Friday Free-for-all, NEW GOV Edition!

Well, that was exciting!

We’ve had a change of government in Canada.

And it’s time for another Friday Free-for-all!  Here are a few links to kick off the chat:

Hey Poloz, what’s up?
Where are you house-hunting?
What about elder-care?
Shoulda listened to Harper
Hot Mexican Money and Food!
Why did you vote Liberal?
Should you call the CRA?

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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Google employee lives in truck because he can’t afford $10000 rent for a room in Silicon Valley.if you can pay $10000 for a room there is always a guy around the corner who will pay $12000 for the same space.

His blog


Million Dollar Shack: Trapped in Silicon Valley’s Housing Bubble.

People think vancouver SFH is expensive think again,guess who is buying the most SFH,Person who guess the right answer will get a free SFH in Vancouver or in Silicon valley ?

Best place on meth

Ban soft drinks.

They make people fat and rot their teeth causing untold stress on the health care and dental care systems.


Spaceshit, are you drunk or on some “traditional herbal shit” today? The amount of nonsense and gibberish you post is just unbearable and sad to read. Please take a break, get your shit together and start acting as a rational person, this went too far again, what doctor says?


@ #51 you’re kidding me, right? the cmhc has about as much credibility as the dotcom stock analysts did in 1999-2000 (remember all the meaningless pie charts, bar graphs and edgy sounding tech buzzwords). housing will be the same. when the $hit hits the fan, the banks, insurance co’s, RE developers and overleveraged home owners will all be crying foul and calling for a bailout of epic proportions. everyone thinks they’re real estate and financial experts when the wind is blowing in the right direction. in due time no one will remember the likes of tsur somerville, cameron muir etc just like has been a$$hat gurus michael levy and ozzie jurock. cmhc on the otherhand will be cherry picked with the most toxic portions being shoved into some tax payer funded entity and the rest being absorbed by some other… Read more »

Bull! Bull! Bull!

ban meat

Bacon and other processed meats can cause cancer, experts say

Eating less meat essential to curb climate change, says report


@vangrl – right…. let’s see: tobacco don’t prevent users from having a productive career during their prime years which means contribution to society and paying tax for gov’t programs. it does give a lot of its users cancer after years or decades of use and tend to kills them fairly fast, so gov’t have to pay several years of high cost of cancer treatment but saves on potentially decades of elderly care costs and retirement benefits. So net net, it seems society pays a small cost for a few decades of a person’s most productive years and is relieved of the burden of supporting them in their last 20 years which tend to be most expensive. Marijuana – makes people mellow, and easy going…prolong use probably have same cancer effects on the lungs as smoking, likely to a lesser degree.… Read more »


50. “a culture that respects the laws”

that one takes the Cake


@Nom Nom Nom – Opium works even better than marijuana at calming people down, so we should legalize that too?

As for poor people, you mean like BPOM and Vangrl & Yunak and rest? Well, there is a reason why areas like East Van is still a shithole despite the rising house prices and still people’s last choice.


– So by your reasoning, no one drinks and drive cuz it’s illegal right? Oh wait, they do! That means there is no point in making it illegal since people still do it even when it’s illegal! We should just legalize it and then regulate it!

How about other forms of drugs? cuz, it’s not people don’t do other drugs just cuz those aren’t illegal!?


@jonathan – To me there is no difference between tobacco, marijuana, and alcohol, aside from the fact that tobacco and alcohol has been legal for very long time and it’s pointless trying to make them illegal, especially when they are also legal in rest of the world. However, that by itself is not an argument that we should legalize more recreational drugs that does nothing but harm. Yes, having marijuana illegal doesn’t mean no one will smoke it. But that’s the same for any other law. Theft is illegal but people should do it. Same with drunk / distract driving. Should we just abolish those laws since it’s not stopping everyone from doing those thing? And if we legalize marijuana, what about other soft drugs? Like escatasy? making that legal means gov’t can collect tax, ensure minimum quality and purity,… Read more »

Shut It Down Already

Jonathan, if tobacco had been “invented” today would it be legal? The mistakes of the past don’t justify repeating them in the present.

Shut It Down Already

WSR, the CMHC has a better track record than you. What’s more, they provide data to support their conclusions. They could teach you a thing or two.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

space is against drugs. he comes from a culture that respects the laws and respects order in society. speak your truth space, i support your right to be heard on this.


re Valeant cont’d…

even at today’s price VRX still sports mkt cap of $50B CDN putting it in same ball park as suncor, bce and BMO. as of july VRX was largest co by mkt cap on the entire TSX with a valuation greater than enron’s was at it’s peak. imagine at the snap of a finger a big chunk of the TSX just evaporates into thin air taking along with it a sizeable % of mom and pop retirement accts with it. we all focus on pie in the sky housing prices, but the real underlying problem is obviously much larger and more widespread.



note: URL of last link is the same but it redirects you to a new less bearish article with different headline


@ #42
funny it seems link to that article is dead now. ughh…windows snipping tool…must…use…next…time (banging head…lol)

new links (and fluffed up headlines)… cdn msm must be using same playbook as chinese national team with any and all bearish language strictly forbidden now.

Nom Nom Nom

@MY good ol’buddy Space889…

Legalizaing recreational Marijuana use is probably something you should get behind bud…

… It is probably the best shot you have of sufficiently pacifying all the poor people that you come in contact with on a daily basis, and maybe, just maybe, getting them to reconsider taking a swing at you.


Bull! Bull! Bull!


“Trust me, you will get bored of the endless news coverage at the start of legalization though.”

i’m bored of it already.



Tobacco and Alcohol are far more detrimental to our Health care system than weed is.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

“Globe and Mail: Number of unsold condos in Toronto raises red flags”

I can’t read the story because of the pay-wall but doesn’t this happen every fall?