Report your neighbours vacant home

The city of Vancouver is looking at the issue of vacant homes and has expressed interest in building a website to allow people to report vacancies.

“We’ve all heard people asking why Vancouver is so expensive and telling us to look at all these empty houses. It’s a persistent question, so let’s get to the bottom of it and find out,” Coun. Kerry Jang said on Sunday.

Jang said he often receives feedback from frustrated residents blaming vacant homes and prospective foreign owners on Vancouver’s high housing prices, but the city is unsure whether those claims are justified and to what extent.

Jang said he personally is unsure whether those claims are true or not.
“That’s what we’re trying to find out,” he said.

Read the full article over at metronews.

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Polozi Scheme

English street artist Banksy has lately been painting penises on potholes to draw attention to them so that they will be fixed – and it’s been working.

We should paint giant penises on empty derelict houses in Vancouver to draw attention to them so that Mayor Wanting and Christy Clarke will do something about them too. Or any other properties owned by corrupt officials such as the about to be completed Richmond Convention Centre primary investor and Skynet suspect Michael Cheng Muyang Cheng or whatever his latest mandarin or Cantonese name is these days.

Corrupt in Canada

Lest we forget.

“vangrl Says:
April 30th, 2015 at 12:09 pm 43

Ching Chang Cheu Choppy meu liu lee ma ling lang Mu mai mo mei…”

Your “Chinese friends” must be very proud of you.


lol, it was bought by a “housewife”.


“No one answered when a Province reporter knocked on the house’s front door Thursday afternoon, and there were no vehicles in the driveway. While the lawn and landscaping were well-maintained, it appeared the house was empty.

Land-title records list the property’s new sole owner, Xiuhua Li. Records list Li’s occupation as “housewife.”

Money laundering at it’s finest. How necessary is it to actually bid 2 million over asking? It’s like they want to pay more.

HAM articles are on fire today.


in the 30’s we wished that we had life insurance.
in the 40’s we had a good war.

today, it’s all about wishing we had someone transferring internet lootage into our Sothbey and Christie account(s)

i have no idea what the ‘war’ will look like in 5 years.

Joe Taxpayer

Dear Christy Clarke: there is no shortage of tax dollars to be had in this city. Don’t come looking to my middle class (did I say middle, oops that was last year before the latest wave of corrupt $) to pay for your transit tax or any other tax for that matter. Those newly arrived who haven’t paid a cent of tax to date yet can afford multi million dollar houses can pay. Pay or get out. We have the choice. And if you won’t do it, we’ll vote for someone who will. Stop penny pinching teachers when there’s corrupt $ flooding into this city. Do something about it! Joe Taxpayer



first Southeby’s now Christie’s

“Toronto is towering above the rest of the world’s luxury property markets, as the only city to record an acceleration in the sales rate of high-end homes from 2013 to 2014.”

UBC in Crisis Mode
UBC in Crisis Mode

One million dollar profit a year?

This house (with an ocean view) has been sitting on the market for the last few years, asking for $19,800,000. It is finally sold yesterday:

1416 Wesbrook Crescent (UBC).

Five years ago, this buyer paid close to $11,000,000. Assuming he sold for its assessed value of $16,141,000, that would be a tax free ONE million dollar per year profit.



Dang locusts were feeding big time in West Van again.


@13: “How about a $500,000 a year vacant home permit.”

Assuming the City had the power to require a permit for people not being home (it doesn’t), and was able to enforce it (it couldn’t anyway), the owners of empty homes would just recruit a pensioner or some other person they trust to sit the place. Many already do this.

The way to handle empty houses is to charge the owner of any house that is not owner-occupied (per HOG) or reporting rental income a penalty tax. The province has the power to do this but not the City.


@elvince – Education and health care take up over 80% of provincial budget. I really don’t think the prov gives much $$ to GVRD cities, if any. So there isn’t much income tax savings to be had, if any. Second, what I said is basically reality. Outside of a few isolated instance of tax cut driven by ideology and really just disguised as tax cut for the rich, when has general gov’t spending ever been cut or reduced? Gov’t spending and as a result taxes have been increasing at a faster than CPI or GDP growth rate for a few decades now. All levels of gov’t spending and thus taxes take up 50% of an average person’s paycheque. For all that taxes and spending, have the services and the average person’s standard of living increased correspondingly? I would say not… Read more »


New Listings 243
Price Changes 62
Sold Listings 247

Best place on meth


“The area is home to the Mandarin immersion program at John Norquay Elementary School on Slocan Street.”

The only Mandarin immersion we need around here is corrupt officials floating in the river.

Yes, I know – it’s redundant to say “corrupt officials”.

Corrupt in Canada

@43 quote: “Ching Chang Cheu Choppy meu liu lee ma ling lang Mu mai mo mei… ”



: Your attitude is exactly why my plan would never have a snowball’s chance in Hades. The whole thing could BEGIN with having the province lower income taxes, then an immediate effect would be lower municipal subsidy. City runs out of revenu, has to increase taxes. Voilà! But you proved my point, most people (wrongly) think like you do.

But for as long as people don’t understand that taxes are what a governement spend and not what you pay, you’ll have people who imagine that higher taxes means more waste, while it could very well just mean less taxes somewhere else.

Hence, the words “higher taxes” have become taboo, even if it means a lower total amount of taxation for most people.


Also, this fact, stated by the Globe makes Norquay even more marketable:

“The area is home to the Mandarin immersion program at John Norquay Elementary School on Slocan Street.”


I question how much light will be shed. So far, the only light being shone is coming from one journalist thousands of miles away.


The Norquay area is the major (formerly) single family neighbourhood in Vancouver being rezoned for high density.

5738 Rhodes St in the Collingwood area of east Van just sold, listed April 21.

“Large 48×139 level lot across the street from NORQUAY PARK. Home is outdated but still liveable. Hold and rent now and build later. All measurements are approx and must be verified. 1st and only showing will be at an open house, Sunday April 26th, From 1-3pm. All offers in by Monday April 27th at 12 noon.”

Listing price: $1,138,000

Selling price: $1,600,000

Almost 1/2 million over asking.

As the Globe says in the headline, Norquay is a glimpse of the future. You have international criminals buying the west side and the East Side will go to higher density.


One of the arsonists says there’s no fire;

“CMHC: Overheating, Overbuilding in Canada Housing ‘Not a Concern’” Wall Street Journal

“Red-hot real-estate markets in Toronto and Vancouver don’t pose problematic risks of overvaluation, Canada’s main housing agency said Thursday, while raising red flags about overbuilding and overheating in two smaller cities.”


@BPOM – so basically ban any REITs or REIT like companies from owning properties?? Wow, where will the poor vangrl gets her juicy monthly dividends then???


“Vancouver a ‘critical’ money laundering hub for transnational criminals, Kim Marsh, a Vancouver-based financial crime specialist”
“But there’s a lot of dirty money washing around with these (Real Estates) purchases,” said Marsh


@bullwhip29 – actually they do have other cards to play, the problem is that most of those cards benefit the 99% more than the 1% that donate campaign money or provide lucractive private sector jobs after politicians leave politics. So we end up pursuing mostly policies that really just benefit the 1%.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

ian young explaining investor immigrant program to clueless left-wing white people on CBC.