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Shut It Down Already

182, so the blatant racism and lack of any sensible market analysis wasn’t enough? Gotcha.


@194 “If the U.S. Federal Reserve increases interest rates this month”

My only concern there is the last time the Fed Reserve started increasing from 1% to 5% between ’04-’07 our prices went ballistic.


Industry doesn’t want tightening. In fact, they want more cheap money. Quelle surprise: “Canada faces house-price dilemma in push to tighten mortgages”, Financial Post http://business.financialpost.com/personal-finance/mortgages-real-estate/canada-faces-house-price-dilemma-in-push-to-tighten-mortgages “Canada’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau faces a delicate decision on housing as his own officials push for tighter mortgage rules to cool Toronto and Vancouver real estate.” “Industry Resistance: Tightening regulations also isn’t fair to first-time home buyers, according to Kevin Lee, Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association. In an interview last month in Bloomberg’s Ottawa office, Lee said the newly-elected Liberal government should reverse steps taken in recent years to tighten the market. That would also be more consistent with their pledge to help middle class families, he said.” “”In the end, the market may regulate itself. If the U.S. Federal Reserve increases interest rates this month, as expected, yields in… Read more »



Be careful.

China GDP per capita is expected to pass the USA sometime around 2035. India around sometime around 2050. There will be a mass exodus east for better quality of life.

The west got sold out by its own leaders lol


“Survey finds foreign owners’ share of Vancouver condos up but still “low””, Georgia Straight


“According to the 2015 CMHC “condominium apartment vacancy survey”, 5.4 percent of City of Vancouver apartments went to foreign owners during the year preceding the fall survey.”

“For the greater region that CMHC considers Vancouver (roughly the Lower Mainland), that number was 3.5 percent”



I’m not going to explain how this works again. Good luck to you.


@Oracle 86
To you point about 50k immigrants from Syria per year. This is how many refugees are coming to Germany in less than a week. It has no bearing on real estate prices whatsoever. It has no bearing on real estate prices whatsoever.

Seems like you looking for excuses to justify you all awful decision to buy at this point.

Best place on meth

I forgot what else I was going to say but when I remember I’m going to let somebody have it.

Best place on meth

Isn’t it really annoying when the same person keeps posting over and over every 2 minutes like a fucking idiot, incapable of collecting his thoughts and putting them all together in non-retarded fashion?

Best place on meth

After years of constant rejection on this site with nobody giving a fuck what he has to say, the douche must feel like a million bucks seeing all those fake, hacked votes next to his name.

He’s probably strutting around proudly like he has a 4 inch dick.

Best place on meth

But I must say, he does solidify the impression of mainlanders as cheating scumbags so in a way it’s a good thing.

Best place on meth

Space needs to be banned.

Then pissed on.

Then deported.





It figures that SpaceShit would be the one to figure out a way to cheat the voting system.

Great moderating admin, now you have your most annoying and active poster controlling what comments are visible.

Great way to lose your readers.


New development coming to Richmond. You won’t hear much about it in local English media though.



Downplaying risk of recession, Yellen indicates an interest rate hike is coming this month



@HAMster – Like how HAM is buying everything in GVRD and the cause of all things evil? That all Chinese are locusts and scums?


– But are they decapitating the muslims and eating their flesh though?

And frankly, what do we really know about Burma and their issues? Maybe the monk is right about Muslim acts of atrocities and there is no moral superior innocent party in the conflict anymore.


Oracle #168:
Statistics from various sources and by several people are presented to you. You choose to dismiss those presented stats. You present no evidence of your position. You are free to choose what you want to believe. I prefer to see hard evidence; not opinions.


Vancouver gets the worst of it. The worst from East Asia and the worst from Eastern Canada.

Chinese come here to get a passport and clean their money. Eastern Canadians that come here move away from their family, and friends to earn less and pay more. You’d have to be stupid to do that. Or they are stupid, friendless and their family hates them.

Take those two groups mix them together and you get Vancouver.



Regardless of where housing prices go, Metro Vancouver will become unliveable. Surrey is going down the drain as we speak.

It’ll become a much meaner society. To get a job will require a bribe. Bribes for politicians is already commonplace here.

I think the best avenue going forward is to have one foot in another country where you earn your money and use Canada for its social programs. Seems to be working for so many.

On another note, poor Syrian Refugees. They will not be able to afford rent for an average family of 8. I hope they sue these governments for promising them the holy land. They have no language skills and how hey gonna pay rent?


After Denying it for years ….the CMHC admits that it is is HAM buying up YVR and TO!!!!!



@ 172 space889

On this subject, I am sorry I am to inform you how wrong you are. Very sadly, even Buddhists are capable of great cruelty…