FFFA! Sales, prices, rents and resources.

It’s that time of the week again…

Friday Free-for-all time!

This is our regular end of the week news roundup and open topic discussion thread for the weekend, here are a few recent links to kick off the chat:

GV: sales up, prices slip
PTT a ‘drag’ on RE economy
What are you paying for rent?
Vacant homes target by thieves
TD forecasts dip in Calgary
but they’re already down YOY

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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A year ago, Vancouver vowed to become friendlier… so how’s that going Metro.html

Small Biz

Nice replies in return of this query with real arguments and telling all on the topic of that.|


Spoke to a female Vancouver realtor this morning, the eponymous SWF. Her message to the Bears: “the more you resist the longer it persists”

It is not her fault y’all cant be operating Union Card mobile $ download direct from CPOC banking coffers.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

listen to patriotz. nothing can be done. just follow his lead and buy a house.


Luckily Chinese have a spare country to run to when the shit hits the fan. Sooner the better…

Bull! Bull! Bull!

stop fighting it. learn mandarin. be happy lucky joyful.


@ 100 patriotz “The majority of BC voters are homeowners who have no bigger dream of (than?) becoming rich by selling their residence. As long as most voters are sellouts nothing will be done.”

Exactly. The satisfaction derived from the windfall of selling for 7 figures the house they paid 5 figures for is tempered only slightly and late by such considerations as: 1. since they sold 2 years ago, house has since been flipped for million(s) more while the new condo they moved into might have gone down in price 2. their kids have take much of the cash to buy their own RE, but still live hours away.


go to hell.


– There is a difference between protesting against criminals and the fact that Canada let these criminals in for the money, and calling an entire race locust, or advocating that an entire country with billions+ innocent souls be nukes, killed, and slaughtered, or that anyone who comes from country is a dirty corrupt criminal simply because they happen to be born in that country or that you don’t like that country’s government system.

If you can’t see the difference then ….

Westside Realtor

Oil getting pounded.


@94: “seriously, our government has to do something” No, the government doesn’t have to do something because it was re-elected with a big majority in 2013 despite the “Ethnicgate” scandal which showed it has an agenda of serving offshore and ethnic interests. The majority of BC voters are homeowners who have no bigger dream of becoming rich by selling their residence. As long as most voters are sellouts nothing will be done. Also it doesn’t help matters that most public debate seems to be directed at the municipal level which can’t do anything about it, rather than the BC Liberal government and the opposition parties. This issue was not raised in the 2013 election, at all. What I do remember is Christy Clark saying she thought the Okanagan was headed for another bubble (not her words exactly of course) while… Read more »


@ChinaOne is an obvious troll

Best place on meth


Your country should have been nuked in the 50’s.


You will love me if i give u Union Pay card. $50,000 per each. There are now 3.53 Billion cards in world. More than visa and MC and everything else combined.


sad but true

I used to think that Chinese were the most loved minority group in the lower mainland. But now it seems that their popularity is plummeting.


My cousin friend and girlfriend came for study at private career college. he bought her $60,000 Hermes purse with Union pay card.

We love Union Pay card. Every country man in Richmond take Union Pay. We buy Audi with Union Pay card next week.


seriously, our government has to do something, this is just becoming a f’ing joke.



“The buyers are people who typically only live in them a few weeks of the year.
In fact, British Pacific Properties is now working on providing their clients with an added convenience: a concierge service for those who are rarely home”

AND again the most liked comment from this newly released article

“More criminal money entering Canada from China only to displace actual Canadians and drive us out of our country.
We MUST abolish all foreign ownership of Canadian residential, commercial, and agricultural property. Canada is for Canadians ONLY”

but ya, this blog is racist…. wtf


we had 150,000 cousin at parade today.

in 2025, we have 500,000 for China New Year.

in 2040, we have 1 million and we want official holiday. We will have majority and my cousin vote in.


@13: “Neither does renting indefinitely, even Patriotz couldn’t do that.”

Sure I could have, but I found a house that suited us and the cost of buying was about the same as renting. THAT’s why I bought, not because I “couldn’t rent indefinitely”. If the cost of buying were as out of whack as in Vancouver I would rent until hell freezes over.

“The markets driven by locals gorging on debt have all corrected. The remaining bubble cities: Vancouver, London, Sydney, Hong Kong”

Um, Calgary? Um, REGINA? (for now, anyway). There are plenty of other small cities in other bubble countries that are similarly overpriced, and in which nobody even claims that foreign buyers are significant.

Xi's cab driver

“95 per cent of all Chinese migrants to British Columbia end up in Metro Vancouver”

this is two sigma’s, grasshoppers



That’s the nearest you will get them to pay tax


Regarding the translink vote.

Why not have a bylaw that states the most densely populated areas of Vancouver can not have a car registered there.

So downtown Vancouver, Metrotown, etc can not have cars registered at those addresses.

Would reduce congestion.