Friday Free-for-all!

Hey, it’s the end of another work week!

You made it to the weekend and that means it’s time for another Friday Free-for-all!

This is our regular end of the week news roundup and open topic discussion thread for the weekend, here are a few recent links to kick off the chat:

A petition for change
A variation
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Reverse mortgages popular
Mo Debt
Royal Bank scraps limit
Uncle and Aunt-ecdote
Times they are a changin’

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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Was waiting for Pope to fix his website, but got a couple of peeves to get off my chest that couldn’t wait any longer: 1) That noble gesture to open the floodgates and bring in thousands of Syrian migrants doesn’t look all that cool anymore when we realise that they will end up competing for housing that’s not available. Don’t expect the local muslim community to open their doors, and here’s how the migrants feel about help from anybody that might be mistaken for Christians, Instead of Trudeau placing the burden on Canadian tax payers, the most enticing solution for anyone with a lick of common sense would be to place them in those thousands of vacant houses owned by Chinese money launderers. 2) Just got another reminder of the poisonous pollution that is not only contaminating parts of… Read more »


Really good to see the voting back. Voting still doesn’t work via smart phone though (never has). If it did I imagine voting numbers would at least double.


^ What he said.

Whistler or bust?

Pope is the up vote/down vote coming back? I am not interested in reading Space’s comments.


Canada’s long-awaited homebuilding slowdown may be at hand as housing starts slip in October

Shut It Down Already

… “Wisdumb” says the astrologist.


Ora le

wh t are y o doing for Diwali?

any words of wisdumb?

Rents going up

Rent increases have already started.

Metro Vancouver going to allocate millions to subsidize rent for the refugees. Vacancy rate at zero going to result in more local homeless people.

Free medical and free dental mean MSP premiums about to rise next year.

Huge win for people with basement suites. More undeclared income 🙂


@79 – Paper claim or not that paper is up 28% so far in 2015 and has paid 5% in dividends.

I would rather have that paper claim (that can be sold anytime in 1 sec) than a moldy overpriced Vancouver house that costs 5% to sell.


Buy a rental property in a Syrian enclave in Canada.

You will be rewarded. 25,000 coming in next 50 days.

If you rent in that area, think about your future.

Rents will go up.


@Whistler or bust? – That’s what I thought…you don’t actually OWN thousands of properties…just a paper claim to the entire that owns operationals entities that actually own the properties…big difference…

Cat Scratch

Did anyone else see the headline on the Globe and Mail about OCED predicting increasing likelihood of a market crash for Toronto? The headline is now gone…


Most people refer to growth in Consumer Price Index as inflation. Most “real” stats are relative to growth in CPI. For example, Real GDP growth is GDP growth minus CPI growth.

patriotzed is mostly right: from a human lifespan point of view, CPI and wage growth are not correlated as much as one would expect instinctively. They are a lot more correlated is you look at multi-decades (or even centuries) period of time than at a yoy period. Obviously, nobody wants to (or can) wait a century for his wage to catch up to prices…


@66: “I thought that the definition of inflation was rising prices and wages.”

The definition of inflation is a rising price index for some good, service, or asset.

Rising consumer prices = consumer price inflation.
Rising wages = wage inflation.
Rising stock or RE prices = asset price inflation.

Obviously these don’t have to happen in lockstep and they can move in opposite directions.

If you think consumer price inflation is going to automatically result in wage inflation you haven’t been paying attention for the last 35 years.


Few people here will like what I have to say, but last weekend we hosted a lady from Calcutta for tea. She told us that most people in Calcutta and Mumbai cannot dream of owning property and that (in Mumbai particularly) property ownership is almost entirely ancestral. Puts a different perspective on our property woes in the West.


Rates went up.
True north mortgages risked fixed by .15 and variable by .25
They are not the only ones… check or go to any mortgage office… you can find one everywhere.
The bubble is done.
Expect another hike in December. Home Capital Group will go belly up soon, second mortgages people will lose a lot.


ACLU: Orwellian Citizen Score, China’s credit score system, is a warning for Americans

“With the help of the latest internet technologies the government wants to exercise individual surveillance,” stated Rogier Creemers, a Belgian China-specialist at Oxford University. “Government and big internet companies in China can exploit ‘Big Data’ together in a way that is unimaginable in the West.”

Will Christy be discussing personal freedoms with the Chinese? Or will it be all smiles and handshakes….


One or two VCI forum participants may be interested in the Chinese astrology I use.. In this case, take the Chicom flag raising, Oct 1, 1949, and use of progresion theory. Jupiter currrently transitting the Ascendant. Substitute ‘you’ with ‘China’ “This is a very important and fortunate time for you, when you’ll have the opportunity to promote yourself to other people and advance your own goals. Your faith and optimism are abundant and nothing seems out of your reach, which will inspire them to follow your lead and support your efforts. You can easily attract the attention of influential people who will clear the path for your advancement, or may find a mentor who teaches you an important lesson. Expansion is everything to you and you may take on more territory or enlarge your business. You may travel or be… Read more »


“Softy: is your theory that inflation and wages will go hand in hand?”

I thought that the definition of inflation was rising prices and wages.

Whistler or bust?

Are the up vote/down vote features being permanently disabled?