Where Canadian house prices are up or down

The latest data from the Canadian Real Estate Association is now showing about half of the countries markets with rising and half with dropping prices.

Toronto and Vancouver are doing well so far with a year over year increase of 4.9% and 1.8% .

The big winner? That would be St. Catharines with a YOY increase of 16.1%.

The overall average house price grew 3.1 per cent in the year to January, to $401,143. That’s the smallest increase since April, 2013, but it’s largely a story of two still-hot housing markets: Toronto and Vancouver. Strip out those two cities and average house prices are down 0.3 per cent over the past year.

Home sales, meanwhile, are 2 per cent lower than they were a year ago, CREA numbers showed.

Major energy industry centres like Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatoon and Regina saw some of the sharpest declines in housing demand, TD economist Diana Petramala noted.

There is “a widening regional wedge” in Canada’s housing markets, Petramala wrote in a client note, as oil-importing cities’ housing markets benefit from lower oil prices while producer cities struggle.

Read the full article here.

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Shut It Down Already

Mortgageslave, being a “top 15%” earner doesn’t require that high a salary due to the distribution.

Bear Vancouverite

@94 “I gave up waiting for prices to correct so I could buy my own home and start doing the things I love. It occurred to me that if I waited for that I might never do those things.” These are wise words, thanks for sharing! I think too much frustration on here is that some of us are putting certain things on hold while we wait for a correction. I recently bought a dresser which I had been holding off because I keep thinking we’ll move and yet we never do. I’d like to take up gardening too and that will be a criteria as I find a SFD to rent. @95 “Is the lottery comparison hyperbolic? Sure. So are most things said here.” IMO, if bulls can be ridiculed (and discouraged hopefully) from posting ridiculous pumping posts we… Read more »

Royce McCutcheon

@92: Currently, the chance of your 6/49 ticket investment panning out is ridiculously low in comparison to your Vancouver condo/attached dwelling investment. Currently, the cost of buying a ticket is a tiny fraction of what it would cost to make a Vancouver condo/attached dwelling investment.

Yes, I would rather put 300k into a Vancouver condo than into lottery tickets. But I’d REALLY rather not do either with my 300k, because both are way too risky!

Is the lottery comparison hyperbolic? Sure. So are most things said here. I still think it’s an apt analogy, because the odds of a condo/attached dwelling investment in Vancouver paying off seem pretty long too!


@ Bear Vancouverite 2000 square foot house on a 33 x 122 lot, approximately 60 years old for $2,050 a month. Landlord does the bare minimum to keep it from falling down. I have landscaped the backyard on my own dime because I live here and get to enjoy the garden – LL never sees it. House is 1.5 blocks west of Main between 41st and 49th Ave. Eric Hamber catchment. The house is not elegant and the interior needs needs new carpet but it gives me the space to do the things I love (BBQ, gardening, home theatre with no “Turn it down!”). I gave up waiting for prices to correct so I could buy my own home and start doing the things I love. It occurred to me that if I waited for that I might never do… Read more »


Democracy is two wolves and one sheep deciding what’s for lunch!
Liberty is a well armed sheep protesting the results!
So play fair with your minorities or they will arm themselves.
Moving one pro D day for 10% of the population is not extreme.
There are more than ten pro D days a year so this is fair.

Bear Vancouverite

@79 “Few people will go bankrupt or spend the rest of their life broke due to buying a lottery ticket. You can’t say that for people buying RE in a bubble.”

You want to compare spending $300k to $2 and draw some conclusion from that? Let’s compare this dollar for dollar. In fact, most, if not all people would go bankrupt if they took out a 75% loan to buy the same dollar value in lottery tickets as they would on an overpriced apartment. Real estate is risky, but this comparison is pure hyperbole.

Bear Vancouverite

@80 BPOM:

I may be clueless, but you seem to bust a vein at the slightest hint that things are not going as you like. Day off on the wrong day? Rage. Someone doesn’t agree with your world view? Rage.

There’s so much bile, rage, and bigotry in you I’m surprised you’d make any productive use of a long weekend with your family, you might just be ranting all weekend long about hospices and vile Confucius institutes.

Btw, Confucius advocated family values, respect for one’s parents , the value of education and the importance of honest government that was responsible to its people. Not sure if your rage will let you see what irony that might have with respect to your rants.



That’s right CBC, vancouver is now officially an international city.

I hope more immigrants come in now… Had a racist Caucasian confront me today.

Let’s flood the lower mainland!

[…] sales up, prices slip -PTT a ‘drag’ on RE economy -What are you paying for rent? -Vacant homes target by thieves -TD forecasts dip in Calgary -but they’re already down YOY […]


Mortgageslave, pot calling the kettle black?
your posts are more redundant than any of the bulls. balanced porfolio, renting is awesome, i worship turner, and I like to be overly confrontational in my post to compensate for having a shitty life


whoa, off the rails much? this forum is a joke
Lets debate a thurs pro D day and turn it racist. I’m looking at you best place on meth, you fucking tool


The barrage of pointless posts from starving real estate agents on this site is the only pathetic thing i read. No bull on this site has money. They’re all abunch of starving agents trying to persuade a few people to commit financial suicide. Pathetic you are 84. Space, oracle, bull. U guys need lives. lmao at u bunch losers.

Btw, were running out of land!

The HAM are bringing suitcases of $$$

Real estate can only go up!

The world is awash in money

Did i miss any?

these lines will be posted 20 times more by spacecase. Btw, he’s a top 15% earner but spends 8 hours a day posting on here……right


renters rule

sorry, I live in CANADA.

The frickin overseas Chinese can go f*ck themselves. No WAY the pro-D should have been changed. They are slime that play us like a fiddle with their racism accusations. They have out-slimed the south Asians, who, let’s face it, we all thought had already had it down to a fine art……

this bullshit has got to stop. they are locusts. enough already.

Shut It Down Already

You made up the “10% kicked up a fuss and made threats to get the day changed, forcing everybody else to accept their foreign culture” bit didn’t you? I mean, you don’t have any facts or evidence – only your prejudices.

Stop being a prick, and get back to discussing real estate?

I’ve no idea why the site admin tolerates your toxic ignorance and didn’t slap you with an IP ban years ago. Pathetic.


long weekends are “boring”. yeah whatever you say CBC.


Sorry buddy you don’t speak for the 90% like you may think. Some people prefer a Thursday off. If that happens to be CNY all the better. Thanksgiving in the US in on a Thursday and it is the most popular holiday of the year in the US. I wish our Thanksgiving in Canada was done like the US on a Thursday. Ours on a Monday is boring. I never heard anyone say they should change the US Thanksgiving to a Monday or Friday.

I hope CNY is made a national holiday in Canada and we all get it off.


I think you guys should stop the Chinese bashing.

Our system of living is a ponzi scheme and we need immigrants.

10,000 limit from each country per year would be the best option.

That would truly help Canada.

Best place on meth

#78 “I don’t see anything wrong with optimising days off if it doesn’t inconvenience anyone.” You’re absolutely clueless, aren’t you? This day off always takes place on a Friday or Monday. Many parents like to take a vacation day from work to have a long weekend with their kids and do something special like go out of town. Those people have now been royally fucked over because a small minority got their way in having the day changed to a Thursday to suit THIER needs. Anytime 10% get their way at the expense of the rest it’s more than just an inconvience, it’s outrageous and disgraceful – but it goes far beyond that in this case. In this case it’s about a group of people that come to our country and not only don’t give a shit about our culture,… Read more »


“I agree with you that “investing” in apartments right now is risky and poor judgement, however, comparing apartments to lottery tickets seems extreme.”

Few people will go bankrupt or spend the rest of their life broke due to buying a lottery ticket. You can’t say that for people buying RE in a bubble.

Bear Vancouverite

@70 “parents undoubtedly made a lot of noise and perhaps some veiled threats to get this changed” I don’t particularly care where this Pro-D day lands, but since the Pro-D day happens regardless, I don’t see why get so riled up if its moved a few days to make it convenient for some people? If 25% of people thought Pro D day should be moved to have it match a Pride Parade day, would that be offensive too? I don’t see anything wrong with optimising days off if it doesn’t inconvenience anyone. @68 “In my opinion, the average person participating in that market and framing their decision to buy as a good investment is buying a lotto ticket. An expensive one.” I agree with you that “investing” in apartments right now is risky and poor judgement, however, comparing apartments to… Read more »


you may want to include them in your hood, but they don’t want you in theirs. that’s off limits.



If thats the case, Surrey will get a holiday on Diwali and Vaisakhi!!


“Yes they do because we are an inclusive society. Many of us like to celebrate the traditions of other cultures. It does not degrade us or make us weak.”

I agree with you. I see nothing wrong with it.

I am an atheist but celebrate Christmas and enjoy Easter off but it has nothing to do with being Christian or embracing anything about the culture or religion.

Most racists have such low self esteem it is pathetic. I feel sorry for them to live life that way.