Lessons to learn.

No matter how much you know, there’s always something new you can learn.

From this article in the Vancouver Sun there are at least 3 lessons we can learn:

1) Shaughnessy is a ‘tony’ neighborhood:

Laura De Munain moved into her family’s Oak Street house on the outskirts of the tony Shaughnessy neighbourhood in April. While working from home, the pregnant lawyer soon noticed groups of two or three people regularly stumbling around her back alley in a daze.

2) You can’t force absent owners to evict partiers from their property:

Police answered her first call to their non-emergency line and toured the property, but they “said they didn’t see any evidence of consistent living here,” according to De Munain. She says city staff referred her back to the police when she complained about drug users and squatters in June and asked the city to force the owner to board the home up properly.

3: Government hears you, but they’re not sure you mean what you say:

In the weeks leading up to this month’s civic election, a blog showcasing “beautiful empty homes” of the west side and a proposal from COPE mayoral candidate Meena Wong for a vacant home tax gained support from residents simmering with anger over Vancouver becoming a “hedge city” for foreign real estate investors.  A poll last month showed 72 per cent of respondents thought such a tax a “very good” or “good” proposal, and only 18 per cent deemed it “very bad” or “bad.”

Vision Vancouver Coun. Geoff Meggs said he, like many, finds it offensive when a perfectly good home is held empty for speculative reasons, but he doesn’t know that such a tax is “legally possible or even desirable.”

You’ve either learned something new from this writeup or it’s been a complete waste of your time. In either case you can read the full original article here.

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I think some people actually believe the poster calling themselves ‘Admin>’ is really the admin of this site. :eyeroll:


…We are working on a system to authenticate postings….

Good Grief Oracle, you shouldn’t be skipping out in your first year of high school. LOL.


In the meantime,

This will definitely bring down the high end housing prices.


However, Quebec’s Immigration Investor Program will accept 1750 applications for 2015, amounting to just over 10,000 people when you factor in Grandparents. Many end up in Vancouver.


We are working on a system to authenticate postings.

Please post as yourselves for the time being. Case in point is post #45. This and post #2 have the same IP adresses.

We will keep you posted!


Had another offer on my Surrey lot, 3% higher than the bid I had just six weeks ago.I won’t well it until I am up at least a million, if I have to wait another year or 18 months then I will continue to be patient

There is so much money pouring in, prizes are only going to zoom higher and higher and higher


Mortgage helper…

Vancouver ‘Bedroom’ Is $630/Month For Your Own Curtained-Off Space



@35: “Oh, and of course the used house salepeople and related industries wouldn’t be happy, as they’d fear the inevitable market crash. Again, they don’t make up many votes.”

As if who has the most votes mattered more than this kind of thing:

Who paid for the leadership campaign

And anyway I think if the NDP thought that advocating that kind of tax was a vote getter they would have done so in the last election. Problem is most homeowners see themselves as winning the jackpot and would not support any policy intending to put the brakes on RE, as the NDP themselves saw last time they were in office.


New Listings 150
Price Changes 64
Sold Listings 131


valley renter

Scrolling through realturd porn and same style condo, sq.f, floor I got out of 4yrs ago in Langey at $270,000, now asking $239,000. Neighbourhood I’m watching to vultch a townhome in, yet another unit with a $10,000 price reduction. Only took them a year to reduce, think they might have caught on as one sold earlier this year at $235,000 ask.

Barb Rennie

cris Says:
December 2nd, 2014 at 10:25 am 31
what else are you hearing Jr?


The VANCOUVER REALTOR HUNGER INDEX for November 2014 was 62%. How does this compare? The 17-year average for November is 54%. At 62%, the 2014 November VRHI equaled 1999’s figure and was higher than 10 years and lower than 5 years since 1998.

Details and comparison data for 17 years at: http://vancouverpeak.com/showthread.php?tid=64


in other words, renters and those on the sidelines are being left further behind.

Best place on meth

November stats show overall prices up 0.1% MOM and 5.7% YOY.


meant to say:
“The only ones you wouldn’t have on-side are landlord-owners residing in BC (who make up a few votes), and non-resident owners (whose votes from other parts of the world are negligible).


“The only problem with this proposal is that all of our politicians are spineless and none would have the guts to implement any of this.” If they can sell it to the owner-occupiers as something that can help them get more out the the city at no cost to them, they will have the owner-occupiers on their side. They will have renters on their side. If perks for students can be promised as coming out from the extra money, you could possibly have a huge student turnout to strengthen the vote. The only only you wouldn’t have on-side are owners not residing in BC (who make up a few votes), and non-resident owners (whose votes from other parts of the world are negligible). Oh, and of course the used house salepeople and related industries wouldn’t be happy, as they’d fear… Read more »

Best place on meth

#18 “That’s already how it works. Owners-occupiers get something like a 40% discount on property taxes in Vancouver.” That’s not quite how it works, they do not get a 40% rebate on property taxes unless it’s a small condo. The maximum rebate is $570 and for homes over 1.2 million it’s $0. Seniors qualify for extra rebates. “Note that while “landlords and speculators can “easily” afford it”, that means that renters will pay more.” In theory maybe, but in reality landlords cannot simply pass the increase on to tenants – rent is set by the market and landlords would most likely have to eat the cost. Property taxes are way too low anyway, around 0.3 – 0.35% of assessed value and another reason why prices are so high. Speculators pay very little to hold a property. Take an example of… Read more »

Zero Down Forty

$1.2 trillion of loans released into the housing market and you all think that an extra tax on a few empty houses would have any effect? We’ve overbuilt anyway. So supply shortage is not an issue.

Just Jack

Well maybe landlords should get a rebate too. Instead of a stick – a carrot will work. 40% discount for a home owner, 20% discount for a landlord (must supply evidence).


what else are you hearing Jr?


no wonder.


I think I hear the recess bell ringing.


you are a non-citizen? Did you pass grade one English?


#23 you need the tape for Dalai Lama’s LED talk?


…Showcase of good citizenship….

LOL, from a non citizen. Riiiiiiiiight.