Friday Free-for-all! The Jobs Edition

It’s the end of another work week and that means it’s time for another Friday Free-for-all!

This is our regular end of the week news round up and open topic discussion thread, here are a few recent links to kick off the chat:

Target says goodbye Canada
Suncor plans cuts
Sony closing all stores
Bank of Canada warns on economy
Oil affects housing?
RE Commissions to fall?
Vancouver lags on rentals
House of cards
Endless HAM chat can end anytime
Did we say budget surplus? nevermind.
Alberta considers sales tax

So what are you seeing out there? Post you news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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Wow I can’t believe that Charles Bilash article!

what a f’ing creep, and only a 60 day suspension? insane


I know it is early days, but where do you guys get foreclosure and court ordered sale listings info?


That Financial Facelift has had a number of updates and corrections made to it since it was originally published on Saturday. The latest version states that he works ~80 hours a week, not the 2 days a week mentioned in the original.

[…] Many Franks pointed out what has to be the most bizarre ‘financial facelift’ feature yet over at the Globe and Mail. […]


Iran sees no sign of a shift within OPEC toward action to support oil prices, its oil minister said, adding its oil industry could ride out a further price slump to $25 a barrel.

The comments are a further sign that despite lobbying by Iran and Venezuela, there is little chance of collective action by the 12-member OPEC to prop up prices – entrenching the reluctance of individual members to curb their own supplies.



The problem is, pragmatists are starved for reasonable real estate discussion. There is the dull wit of MSM on the one hand, and the ZeroHedge of Vancouver (CondoInfo) on the other. With nothing rational in between.

The admins could probably turn this board around with a bit of effort but they apparently don’t have any ambition beyond random fly-by traffic. Maybe PaulB is the admin?


TORONTO, Jan 19 (Reuters) – Canada’s main stock index eased on Monday as a decline in oil prices and concerns about the Chinese economy weighed on energy shares, which resumed their downward trend.


Egg Hunt


How is it possible that $300K annual income professional in his early 40’s only has only $180K RRSP?
No RRSP for wife- dentist – neither have pensions.

I understand there is a RSP contribution limit cap, but meaning he is in professional career making more than $100K for 10 years or much less than that.

Grocery $2,000 for 7 members of family, $520 for clothing is surprisingly low,

Is it true story..?


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The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has lowered its forecast for global economic growth for this year and next. The IMF now expects growth of 3.5% this year, compared with the previous estimate of 3.8% which it made in October. The growth forecast for 2016 has also been cut, to 3.7%. The downgrade to the forecasts comes despite one major boost for the global economy – the sharp fall in oil prices, which is positive for most countries. The IMF expects that to be more than offset by negative factors, notably weaker investment. That in turn reflects diminished expectations about the growth prospects for many developed and emerging economies over the next few years. If business expects weaker growth, there is less opportunity to sell goods and services and so less incentive to invest. Deflation concerns The eurozone is a case… Read more »


Indigo / Chapters is in secular decline that’s why it’s closing. Blame Amazon, e-readers and iTumes (Indigo was once called Indigo books and music – there used to be an extensive music section at that store, selling CDs).

Happens all the time in the retail space, you don’t see any Radio Shacks anymore do you?

Coincidentally, Radio Shack is on the verge of bankruptcy.


In regards to the schmuck in the Globe FF article, we should be encouraging people making that much money to spend it all. Rack ’em, pack ’em and stack ’em. What did it say again? He burns through $30,000 + a month with his lifestyle? Go to town buddy. I like to eat out at a nice restaurant every now and then, without people like him those restaurants wouldn’t be able to keep their doors open so I could enjoy one. I like to golf also, imagine without potatoheads like that, there would be no courses to choose from. Want to take a limo out for a special occasion? Plenty to choose from for me, all thanks to people using them as almost daily transportation, lol. Betcha all the dealerships servicing their Maseratis, Porsches, Mercedes and Range Rovers charge a… Read more »

Whistler or bust?

Happy 11,164 day!


Vancouverites have never been studious or book reading people, dont see any big companies ever created in vancouver

so its no surprise Chapters is closing on Robson


New Listings 310
Price Changes 57
Sold Listings 77


Vancouver Realtor steals $11,000 from a client, gets slap on wrist, 60 day suspension.

If this happened in a real profession like a lawyer or financial services professional they’d be kicked out of the industry, career over. Business as usual in Scamcouver.


Looks like they need to do work on the identicons!

Many Franks

@DaMann: He’s looking at the identicons. They’re supposed to uniquely identify posters, but for some reason a bunch of us have identical ones.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

if i told you how i knew, this wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.


Exactly. What list are you talking about? If you’re accusing someone of something then man up and give proof.

I don’t post nearly enough to warrant honorable mention from the esteemed B cubed.


“add DaMann and vangrl to that list.”

huh? what list?

I do see something new though, a post of mine is “awaiting moderation”. Is this a new thing?

Shut It Down Already

The thought that somebody in China would cover their margin call by selling their (illiquid) Vancouver house is laughable.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

add DaMann and vangrl to that list.

so tedeastside, franko, taylor192, Mortgageslave, southseacompany, ostritch, Many Franks, and vangrl are all the same person. lol.