House-poor Canadians

Southseacompany pointed out this article.  Seems like the more valuable our real estate gets the more house-poor Canadians become.

“Campbell says that many, like Edgerton and Camus, are surviving now, but the big question is what happens if there’s an unplanned setback — from a job loss to a rise in interest rates.”

“”If the housing market goes down and those individuals have to sell, we’re going to see a lot of houses on the market, which will further reduce the house market in general,”

‘Canada has among the highest home ownership rates in the world; owning a home is one of the ultimate Canadian dreams. And it’s perhaps why so many people choose to live house poor rather than sell their home.”

Read the full article at the CBC.

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One thing that would really help is if we had a whistleblower realtor. Entire regimes have been toppled by whistleblowers leaking data, and in comparison, a data dump of all RE sales in Canada or BC over the last 40 yrs ought to be child’s play to anyone with access to the system. (Just talk to a software dude if you don’t know how to dump the database to a text file that can be leaked, a la Wikileaks) This is the missing piece of the puzzle the scumbags in power are sitting on, and this is exactly what will bust the floodgates wide open. If this happens, Rennie/Robertson/Clark are gonna go through an inquisition that makes the one Sepp Blatter/FIFA are currently undergoing seem like a walk in the park. Any realtors interested in doing the ethical thing and… Read more »

Shut It Down Already

“Taking out anyone with less than a 20% down payment would effect 1st time buyers the most”

Um, that’s the idea. I thought you wanted lower prices for the hard-working locals?


Good evening fellow posters. I get the feeling that everyone here knows that the root cause of the bubble here in Vancouver is foreign money inflows of recent temp and permanent immigrants, tfw, and foreign students.

Obviously, low interest rates and Cmhc help out locals into u repayable debt as well but I’m glad to see most here know the root cause.

I just worry about our city as the ethnic ghettos get bigger and concentrated. Is there no leadership here? I’m Indian by the way and am hating what North Surrey is turning into.

Anyways, have a good nite. Job well done here.

Patriots , where art thou?

UBC in Crisis Mode

Biggest flip in the area (Van West).

Bought the land for $12 million two years ago, and neighbors are all against the “Mediterranean mansion design” for fear of view blocking and loss of privacy. The owner lost appeal to the deputy minister.

Redesign to please your neighbors, no way.

Now, looking for a $4 million tax-free gain!


Locusts are avoiding casinos closer to the motherland hence more gambling goes here. Roulette, black jack, condos, houses, slot-machines it doesn’t matter as long as they keep money churning.

mayor robbery Robertson

Sales are slowing. …..

Royce McCutcheon

@23: Regardless of who holds the levers of power at the municipal, provincial, or federal level when the cheque comes due, I do ultimately believe that those people may pander to those caught in the hurt with sympathetic words and tiny token measures. But I also believe that these people will know that they will cripple the economy by bailing out real estate speculation to any meaningful degree, wasting MORE money and driving away the handful of bright people who avoided the mess but didn’t leave.

Then again, it’s probably a good idea to not underestimate stupid.

I often joke with my spouse that we’ll ride out this time nicely having avoided debt, saved and lived well, and maintained our flexibility… only to have the post-bubble economic rot make this a terrible, depressing place we wouldn’t want to call home.


but .. but … I thougt HAM was coming for superior healthcare and education and for being the bestest place on earth …

PS. is saying superior racist ?

” Most of these fugitives are believed to live in English-speaking Western countries, with the U.S. and Canada the most popular destinations. Neither country has an extradition treaty with China, ”

” As for Canada, extradition requests from China are also often ignored “



Translation: Most Canadians are the dumbest motherfuckers you’ll ever meet and the few among you who’re smart are going to be paying for the excesses of these financial troglodytes for a looooong time to come.


guess bsness slow for Nate … er … witness robo-advertorcomment …

#5 – 27-05-2015
Hi Garth!

Very much appreciate your work, thank you very much.

Question: your opinion on ‘robo-investors’ such as Wealthsimple, WealthBar, ShareOwner, Nest Wealth, Smart Money Investments and Invisor?

They seem like an ideal solution for people who are just starting to build, and need relatively simple solutions, while keeping fees low, no?

Thanks again!


Not sure. If you have less than $100,000 then the formula for a balanced portfolio has been clearly spelled out here and elsewhere, so why not self-invest? Above that you can find a fee-based, sell-you-nothing, no-commission, real-person advisor to help with investing, tax strategies and relationship advice (!) for just 1%, tax-deductible. Seems reasonable when you’re paying not much less for a bunch of robo code. — Garth


Good reddit comment:

The Rennie plan seems to be.
1) Boomers sell their homes to a developer who tears down the home, builds a new one and sells it overseas investors.
2) Boomers give money to their kids so they can purchase an overpriced Condo.
3) The Boomers themselves then need to buy a condo.
4) Success, one brand new home sitting empty and two condos sold.


1) a) Overseas investor purchases house then sits on it until it is either purchased by the next overseas investor at a conveniently marked up price, or it is bought up as part of a parcel of lots to be torn down to build the condos for parts 2) and 3)


#14 Condos have been going up in the past decade and it hasn’t helped affordability a bit. Only traffic has increased. Canada Line skytrain is useless in the morning. You can spot 7-10 condo cranes all the time so they keep going up. They’re not built for living or for families, they are poker chips for pre-sales, quick flippers and get quick rich investments. Olympic village was too small, badly built and too expensive for the size. MC2 condos (ads say they’re homes) are crap. They have _two full_ bathrooms in 950 sq ft. Why would you want two full bathrooms with bathtub in such a small space instead of more room ? Where are the condos designed for families ? Rennie is a used car salesman, he doesn’t care a bit about affordability and is just trying to get… Read more »


“Those unintended consequences were paramount in her thinking. “We want to make sure that whatever measure we’re able to take is one that’s fair and is one that respects the fact that people who have invested in their homes — many of whom will already have large mortgages — don’t see the government take away some of their equity. They’ve worked for that equity. They’ve paid for that equity — in many cases they’ve mortgaged against the equity.”

Read more:


Rennie has drawn the ire of some of the Redditors who lurk in /r/vancouver

And those guys are a miserable, gnarly, pessimistic, bitter, cynical bunch. Sort of like the people here 🙂

Comments like this make my day 🙂



ya sorry bout that, but I swear SIDA just lurks around till I post and then slams me. Gets annoying. Lost my temper

Taking out anyone with less than a 20% down payment would effect 1st time buyers the most, and I think we kind of need them, more than we need empty houses anyway.

The Man


vangrl is no vanldy


Our MLX has been down for the better part of the day. This is what we have so far:

New Listings 74
Price Changes 20
Sold Listings 91


You could build Hong Kong, right here in Vancouver. Tower after tower and not just on main arteries as he is suggesting. You could knock down every house and low-rise. And, if you look to Hong Kong as the example, you wouldn’t satisfy Mainland demand. That’s why they have tried and failed to curb Mainland buying. I’m afraid something racist has to be done. It’s called no more money from China. And good luck with that as it routs its way through Africa, then. Or Europe. There is nothing to do but to try to force every apartment built to be rented out, keeping some of Vancouver affordable to those who live here. I guess, in the end, to be service workers to the rich. How the F did we let this happen? Oh yeah. PC-blinders. And look how easily… Read more »


Rennie is correct regarding supply.

Right, but supply of locusts who happen to have a shitload of money that has to be laundered or taken out from China.

Shut It Down Already

5, if you think that prices are overheated then every buyer by definition is a speculator. Yes, even the locals. You’ve never heard anybody say that real estate always goes up?

To call him a rich white guy is also naive. He’s a salesman. Hence everything he says is nothing to do with his status or place of birth – it’s about selling stuff to people.



I agree that we need more multi-family housing, and triplexes and multiplexes would be great. It would be awesome to get 4 friends together on something like that.

In the video Rennie talked about 3 bedroom townhouses, but they were 1000 s.ft and $800,000.

With maintenance fees etc.. included that’s $3600 a month at 2.59% mortgage rate.

Pretty steep for 1000 s.f, considering most pay around $1500 rent for close to 700 s.f


How about Shut ‘ing the fuck up?

Shut It Down Already

How about taking out all the buyers who can’t even scrape a 10% or even 20% down payment together?



Take out a percentage of the buyers (Foreign), and all of a sudden you don’t need as much supply.

Less demand = more supply