxing weekend in the midst of holiday and vacation land.

But it is Friday, and that traditionally means it’s Friday Free-for-all time here at VCI.

This is our open topic discussion thread for the weekend, here are a few recent links to kick off the chat:

RBC: healthy 15% drop
Soft landing is?
Oil nosedives, what about stocks?
Zinc, Wood, is all good
An order of Canada for Carney
Some debt numbers

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent holiday!

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nice spam, retard.


Fri. Afternoon Mixed precipitation Mixed precipitation 2°C Feels like 1 P.O.P: 70% Rain: Close to 1 mm Snow: Less than 1 cm Wind E 5 km/h Wind gust – Humidity 100% Fri. Evening Mixed precipitation Mixed precipitation 1°C Feels like 0 P.O.P: 40% Rain: Less than 1 mm Snow: – Wind NE 5 km/h Wind gust – Humidity 93% Fri. Overnight Fog patches Fog patches -1°C Feels like -4 P.O.P: 30% Rain: – Snow: – Wind E 10 km/h Wind gust – Humidity 86% Sat. Morning Mixed precipitation Mixed precipitation 0°C Feels like -3 P.O.P: 40% Rain: – Snow: – Wind E 10 km/h Wind gust – Humidity 86% Sat. Afternoon Mixed precipitation Mixed precipitation 3°C Feels like 1 P.O.P: 70% Rain: Less than 1 mm Snow: – Wind NE 10 km/h Wind gust – Humidity 93% Sat. Evening Mixed… Read more »

[…] -1988 flashback -Chinese bottom fishers in Russia -That’ll bump up the average -Chinese buyers eye Seattle -The pretending to pay buyers gambit – […]

[…] This article was pointed out by crikey. […]


Lots more pics of the Mattrick chateau if you follow the Malcolm Hasman link from that tumblr site above in @18:



Mattrick’s home has been on the market for over a year. I stumbled across it’s listing sometime in mid-2013.

This site did too:


Why bear look so sad, landlord raise rent again for moldy basement suite? Uh oh looks like real estate go off like rocket again this year bear. Still time to move away.



You scooped the financial press and RE websites, who were unaware that the Mattrick property was for sale in the first place, and you decided to break the news to us first?

You’re too kind.


Came across this link while researching end-of-year bonuses. How do you give say, a guy like Carney, a Christmas/new year bonus? I a sea of banker-financial Plutocacy?.. why, you give him An Odour of Tarfield (order of Canada)


From a reliable source (person who is a domestic worker there): Grandiose home of head of Electronic Arts on Belmont has just sold to Chinese buyer. The asking price was $60,000,000.00. Sale price unknown as yet. Will skew the averages, but likely be excluded from the Frankennumber, the HPI.


Reuters story hits all the bullseyes. I don’t even kniw who this Julie Gordon writer is, but with such clarity not found anywhere else in the MSM I think I have a crush. “FEATURE-Vancouver home price surge worries businesses as they seek to hire, retain staff” “… a worrying trend in Vancouver, where sky-high housing prices are forcing many young professionals out of the city and into long commutes from far-flung suburbs, with some choosing just to leave the region altogether.That has business groups raising the alarm about Vancouver’s ability to attract and retain the talent needed to foster local successes”… Yup. “low interest rates and strong foreign demand, especially from Chinese buyers, have helped drive the cost of a typical detached home up” That sound you don’t hear is Patriotz rolling his eyes. ” Government data shows the migration… Read more »


In honour of BOE Carney and the 1% who put him there… same gilded group that christen’s him to the Order of Canada… aka The Establishment – Family Compact.


“Demographic changes, notably the aging of the Canadian population, will have a major impact on the ratio of the number of people aged 20 to 64 to those aged 65 and over. This ratio is expected to fall from about 4.1 in 2013 to 2.2 in 2050.”

Actuarial Report (12th) on the Old Age Security Program


Hey bear hope another depressed year in vancouver moldy basement suite. Is rent up or down bear? I know condo is up again and you never buy. 2015 should be year go in woods and jump off cliff bear. Never going to be anything bear. No woman no life.

Son of Ponzi

“I’ve lived in Moscow for years and I’ve never seen so many Chinese cramming in here like it is now,” said He Mu, a Chinese expatriate in the city. “It is as if I’m in China.”
Obviously, this guy has never been to Richmond.

Westside Realtor

Great posts above, thanks.

Another listing, corner of 49th and Marguerite…the parasites are moving on.


The carnage slowly but surely marches on.


Randy Randerson

Everything the MSM threw at us over the last few years are just the same recycled garbage from 1988/1989. They are eerily similar that I think we will see something big happening to Canadian RE next year.


@2: “Toronto and its environs will continue to be the country`s fastest-growing real estate market (in 1988).”

1988 marked the top of the market in Toronto and the next decade saw the biggest RE crash in Canadian history (save the 1930’s).


Chinese bottom fishers eye Russia’s declining property market 2014-12-24 “Chinese investors are enthusiastic about the “bottom fishing” in Russia’s property market. Among them is Qian Jun, a fund manager at Everbright Pramerica Fund Management, who told the newspaper that the decline in the ruble’s value is temporary given Russia’s better than before economic structure. The situation also provides a good opportunity for Chinese private fund owners to foray into Russia’s property market as China’s real-estate market is sluggish, Qian said.” Chinese tourists flood Russia as ruble plunges 2014-12-22 “December is conventionally the off-season for tourism, but this year, thanks to a cheaper ruble, “group travel packages costs 40% less than summer prices, and less than half of the price for traveling to other European countries,” said the product manager at C-Trip, one of China’s largest tourist agencies. Vacancies in all… Read more »


Home Market Hot In Canadian Cities February 27, 1988|By Financial Times of Canada News Service. TORONTO — There`s no doubt that real estate has been a “hotter“ investment in some parts of Canada during the past year than in others. For real estate investors looking for investments in 1988, the question is will those areas cool off and, if so, where are the new hot properties? Not surprisingly, the hot real estate cities of 1988 are-as they have been for several years-Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. But industry experts are adding another city, Calgary, to the list. In 1988 prices aren`t expected to rise as high as last year. But in general, according to Toronto-based Royal LePage Ltd., the largest realtor in the country, they will exceed the estimated national average of six percent. However communities such as Ottawa and Halifax… Read more »

Westside Realtor

When the largest bank in Canada comes out and states that a 15% decline in prices is going to be healthy, you know the writing is in the wall.

Just wait until folks in the burbs figure out that the place they bought six months ago for $1,200,000 is really only worth 650k.this is going to get really really ugly.