Friday Free-for-all!

It’s that time of the week again – Friday Free-f0r-all time!

Lets do our regular end of the week news round up and open topic discussion thread for the weekend.

Here are a few recent links to kick off the chat:

Tools to cope with overheated market
Property tax proposal
Fed to raise rates in December?
Craigslist Math
Empty houses consume services
CMHC ‘walking tightrope’

So what are you seeing out there? Post your news links, thoughts and anecdotes here and have an excellent weekend!

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Space clown, your beloved China supports Assad.


“Fed will not be deterred from hiking rates”, CNBC


“Days of scorching housing market ‘may be numbered’”, Globe & Mail

““Canada’s hot housing market days may be numbered,” said economist Diana Petramala of TD Economics in a research note, adding that “we continue to anticipate a sharp moderation in housing activity next year as interest rates head higher.””


@Madashell: link?


CMHC worry?

CMHC president and chief executive officer Evan Siddall called the release of the stress test a “next step in our transparency” – openly acknowledging the disproportionate risk exposure he says the CMHC is saddle with.

“These losses are [to be] fully borne by us, with no losses taken by the banks and lenders that originated the loans,” said Siddall in a behind-closed doors speech to a Bay Street audience on Tuesday.



The rich (Chinese) are also scurrying to shift money offshore, likely fearing they could become targets of President Xi Jinping’s anti-graft campaign.

What a bunch of lowlifes with strong belief in their country, society and future. Very nice people that everyone would wish as neighbors, friends and partners.

Royce McCutcheon

@27: without stating a position, I invite you to look at the discussion thus far in this thread and how little of it actually references real estate in any way.

I am not opposed to discussion of Syrian refugee impacts on real estate prices, particularly if people can bring in data of other mass refugee intakes on prices (Canadian or otherwise).

I see a lot more quibbling on whether Muslims are good or bad though. That’s what I was referencing.


@Madashell: I wouldn’t wanna be the 4 of any set in that deck…


Funny how extremists like ISIS didn’t exist before US & France & co decided to bring democracy to all the secular gov’ts in ME. You reap what you sow and Western gov’ts are finding that out.

When everything you know, include your loved ones, get destroy or even worse blown to pieces by drone & air attacks, is it any surprising hate & anger takes hold?

How many innocent civilians & kids die in Syria every day? Probably more than 100 a day. How many lives are permanently ruined thanks to ISIS and other “moderate” opposition groups in Syria?

As for French airstrikes? Probably hurts civilians far more than ISIS, and generating more recruits for ISIS.



Good for you for being intolerant of the Islamic faith.


The rich (Chinese) are also scurrying to shift money offshore, likely fearing they could become targets of President Xi Jinping’s anti-graft campaign.

They may get shivers when they see playing cards featuring the portraits of officials caught in Xi’s dragnet. A former Japanese government official who recently returned from China had one of the decks on hand; the two joker cards were adorned with pictures of the biggest “tigers” caught, Zhou Yongkang and Bo Xilai. To some, the fact that such cards are circulating might seem like a bad omen.

Meanwhile…Kristy welcome all HAMs to launder through real estates with open arms.


#54 said ” I have lived in the Middle East as a Christian and have experienced first hand the humanitarian efforts of the Islam faith. ” Oh, that makes it all good then? No, that’s a terrible argument! Some humanitarian efforts don’t negate the extremism prevelent among Islam’s followers. For example, it is said that among Lebanese terrorists there is a lot of charity too. And I don’t give a shiat. Yes, extremism is prevelent among Christianity too, but the magnitude is miniscule compared to the prevelence of extremist Islamists. Ive never heard of a place where a Christian can be expected to be killed for choosing to stop being a Christian, for example. All religions have problems, but obviously Islam has a much bigger problem than the others — and Muslims have to address it en masses but AREN’T doing… Read more »

Bull! Bull! Bull!

Home prices in Vancouver, Toronto surge higher despite growing worries

Doom or Bust

I hope some of you went to vigil at the Art Gallery on Sat night. I did. 500 people in total. Native band played. Very moving.

BTW here are some other vigils around the world. You will pleasantly surprised at some. Click on the video box on the BBC site


“Are young homeowners doomed if housing prices drop?
“It may be time to let go of the ‘Canadian hang-up’ that everyone must own a home””,
CBC News

“​​A report released last week by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives suggests that one in 10 homeowners under 40 will be underwater on their mortgages — meaning their debts will be greater than their assets — if real estate prices crash as expected at some point in the near future.”

“Right now, real estate prices are overvalued by anywhere from 10 to 30 per cent, according to Bank of Canada estimates. Eventually, most analysts say, the market will correct itself and prices will go down, either due to declining incomes, rising interest rates, or a combination of both.”


Whistler or bust:

“The problem with Islam in general is it does not and cannot co-exist peacefully with other religions and more importantly humanism”

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

I have lived in the Middle East as a Christian and have experienced first hand the humanitarian efforts of the Islam faith. They give land and resources to Christian churches and feed the poor (of any faith) regularly. All of the Muslim people I worked with only ever want peace.

When was the last time you visited or lived in an Islamic country ?

Stanley W

It’s no coincidence btw that the most moderate Islamic countries. ; Indonesia , Malaysia , turkey ( where Trudeau is being mobbed for selfies) have no oil and were left alone

Stanley W

I think some of you need a history lesson and if you have five minutes read this brief synopsis. Islam was not always this backward . During the Middle Ages in Europe when science was suffocated by the church , the Islamic world was the centre of free learning ; al-gebra , the decimal system and the rotation of the planets around the sun well before Copernicus . All these came from Islamic universities. Europe was counting in a crazy system of 12s. SO what went wrong ? Lots and the west is partly to blame. Constant interference to gain access to oil and to fight Russia The British installed the Saudi royal family who are Wahhabi ( fundamentalist Sunni sect) the US has propped them up while they crush their own peoples rights and spend money on madrasahs teaching… Read more »



Premier CC mostly live and work in China lately.


Speaking of Christie Clark, is she still our Premier? Don’t Premiers make the occasional speech and announce things? Like policy or something?


@48 Oracle says:

“Chaos because RE/business interests want to keep importing people for ponzi schemes.”

You have hit the nail on the head of the incessant lobbying for population increase, whether it be by immigration, refugees, TFW, natural increase, etc. If the entertainment industry is the business of putting “bums in seats”, then to paraphrase, RE is the business of putting “bums in beds”…and every bed requires a certain square footage, a roof, a toilet, services, etc.

Whatever other real economic and ethical issues surround the issue population increase (and there are many), the RE lobby supports it anytime, anywhere, anyhow, for its own enrichment.


Today, Poland had its biggest anti-immigration rally in history.

One of Frances’ main political parties want to shut down all mosques in the country.

Chaos because RE/business interests want to keep importing people for ponzi schemes.

Lower mainland will be a mess in 20 years. Unrecognizable.

Shut It Down Already

Ulsterman, if the monthly rent cost about the same as a mortgage including principal then obviously houses were heavily under-priced back then.