We were right, you should have listened.

Ulsterman dug up this blast from the past: a posting from this here site in 2006.  At that time we recommended Vancouver real estate as the easy road to riches.  If you followed that advice you’re probably reading this now on a solid gold iPad while you recline on silk cushions with your feet in a bath of Diva Vodka. 



Are you ready to become so INCREDIBLY RICH that you no longer have to adhere to the standards and conventions of ‘civilized’ society? Are you TIRED of eeking out a day-to-day existence while you can smell THE REEK OF WEALTH all around you? Would you like to be able to walk through the mall without any pants and be so EXCESSIVELY WEALTHY that no one can utter a word about your pantless state, lest you unleash your personal squadron of vicious attack lawyers destroying their lives and reputations?

Well NOW you CAN!

Yes! Thanks to the MIRACLE of BOUNDLESS increases in PROPERTY VALUE you can now become a MULTI-MILLIONAIRE by investing in real-estate. And the best thing about it? This process requires NO EXPENSIVE COURSES OR SPECIAL EQUIPMENT. You don’t need any special skills or knowledge – In fact, you don’t even need a brain! THAT JUST HOW EASY IT IS!

Here’s how its done:

1) buy real-estate
2) sell real-estate (for more than you bought it for)
3) repeat and profit!

This SIMPLE MONEY-MAKING PLAN will see you swimming in your own personal GOLDEN BATHTUB filled with 50 dollar bills within a week. Within a month you will have SO MUCH MONEY coming in that you can hire people to MAKE MONEY FOR YOU. Within a year you will be so RICH, so INCREDIBLY WEALTHY that you will be able to buy yourself a SOLID GOLD SPHERE THREE HUNDRED MILES IN DIAMETER!

You will have the power to BUY AND SELL other people for your own amusement. Earth will be your playground and all that hear your name will COWER IN FEAR. So what are you waiting for? GET RICH NOW!

Why am I sharing my MONEY MAKING SECRETS with you? Because I care. I know that you personally have the RIGHT STUFF to dominate the globe and I want you to SUCCEED. And just to show you my generosity, my utter lack of personal greed or selfish motivation, I have just the thing to get you started. It’s a small leaky condo on the east side and it can be your stepping stone to UNLIMITED MIND-BOGGLING RICHES.


Remember, it’s never too late to take this advice! It’s entirely free and worth every penny paid! Stop slumping and start Trumping!

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And Schmlo, put your money where your mouth is. Donate $10,000 to the cause.

What was that? You can’t ? But you have so much more. Lead by example.


Shlomo you stooge,

By all means take them in. But I also want my extended relatives to be taken in as well then. they are not as fortunate as the ones who can travel. The worst situation is for widows who are stuck. Think Poindexter!

Nice try using the racist label.


Oracle, you are a disgusting piece of shit to use such tragedy to further your racist nonsense. You have no balls, you would never dare to utter those words in public out loud.

We should restore the Canada that was so esteemed when I was growing up. We should take them all in, as we did for the Vietnamese people. It’s not fair that we have so much and they have nothing. Small-mindedness and pettiness and greed will only make us like all the people we despise, we need to be better than that.


@41: “what are we at right now 11x ?”

You are talking about median house price versus median family income, the article is talking about mortgage amount versus income for actual borrowers. Two different things.

I do think I have heard of people borrowing 8x income on this forum.

Westside Realtor

Look at cdn bank shares…selling ahead of a rise in loan loss provisions is my GUESS.

Hard to see how some hits from Alberta won’t stack up and also once Vancouver turns then things could get downright scary.

Interesting times…guess the Cons want to maintain the illusion until Oct 20th..




“Estate agents and economists are united in pointing the finger at the banks and their lending practices. While eight times income was rare, says Boyd, six or seven times wasn’t. The British banks were joined by the Irish banks, then American sub-prime lenders, in flooding buyers with easy finance. “If I were one of the banks lending at the time, I deserve to lose my shirt. They were completely reckless, not just with their shareholders’ money, but also their customers’ lives,” says David, who borrowed from one of the major UK high street banks.”

what are we at right now 11x ?


And Cat in the Hat:

The father of the boy who drowned should be held accountable for the death of the child. He was already in a safe country when he boarded a small boat to get to Greece. Why couldn’t he stay put??

Oh yeah, the riches of Germany, Sweden, Canada.

Political correctedness is detained to fail. You watch.


Cat in the hat:

You’re the a hole who is also dumb.

I have many friends who came here via the refugee route. They travelled thru many countries to get to Canada or the USA. Can you figure out why they didn’t stay in the first safe country they went to you dumbass?

Got to love people like you. My for ends have actually called their friends in the Middle East and India to join this exodus. We know suckers like you will take them in.

And eventually buy your house. If you have one.



It’s not a bubble.

One of my friends relatives just immigrated their family here from Australia.

Birds of a feather flock together. I can’t fall for other ethni groups but I can tell you Indians are coming to Vancouvr and Toronto from countries such as Germany, Australia, and England.

They want to be where their people live in majority.

New way to get here from India is to get to Germany first. Gain status. Then it is easier to get to Vancouver or Toronto.

Trust me.


I say let Canada accept about 10 million of these refugees. Make them immediate citizens.

Hungary leader said if they accept them then the Hungarian people will become minority in own land. How dare he say that!!

We Canada will take them all. Let 20 million in here. We will convert to Islam if we have to after the majority decides so in future elections.

Let’s help the leaders.


i am lost for word guys,the bubble continue

405-370 Carrall Street, Vancouver – 383 Sq Ft – $289,900



Whats keeping this bubble bloated.

Not the real economy!



ya I’m not even kidding , Vancouver could have used more diversity, and the IIP debacle turned out to be a huge burden to most of us here, and by the sounds of it our Social benefits.

At the very least they should now cancel the Quebec IIP program and turn their attention towards these refugees.

Maybe let them stay in all the empty houses on the West Side?


12% of Syrian are Christians . he could at least take those!

Best place on meth


Refugees from Syria would be the most honest, hard working immigrants we’ve ever seen compared to the shameless, opportunistic scammers from you know where that have been flooding this city.

Unfortunately they’re not welcome here as Harper despises muslims even more than he despises scientists.


New Listings 203
Price Changes 44
Sold Listings 150



vangrl, are you our REIT specialist? Do you own Chartwell? Did you own BBB? REITs have been getting clobbered on the whole, along with the CDN banks. What do you think about them? A buy?


Wish we’d let 50,000 refugees in rather than IIP peeps…

at least they end up paying more taxes



Extradited, not deported. The article says he holds PR status and a PR or citizen cannot be deported.

However if he is convicted in the US the Canadian government can revoke his PR status and the US can then deport him to China upon release.


Great quote from former VCI bear YVRHousing:

“Many of you are one “we need to talk” conversations away from being a marginal homebuyer”



From the previous thread:

Buy a place for say $1.5mm.

Tear it down, spend $1mm building new.

Sell it for $2.75mm.

All that shows up in the stats is the purchase price and the sale price.

Doesn’t capture the cost to build the new structure.

Price jump is bullshit, given all the redevelopment.

People are stupid, and learn the hard way. Life teaches tough lessons.

Econ 101 lesson on its way.


This may effect the averages a tiny bit. But I am a fan of Vancouver Specials and have been following their price increases for at least 6 years. 18 months ago they could be bought for $$850,000 to $999,000 in East Van depending on lot size. Today they would cost you $1,100,000 to 1,300,000.

Best place on meth

At least this Chinese pig is being deported to the US.


Watch for his Richmond house to go on the market soon.


@N – uhm… don’t you always adjust to improve? eg) run faster, kick a bit straighter, play with more tempo, etc. So you aren’t doing exactly the same thing repeatedly but very slightly different things, that to the causal observer, looks the same.