Harper plans to pump up housing market

Harper has announced an interesting goal: 700,000 new home owners by 2020.

Harper says home ownership provides Canadians with financial stability and strengthens communities.

According to information provided by the party, the target would raise Canada’s home ownership rate to approximately 72.5 per cent. The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., citing information from Statistics Canada’s National Household Survey, says the home ownership rate was 69.0 per cent as of 2011, the most current data available.

Meanwhile in the Metro area home ownership rates have moved from 56% in 1986 to 65% in 2011.

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Bentop Sale Cash Out

Well well the big money is cashing out Bental towers up for sale. .if they are truly coveted trophy properties. .they wouldn’t be selling.the big question is where are they putting the loot from the sale?



Do you have any idea how many people have called the top in the 10 or so years this blog has been online? They all had their little reasons and indicators too. And they were all wrong.

would-be buyer

What do they say when institutional investors sell out? I call top! Last phase of the bubble:




“Real estate buyers in Toronto appear to be treading more cautiously into the fall market – especially compared with the excessive bidding that took place in the city last spring.”

Why would you compare the fall market with the spring market? Apparently Carolyn Ireland doesn’t realize that real estate is seasonal.


http://www.marctomarket.com/2015/10/foreign-exchange-forensics-and-chinas.html Reserves

Marc Chandler sheds light on China’s plan to reveal her financial secrets. I must admit.. im one of those conspiracy people. Call me nuts, but it’s my belief China doesnt tell the world its wealth because they want to leverage their horde when Nibiru comes calling.


Week to date



Bull! Bull! Bull!

They want to help their bumb buddy and energy supplier putin.


@BBB – Getting involved in Syria would benefit China how???


Federal Reserve GDP model shows gear stripping coming to US economy.


Bull! Bull! Bull!

china and russia gearing up for war against the US in syria.


todays abstraction for the immigrant investor.

“Nothing cures high home ownership rates better, than high home ownership rates.”


Starbucks is giving interest-free loans to its “partners” (orwell-speak for “employees”) to pay the rent…which would indicate to me that they are not paying them a living wage so they could do so, loan-free.

Sorry, baristas of the world, only available so far in the UK.

from HousingWire.com



@69 Bo Xilai
@72 space889

You both have good points. No doubt that the politicians are the scut-boys/girls for the rich, whether as bankers, landowners, etc.

The only question is the extent of the politicians’ complicity and culpability. While many politicians know exactly what they are doing, at the same time there is a surprising degree of naivete – having just read parts of Margaret Thatcher’s autobiography, she was a true servant of the rich, highly astute in many regards, and a surprisingly gullible “true believer” in con-nonsense.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

the Conservatives have the Chinese vote locked in because of their stance on social issues. the NDP and Liberal party will have to work and give out goodies to win the Chinese vote. That’s one reason why they don’t want to directly criticize the IIP and vocally support canceling it.


“I am making out like a bandit right now, in large part due to my choice not to participate in this real estate market.”

am laughing so hard i almost peed in my jeans. add this statement to bears’ favorite.


@Bo Xilai – What makes you think this home ownership drive is for your benefits, or society at large?

The neo-con did what they did for the benefits of their financial backers like Goldman Sachs. You might think they are stupid but given how much benefits & wealth they transferred to their financial overlords without so much a whisper of protest, I think the real stupid ones are you, the voters who keeps voting them in.


@65: “true, but when they refer to “asians” they are undoubtedly singling out chinese imho. japanese, korean, vietnamese, filipino etc… are all lumped into the “other” catagory.”

Nope, in US immigration statistics “Asia” means any country in Asia from Turkey to Japan, and the Pacific Islands. Look at Table 2 on page 6:


Vancouver PC-talk isn’t accepted globally.


@renters rule – Sage advise bears like you and others on this blog should also take.

Bo Xilai

Harper and the Neo-Cons are a bunch of idiots… Bush had been pushing people into home ownership as some type of social engineering Conservatives hate, but are more than willing when it aligns with their interests.

WASHINGTON — “We can put light where there’s darkness, and hope where there’s despondency in this country. And part of it is working together as a nation to encourage folks to own their own home.”

– President George W. Bush, Oct. 15, 2002

Here’s an article from December 2008..

Bush drive for home ownership fueled housing bubble



“William Watson: And now, comrades, a national housing target”, Financial Post http://business.financialpost.com/fp-comment/william-watson-and-now-comrades-a-national-housing-target “If you don’t own your housing, you rent. How do you decide which to do? You weigh the costs and benefits. What are my needs now? How much can I afford? How much can I persuade a bank to lend me? Do I want to be tied down? Do I want to stick myself with a large immovable asset whose price historically has been subject to big swings — and which in several parts of the country very likely is currently overpriced?” “After weighing the benefits and costs you come to a decision. In general, conservatives trust people to make decisions for themselves — maybe not about whether to become a heroin addict but about most other things. Yet for some reason today’s Tories think at least three… Read more »


RE: Surge in Canadian home prices among fastest in the world

the drop in the value of the loonie outpaced the increase in cdn home prices by nearly 2 to 1. expressed in USD cdn home prices are flat to down in this time period and actually well off the 2011/12 peak. same can be said for many of the other countries topping this list. sad bit of reporting imho…


@ #61

its funny that certain articles are blocked, while some are not…


@ #58

true, but when they refer to “asians” they are undoubtedly singling out chinese imho. japanese, korean, vietnamese, filipino etc… are all lumped into the “other” catagory. author of article is only pointing out the obvious which is that HAM’s reach has gone global