Friday free-for-all!

It’s another Friday, and that means its time for another Friday free-for-all.

This is our regular end of the week news round up and open topic discussion thread for the week end.

-links to come later

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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Ads? What ads? Ad-Block is the first Chrome extension to be installed on every install I use 🙂



Bears on here aren’t denying we’ve been wrong for 6 years.


You’re a Bear that’s thought housing will just keep going up, yet you only bought an imaginary house on the West Side.

So who’s more of an idiot?

Shut It Down Already

Space, you do realize that a “6 figure portfolio” isn’t really that much?

Corrupt in Canada

@ 163

Right after you capitulate on Van RE!


the only thing that seems to work is investing it over seas.
Right! Just like their baby milk powder! 🙂


I agree with ‘Many Franks’. Unfortunately, the intellect and the academician is identified sometimes some how with the ‘pump-and-dump’ establishment seen to cook up today’s problems. He is correct to point out that this gold scam is a crime by the ‘chinese’ targeting the ‘chinese”. The scamers travel to all parts of the world where there are “chinese” communities. The victims are, without a doubt, if not illiterate and uneducated, greedy and dishonest.

Bull! Bull! Bull!


china has real and artificially stimulated growth. just like us.

but the biggest problem faced by chinese is what to do with their money. first they tried chiense property, then they tried the stock market. the only thing that seems to work is investing it over seas.


@BBB – Not Garth, he’s still saying BoC will be forced by the Fed to raise rates once the Fed raises rate in Sept.

Man…I wonder if the perma ultra bears are going to go berserk if BoC lowers the rate again by 25 or even 50 bps. Would they be so despondent that they would go absolutely crazy, blaming HAM even more for the out of reach RE??

Oh wait, forgot that they are all investment genius with at least 6 figures portfolios that will do well regardless of what the market do.

Silly me….


@crikey – Almost all web hosting sites give the website owners easy methods to filter/choose the kind of ads they want, rather than relying on the web host’s default algos. As for clicking and cost the advertiser $$$, that’s such a laugh. The ads are priced at what? thousands of view per $? Hundreds of views per $ at most. So click away and frankly it wouldn’t even make a difference in their advertising budget, and might actually spread their ad even more. With this kind of intelligence and analytical abilities, no wonder bears like you are wrong for 6 years+ while continuing to bleat and yell about how right you are, and it is simply reality that’s wrong. Seriously, bears have been wrong for at least 6+ years!!! Time to admit it. Even if the market crashes by 80%… Read more »


China’s central bank has been pumping money into its economy, partly to boost its stock markets.

Pension funds to enter Chinese stock markets

Bull! Bull! Bull!

>“Canada’s economy has now contracted for four months in a row, meaning Canada is flirting with another recession and again raising questions over whether the central bank will cut interest rates a second time.”



“Will Stephen Poloz cut rates again as R-word is bandied about?”, G;obe & Mail

“Canada’s economy has now contracted for four months in a row, meaning Canada is flirting with another recession and again raising questions over whether the central bank will cut interest rates a second time.”


“Low borrowing rates spur Canadians to add to mortgage debt in May”, Globe & Mail

“Canadians added to their mortgage debt amid continued bargain-basement borrowing rates in May,”

best place on earth

leave the old grumpy Patriotz alone. this guy is just over-obsessed with van RE despite that he could not make it in Van and moved to Ottawa years ago.


edit @ 163


@ 164
blatant manipulation in asia last night. bs obama comments re greece lit a minor fire under stocks today. these shenanigans might help with qtr end window dressing (but i wouldnt hold my breath), but bigger fish to fry in coming days/weeks still. keep selling imho. the same sorts of relief rallies occurred following the popping of the nasdaq bubble. i wonder if this is the last time the loonie trades with a lucky-8 handle over the short to medium term?




yes all good with the Asian markets, dive in!


#159 said: “Seriously, I would think that the mod would at least be smart enough to turn on the ad filters to filter this kind of ads out?” LOL! So now it is the website’s responsibility to choose their advertisers?!? When we click on the ads, it costs the used house salespeople money, whilst making money for the owners of the site. And this is bad, WHY??? And in your imagination the owners of this site have to go out of their way, take up their time, changing this WHY??? LOL! The onus is on the used house sale people to set up their advertising in a way that limits triggering by keywords that are uniquely associated with a site like this one. BUT, thanks spacedOut!!! Thank you for reminding me, and reminding everybody else here, to CLICK THOSE ADS… Read more »

Corrupt in Canada
best place on earth

WSR aka romeo jordan,

bidding wars gone? are you on Mr. Moonbeam’s planet? did you miss any med lately? i dont think you ever have been out of your basement.


For a bear blog why are there so many RE ads? And from hated Chinese realtors no less?

I’m seeing an ad for Carol Lun advertising some kind of RE investment with 8-12% immediate return – call 604-722-6871.

Seriously, I would think that the mod would at least be smart enough to turn on the ad filters to filter this kind of ads out?


@Many Franks – No patriotz is one of those people who has some intelligences, knows how to twists debates in his favor with nitpicking, straw man arguments, and fancy sounding facts. However, aside from some textbook knowledge, I see limited actual real life useful knowledge from him, especially investing or stats. Beside, just saying there is no official stats on something doesn’t mean that something don’t exists or wrong. Lack of stats simply means lack of stats. It only fails to reject the null hypothesis in favor of the alternative hypothesis. That’s not the same as saying the null hypothesis (eg. no major HAM influence) is right and the alternative hypothesis (HAM is affecting Van RE) is wrong. Also, shouting there is no offical stats, there is no official stats don’t automatically make your arguments correct either, without providing your… Read more »


@George – Actually baby boomers are just hitting the retirment wave and it will be 20 years before they are all retired. Given the average life expectancy is over 80 now and likely to go up in the next 20 years, chances are they wouldn’t start dying off in numbers until they hit their 90s – 100s. The ones dying off in numbers now are the WW2 generations who actually sacrificed a lot, worked a lot, and living on tiny pensions – ie. the ones who lived the hard life so the baby boomers could live in comfort. And before the boomers finally meet their makers, they will likely suck the healthcare system dry. So it’s best you don’t get sick in the next 40 years that require extensive medical care cuz I doubt the resources will be spend on… Read more »


@w – Actually that part you posted is a very simple and illustrative example of: 1 – How HAM wealth immigration is done. The scenes before and after with the immigration consultant shows exactly how they prep the applicants for the interview (which this guy skipped) and how they make up stories complete with main/support characters and backgrounds, logic flows, paper trails, etc to address any issues raised by the immigration officials. It is simply mind boggling the efforts and details that the consultants go into it. 2 – The guy being interviewed is actually worth $800M+ RMB (~$160M CAD) with at least $100M RMB (~ $20M CAD) in cash available, yet he’s only claiming to have $80M RMB (I’m assuming the number is in RMB not CAD $) for immigration. 3 – His daughter is in highschool, living alone… Read more »

Many Franks

@George: Patriotz is one of the few posters here who has any technical knowledge of governance, taxation, etc. If you succeed in chasing him off, this board becomes a more perfect echo chamber and it’s our loss. And, um, may I point out how concise he is?