Happy Boxing Week

It used to be there was a time when shops had sales on the day after Christmas to get people out shopping again and to get rid of their unsold Christmas sweaters.

In recognition of the fist fights that would break out over parking spaces this was called ‘boxing day’.

Then someone noticed that suckers would buy anything that had a big enough sale sign on it so they stretched it out for the full week.

It’s now that time of year, may all your shopping dreams come true, go fill those condos!

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[…] in Vancouver we wrapped up the the year with super-low inventory of 6993 and likely some happy realtors. For comparison 2014 ended with a total inventory of […]


#35 I love this…uh, paragraph. Makes total (non)sense, Krispy-style…..

“For example, housing. To help people get into the market, I’m working with my partners in the City and Ottawa to make it as affordable as possible, while protecting the investment current homeowners have made…”


Yup, BC is known the World over for its “affordable” housing….



Ottawa (BS) The Trudeau government missed it’s refugee goal to help house local young Canadian families who are fleeing Canadian cities, and aid in bringing down the high cost of housing. Instead they urged the public to focus on the wide spread availability of cardboard available for makeshift shelter. Foreign refugees are being given the headlines however, and it remains to be seen whether the government will extend it’s public expressions of sympathy reserved for new Canadians to those local families who are living paycheque to paycheque in major centres.

David Lee


A couple of questions:

1) With regards to your posting “The historical correlation between CMHC/Genworth insurance and guarantees and Canada’s average home price is +0.9847 (1996-2015Q3)”, is there just as much correlation to Vancouver’s average (or median) home price?

2) What are the salient differences between Landcor and REBGV/Teranet? (trying to figure out why the sales numbers are odd).

BTW, good to see you back (both here and on Garth’s blog). I was thinking the RE overlords/government got to you. It’s always good to have someone in the conversation that is data driven (especially when it comes to the rigged game called RE) AND is explicit about it (as opposed to just throwing around unsupported statements).


Something odd seems to be happening. Vancouver's sales numbers between REBGV and Teranet verses Landcor seems to be diverging. Chart Landcor's sales should always be higher then REBGV and Teranet, but for some reason it's now lower. That's official data BTW, you can check their reports.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

>The Massey bridge fiasco will turn out to be one massive fraud IMHO

how? it’s a toll bridge. people who use it pay for it.


Chinese companies keep giving crazy reasons for losing their financial records

>>>the bc liberals must be using the same advisors. The Massey bridge fiasco will turn out to be one massive fraud IMHO. She should be put in jail but will likely get off scott free. Utter nonsense…


@Tim Says

The big one will happen within our lifetimes according to many geologist studying earth quakes. If it does there would be so much devastation, I’d rather have house prices stay up forever instead of seeing the big one, if it runs from here all the way to California, there will be many deaths and so much devastation. What we felt yesterday was a 4.8, a 9 on the richter scale will be thousands of time worse as the severity is calculated exponentially.

I hope it never happens the chances of nuclear obliteration is probably far less than an earth quake in Vancouver.


I see prices going up again in 2016. With our dollar so low and going further down a 20 to 30% increase is coming. The Chinese coming here with 1.2m us will easy buy for 1.7m cad. I hope I am wrong but we will see.


FP: China Investment Corp retreats from Canada after mining, energy investments sour

Best place on meth

Holy crap, that was some earthquake last night.

It came dangerously close to waking me up.

Shut It Down Already

6K party time!!!


“Letters: ‘Perfect storm is brewing’”, Maple Ridge News

this Brian is a genius. he even foresees the 5 yr interest rate at 5% in 2017. i hope he has foreseen every chance in his life to accumulate wealth. or, simply put, he just belongs to another sour-grape camp.






The odds of the big one are somewhere between 1/300 and 1/500 each year. The odds of a nuclear holocaust are estimated to be 1/200 each year, for accidental wars alone. Duck and cover makes as much or more sense than earthquake drills. It’s the same error that goes on in a housing bubble. People pay close attention to many small businesses, but only one city, so while they can see businesses fail, they have yet to see Vancouver’s RE market collapse. Therefore it appears safe. If they paid attention to RE in many cities, they might have a different view. With earthquakes we see news images of every major earthquake across hundreds of cities, so it seems real. We don’t see news images of WW3’s happening on other planets, so the risk doesn’t seem real. Even if, based on… Read more »


“Letters: ‘Perfect storm is brewing’”, Maple Ridge News


Letter writer gets it.


ha ha figured why the numbering is all messed up. two of my posts are awaiting moderation. not sure why though… hint: they refer to china’s clampdown on online lending


@ #54

talk about the tea pot calling the hot water boiler black…

the funny thing is that with all the faux-hipsters, backpackers and other tourists seeking an “authentic” and non-touristy type of experience (lol…), the % of non asians in chinatown seen on any given day is probably higher than other neighborhoods as evidenced by the foodie wannabees you see at restaurants like pidgin and other cleverly named eateries (with signs in all lowercase, minimalistic decor and waiters sporting amish beards, skinny jeans and tats from head to toe).

Bull! Bull! Bull!


> “we see an absence of policies to protect Chinatown from being transformed into Western Town, as many residents call it.”

>When the Mayor opened his speech to the crowd by saying that his council is committed to preserving the “heritage character” of Chinatown

keep chinatown chinese!


FP: Paying down debt remains top priority, but many Canadians making little headway, poll finds

>>>you’d think if debt reduction really was a priority the numbers would look different after all these years. not only are borrowers still hooked on crack, they have been upping their dosages


Vanc Sun: A new generation defends Vancouver’s Chinatown traditions

>>>will be interesting to see if the city allows certain interests to have their cake and eat it too. imho nimbyism at the highest level on the heels of what has effectively been a multi year bulldozing/redevelopment of anything and everything on a residential level


even more weird…page showed 52 posts, then 50 after reloading


weird how post #s changed wtf?

my previous post should be directed at 47, 48 and comment re insurance at #50


@ #45,46

typical moronic comments…

there is no need for a red alert every time a tremor occurs

if/when the big one does hit all of greater vancouver (and the pac north west) gets slammed hard. regardless of whether you are stuck downtown, vanc city proper, north shore, richmond, poco, surrey, etc… it wont matter

if we witness major damage to infrastructure, power and network outages, fires and so forth 100,000s of people will be stranded and possibly separated from family members potentially for many days or longer without the means to contact them.

@ #48
insurance co’s will inevitably screw you over. you can take that to the bank. anyone without “accessible” savings in time of a major catastrophe will get left by the side of the road until the govt money printers come to the rescue.