3.5% Fed rate in 2017?

Here’s a prediction:

“US interest rates will rise – and hit 3.5pc by the end of 2017”, The Telegraph UK

“A momentous change looms large in the US. It seems highly likely that the US Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this week.”

“What makes the probable rise in interest rates so significant is not the size of the increase. The rate rise is likely to be a mere 0.25pc. But this would represent the first rate increase for nearly 10 years. Moreover, we all know that once rates have begun to rise, usually the process does not stop after only one increase.”

Does anyone believe we’ll see a rate increase by the Fed from 0.25% to 3.5% in the next two years?

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Movety Canada

I’m pretty sure that with this worldwide political and economic situations it’s impossible to predict anything.


You all suck. I only come here for Paul’s daily sales and inventory numbers.


[…] tweak to downpayment –Illicit financial flows –Richmond HPI up 24% in 1 year –Free Rent! (in Calgary) –Tourism set to break records –New rules won’t cool Vancouver […]

Shut It Down Already

71, touchy. It’s a statement of fact. This blog used to house useful discussion, stats, and market data. Now every day is “free for all day” and the resident racists take that literally. Are you always this aggressive?

Whistler or bust?

@70 – Then why don’t you fuck off and go waste other people’s time?

Pope – Can you bring back the voting? I hate having to scroll past Spaceshit’s posts. I prefer to have them deleted for me.

Shut It Down Already

69, this blog was already dead.


Space f’cks up someone’s blog and then gloats at how much more civilized it is because he can’t get voted into oblivion by the vast majority.

Irritating little troll.


China to Demolish New Skyscraper as Part of Anti-Corruption Campaign

SHANGHAI — China is reportedly planning to demolish three new high-rise buildings, including one that is 65 stories high, as part of its ongoing campaign against corruption. The residential buildings, in the northern city of Tianjin, are up to 30 floors taller than originally planned and Chinese state media said this “serious breach of planning regulations” posed a major safety risk.


If this is the case, they will have to demolish all the Skyscrapers built in the last 20 years.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

City of Vancouver approves measures to protect unique character of Chinatown


Best place on meth


“China will one day go to war with the west. They are cunning unlike the PC western countries.

If i were China, I would get some of their people already here into positions of strategic importance within the federal government/military in Canada”.

I’m sure our federal government and military are well aware of the mainland filth trying to infiltrate them and have planned accordingly.

Did you happen to notice which group wasn’t represented in Trudeau’s cabinet, a cabinet he said “looked like Canada”?

Nobody trusts those fuckers, and yes, there will be a much needed war with them.

Best place on meth


“hmmm…funny how this blog turns to more civilized and actually useful discussion when voting is disabled and scums like BPOM, Yunak, Vangrl, etc disappears, sliding back into their damp underground holes.”

Very “civilized” comment, you worthless, hypocritical piece of mainland dog shit.


@Madashell – That doesn’t even basic sense. The whole point of cruise missle is to be able to hit a target from far FAR away, not close to the target where you could be hit. And subs generally don’t attack other ships in close encounters with missles. That’s what torpedos are built for.


– Ah, I guess it’s true…there is no hope for the ignorant and the hateful, who can’t stop spilling hate and the worst of humanity.

and btw, got any proof I did anything to the voting system? Or are you just generalizing and leveling accusations due to nothing more than parania and hate? Funny how you claim to want freedom of expression and ideas and democracy, and yet cry foul at the first sign of disagrement from others, and that your view might not actually be popular.

Shut It Down Already

58, check yourself – you’ve no idea what you’re talking about as usual.

say whaaaa?


Aren’t we all?



Looks like overall belief is that people in BC are loaded or there are so many of them insanely loaded that everything should be at the ripoff price. A lifetime opportunity for everyone to get a piece of cake, and scrap the skin from another one. Belief is that “if you can live in Vancouver you must be loaded therefore you should pay the price, no matter what, shelter, food, car, clothes, and all other basic and not so basic necessities”. And people struggle but won’t admit rather pretending like they have great time.


Interesting perspective from this guy Glen Robbins …Again, the false market – defined as follows: (a) 8 years of Asian purchases of high end homes, many of which are bought on the expedited foreign investment program which ended December 31st, 2014 with most applications extinguished (through acquisition) in September October 2015 (not placed on rental but purchases as asset for appreciation, blocks (many units) of condominiums (in order to shorten list of supply to 1 unit (retail) purchasers, (b) a short supply of properties for sale (see “a”). This (un)organic market state (usually demand and value increases is fuelled from the bottom. In Vancouver it has been fueled from the top. This top rise (see “a”) has falsely inflated average prices of homes and dragged up homes of less and average value (800k now 900k). Those people with income to… Read more »


56, Because the idiots here love to pay more for things. Just look at spaceshit and ShutThefuckUpAlready.

Cat in the hat


cos it is BC, not Alberta.

Whistler or bust?

Can anyone explain why we still have $1.20 L gas in Vancouver? Surely it can’t be all taxes? Alberta average price $0.86.


@ #54 select number of high price transactions are now skewing the averages; this will not change will new mortgage regs; msm will continue to talk up double digit price gains for those (not all) involved vs lack of buying interest in selected pockets of the market. imho most first timers arent buying properties > $500k anyway; and heaven forbid the powers that be in Cda do something like this… http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/thousands-of-unwanted-newly-built-homes-set-to-be-dumped-on-the-london-market-a3136741.html (not to worry folks, its never gonna happen here…) this is really no different than pro sports where things are so out of whack now. as the aquilini’s are finding out real fast is that people will pay anything when the music is playing and everyone is drunk and happy. now they cant give the tickets away (no joking, three of us walked into the building the other day… Read more »

Shut It Down Already

Bullwhip, the mortgage changes will have little direct effect on the top end because those properties aren’t bought by first-timers with a minimal downpayment. However, first timers entering the market are generally those who keep the market moving.


And i was wrong on one thing:

The new Federal Carbon Sales Tax will apparently be used FIRST for the Massey bridge and NOT for the transit projects.

Libs Gotta to help their buddies at port metro van.!!


Interesting post Madashell.

China will one day go to war with the west. They are cunning unlike the PC western countries.

If i were China, I would get some of their people already here into positions of strategic importance within the federal government/military in Canada. While doing that, i would buy strategic companies within Canada.

2015 is no different than 1515 unless you’ve drank the Koolaid!


predictions for 2016 -rate hikes in US will be done in both smaller increments and less frequently than policy makers have led everyone to believe; in due time more QE will be unleashed (when too many start to doubt the bs recovery in the US) -poloz and the BoC continue to sit on the fence (since they are effectively out of ammo); nothing will be done to cool the influx of foreign money -“average” home prices keep drifting higher as hot money continues to chase only the top end of the market, which in turn continues to distort the averages even further; recent changes to mortgage rules will have no effect whatsoever on the prices that wealthy buyers flush with more cash than they know what to do with will pay; on the flipside the low to mid end sectors… Read more »