Why are mortgage rates rising?

Southseacompany linked to this article: Why are Canadian mortgage rates rising?

Mortgage rates have inched up slightly lately for apparently no real reason, what’s with that?

Canadian mortgage rates moved higher again last week but it wasn’t because of new economic data or rising bond yields. Instead, one large lender raised rates and everyone followed, repeating a cycle that we have seen several times lately.

Read the full article here for the full analysis.

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Note: in the last line of the previous post it should read “bums” not “bumps”. Another thought: Now there is a Trudeau back in the PM office…enjoy the return of communism. If you think ISIS is bad…they are nothing compared to an ignorant moron like Trudeau. Just look at the US, it has hard to find someone as stupid and idiotic as Obama. But it does seem that Canada did just do that. Canadian people seem to be even more foolish and selfish than Americans. Only selfish and ignorant people could vote for the likes of Obama and Trudeau. Keep yours on the tax rates, once the idiot Trudeau eventually figures out that there isn’t enough in the top 1% to pay everything, he will becoming after the bottom 50%….the very idiots that voted for him. What goes around, comes… Read more »


You talk about negativity, re-read your comment, it’s more negative than that the comments you are complaining about. I left Vancouver a few years ago, I am now in Europe. After living in Vancouver for nearly 20 years, I couldn’t see any future in it. The place has gone to hell alright. Nothing makes financial or economic sense anymore in Canada — Vancouver is just the grand example. This bubble is no way near finishing, now we are going to get the grand surprise. If you think things are bad right now, stick around the fun is just starting. If you’re one of these people who think that it is all going to implode, like Garth Turner, the be the fool like the Greater Fool himself, he’s been calling it now for nearly 20 years! And still talks as if… Read more »

Waiting to exhale

I have been reading this blog for a couple of years now…boy has this blog gone down hill straight into the sewers. Before we would have sincere discussions regarding Vancouver real estate amongst a group of real estate bears. Now it is filled with racist, bigoted, whining comments. Even PaulB’s daily stats were downvoted a couple of days ago…seriously WTF. For those of you that whine and complain about Vancouver all the time; take my advice, just leave nobody is forcing you to stay. It would be healthier for you if you can live in a place that does not cause you all this negativity and anger. I agree that the real estate prices are asinine and pushing locals out but that is just the reality that we live with; honestly, it might never change. I know it is frustrating… Read more »


[…] –Black Friday a bust –Housing hit from oil shock? –No Paper –40% of owners short on expenses –It’s all in the wording – […]


Taking responsibility for public order — like stopping when someone has a flat tire, or acting quickly in the case of a life or death emergency — this is what a civilized society requires. When people don’t stop that means they are alienated from the others who they live with in the same city/neighborhood (racism or selfishness). Or it means they don’t have a sense of power or ability to do things — perhaps because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves (fear) or perhaps because they don’t understand that what happens for better or worse in our society is up to us, or perhaps because they don’t know who to call or how the system works(ignorance). That’s my diagnosis anyway. I wish the hit-and-run driver and each and every person who drove past could be interviewed as to… Read more »

Corrupt in Canada


Bingo! You know whatsup. 😉


#131 CiC
It was all the uncaring HAM driving their BMWs and Mercedes who didn’t want to get their hands dirty. They do this drive-around thing in China all the time.

Corrupt in Canada


I guess everyone was thinking that the guy hurt on the ground was a scammer and was going to sue the poor soul who would actually stop and help him?

Corrupt in Canada


Torn down the old affordable housing right before the Olympics. Left empty and sold to Holborn in 2013.

Corrupt in Canada

@127 yah moyers and company is some fringe tin foil hat site and Rebecca Gordon is “only” a professor at University of San Francisco.

I certainly trust and respect the armchair bear economists on this site. Give me a break.

Best place on meth


Yes, it is different in Canada as a matter of fact.

With the exception of the BC Liberal government.



Corruption Is as Bad in the US as in Developing Countries according to Rebecca Gordon, says Rebecca Gordon.

Corrupt in Canada

Demographics of China and Japan. See any similarities?



“Canada’s China-born Miss World contestant was stopped in Hong Kong on Thursday and denied permission to board a flight to the beauty pageant finals in China, a move she said was punishment for speaking out against human rights abuses in the country.

Anastasia Lin, a 25-year-old Toronto actress who was crowned Miss World Canada in May, was unable to obtain a visa in advance of her arrival for the contest finals this week in Sanya, on the southern Chinese resort island of Hainan.”



So what happens when all this money hits a RE market like Texas with near-infinite elasticity of supply and high property taxes (e.g. Plano has a rate of 2.25%)?

UBC in Crisis mode

The third wave of HAM flipping:

Bought in July, 2012 $9,180,000
Now on the market for $14,600,000 yearly tax free profit: $2 million +

1425 Adadia Road, UBC.

Best place on meth

Chinese Cash Floods U.S. Real Estate Market http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/29/business/international/chinese-cash-floods-us-real-estate-market.html Last summer, Scott Hogg, a Dallas real estate agent, helped a client bid on a home near the Plano-Frisco line for about $220,000. The bid from his client, who needed a mortgage, was rejected. The home went to a Chinese buyer who paid cash. “We lost out,” Mr. Hogg said. “It’s just this market. It’s insane.” For typical American home buyers who require mortgages, the influx of Chinese money makes it even more challenging in markets facing low inventory and rising prices. A majority of home purchases by Chinese buyers — 69 percent — are entirely cash, according to the Realtors association. Such bids often rise to the top for sellers who can then close on a deal in little more than a weekend. Even in Silicon Valley, a market awash in… Read more »


65-unit Squamish condo development sells out in 90 minutes



Black Friday is a huge bust in downtown Vancouver


Shut It Down Already

8k party next Tuesday! Remember when people here used to discuss MOI, price changes, inventory, and sales? Before this blog went full-on racist retard, of course. Are prices still crashing?

Pope, didn’t you move to San Diego a few years ago?


“Canada housing agency sees looming hit from oil shock”, Reuters


“Canada’s federal housing agency is expecting to see more homeowners fall behind in their mortgage payments in the western part of the country as a prolonged slump in oil prices hit household budgets and the once-soaring housing market.”

Best place on meth

Don’t worry Paul, just some asshole chinese hackers who hate democracy.


New Carbon tax

The more I read about it, the more it seems like the propaganda media machine is behind it.

It’s a tax. Nothing to do with climate change is what I found out. Where is the present carbon tax revenue going? Exactly. Reject this tax.

They are taxing the poor. If they want Change, then ban all SUV’s. But but but that wouldn’t raise money.

Don’t buy this crap.


@space889 at 109 You seem to have entirely missed my point 1t 105, space889. Appreciate you attempting to reply, but it’s really not on target at all. Do you wish to deny that public engagement in a democratic processes is important in Canada? Do you wish to deny that shopping malls (or at least Landsdown) are places for people to talk and acquire news about matters of public importance? Do you wish to deny that recent settlers from Mainland China tend to avoid engaging in democratic processes, hanging back when there is a need for citizens to speak out and be counted. Do you wish to deny that Miss Canada is admirable as a person and as a citizen for speaking up for human rights? Do you deny that recent settlers from Mainland China tend to concern themselves only with… Read more »