Friday Free-for-all!

It’s that time of the week again, time for our regular end of the week news round up and open topic discussion thread for the weekend.

It’s Friday Free-for-all time!

Here are a few recent links to kick off the chat:

Trade deficit widens
The problem with everyone
$2m house on 19k a year income
Wealthy Chinese blamed
Not the most rigorous study
How to solve the Vancouver problem

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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Vancouver Granville: I can’t tell from the polls what the recommended vote is (for ABCers). Maybe we will hear tomorrow? I would recommend NDP, since they are still neck to Neck with the Liberals, and they have respect for civil liberties (cf. Bill C51 and the fact that the NDP and Greens were the only ones who voted against it).


@207 Diadora
@208 BPOM

Your remarks are obviously jocular. However, serious minds are grappling, via the process of “re-imagination”, with the concept that the European colonization of BC was not quite whatever we think it was…and will be. I refer to the work of Dr Henry Yu, Associate Professor, History Dept, UBC. From his UBC bio:

“Henry Yu is involved in the collaborative effort to reimagine the history of Vancouver and of British Columbia through the concept of “Pacific Canada,” a perspective that focuses on how migrants from Asia, Europe, and other parts of the Americas engaged with each other and with First Nations peoples historically.”


I’m not sure, but I think this jackass is space889.

[…] at least one comment recently has nailed the fear that Vancouver will become ‘hell on earth’ by slowly […]


After looking around at the gutless political opposition putting little pressure on the incumbents regarding real estate issues here in Vancouver, I’m voting for the biggest TFSA room so I can tackle this market with a decent down payment. For all you regulars here who come here to whine about HAM etc., don’t bother squawking if you vote for a party that has IGNORED most of the issues raised on this blog.

Best place on meth


Get back to your massage parlours, you fucking mainland dog.


Snivelers are one pay cheque away from walking the street. Asses out.
time on VCI doesnt count. Poloz has dropped the writ, see you at the Soup Kitchens. Jays win, Depression coming.


@170: “These politicians are too dumb to do anything meaningful.”

Time for another reminder I guess.

The politicians aren’t dumb – they just think you are.


@BPOM – As expected from someone who just likes to talk out of their ignorant ass, despite having no knowledge on the subject matter.

Best place on meth

Yes, in Chinese movies Vancouver is portrayed as a renegade province to be someday incorporated into the motherland, by force if necessary.


Bingo. Because China and Hong Kong now believe Vancouver is their city.


nobody wants to watch a movie about a pathetic backwater like vancouver..
nothing happens in Vancouver!!
what would a movie based there even be about?? scummy landlords, real estate swindles, third world immigrants pulling welfare scams, shallow self absorbed misers sipping lattes in yaletown then going to sit on a park bench and look at false creek for 9 hours…….sounds like quite the exiting movie


@Loon – Vancouver plays itself all the time in Chinese TV series & movies….Hollywood is not the only entertainment source in the world.


Vancouver never plays itself, a short movie on why Vancouver plays all of these other famous cities on the big screen, but never itself.
Tedeastside, I’m looking at you for advice here…


One thing I know for sure is that safe injection sites and brothels aren’t going to be in Kits, North Van, White Rock, South Surrey . They are going to be in poorer neighborhoods like the East Side, North Surrey, Newton… you know the neighborhoods where most minorities actually live (HAM withstanding).

So before you flip out understand that as a white left leaning individual you are voting for policies, and that other people will have to deal with the unintended consequences. That’s the reality the conservatives are exploiting. Is your self righteous sense of moral superiority deflating?


“West Vancouver condos saw the biggest — and really, one of the only — drops at 12.4 per cent, with an average price of $890,000.”

year over year.


@ #199
totally agree. it is complete bs what these guys get away with. this said, he has nothing to lose. look for these goons to monopolize the airwaves in coming days esp on multicultural channels in attempt to drown out justin completely. also looking for this $hit to be shoved under front door, placed on windshields etc. not to mention shenanigans with campaign signs (either placed illegally on/near your property or as a replacement to existing lib/ndp signage you may posted yourself. maybe the wendy yang/new coast stunt not that extreme at all?

Best place on meth

Scumbag Harper is resorting to all out lies now in a desperate attempt to cling to power.

It should be illegal to place campaign ads in any language other than English or French.


why is harper wasting money on chinese ads? according to patriotz the chinese always have and always will vote conservative.


here we go…harper machine kicking it into high gear…

Tory ads in Chinese newspaper accuse Trudeau of wanting to open brothels, make pot accessible to kids


– Geez what a shock, nobody is willing to sell too low. All it means is that if you want a detached house, pay up. Frankly, I view that as a bullish factor for the Van market. If you want a house then pay up. Wait another 5 years, and if you are lucky, house prices crach back to 2015 prices and still out of your reach.


No HAM here… nothing to see… move along…

The four-bedroom home on West 21st Ave., featuring a two-bedroom basement suite and views from its second storey, was listed by realtor Andrew Hasman in late September at $2.788 million. The winning bid — of the 12 received within nine days, all from “immigrant” buyers — was $3.6 million.”


@Laundry-city – Yeah but he can’t avoid the fact that the house is physical located here and can’t be hidden, nor can the taxes on it. Well, unless the house is put into a corporation and the shares sold at cost, while a side payment is made in another country.


@devoid of reaosn – Uhm…he is right…just because you don’t have self-control doesn’t mean it’s not your fault.

He doesn’t force you to borrow nor does he have the power to curtail lending practices by the banks, or preventing people from making stupid mistakes. He only has a very large crude hammer that he can use to try to nudge a complex system known as the economy.

You are an adult, take responsibility for your own actions.


Housing prices continue to climb across Metro Vancouver

Average 20 per cent price jump in Richmond translates to more than $120,000 increase

Average aggregate home price in Vancouver now over $1 million