Vancouver the 17th best city in BC

When it comes to job market opportunity the city of North Vancouver does well at a respectable 3rd in the province. Here in Vancouver we come in as the 17th best city in BC.

For the second year, BC Business has ranked 36 communities in B.C. based on their job markets.

The publication looked at core economic indicators – average household income, income growth, population growth, unemployment rate, people with degrees – and added a new indicator of average household income for the under-35 demographic.

Peter Miron, senior research associate with Environics Analytics, who compiled the data for BC Business, says measuring income for the under-35 age group “is a good way of measuring the overall economic health of a community.”

Read the full list and original article here.

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Heywood Jablowmie

> That was said a week before the election, and it wasn’t really a prediction, but simply a taunt, since at that point it was obvious to anybody who was paying attention that the Cons weren’t going to win, and it was pretty clear Harper himself know it.

Well, of course, everyone should have known that the ‘natural governing party’ would not be out for long. After running an asshole, a imbecile, and a dead American, it was only a matter of time before an inexperienced part time teacher would be given the reigns to the country.

Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.


Happy holidays to all of you, bulls and bears.


Driver and passenger can’t even speak English for fuck sake. Police officer even getting agitated. Haha


Damn HAM just took out some power wires.

No power in Guildford area.

Morons at ICBC have got to stop handing out licences to immigrants unless they pass a test here.


space889, is this you?

You’ve been really busy posting comments lately. You must be on holidays.


The Christmas speech: 🙂 Wishing all a smart Christmas: hope you don’t get sucked into the commercialism and over indulgence, but take it as a day to enjoy some peace with yourself or with friends or family. There is no definite way to “do” this day. After tomorrow you have a blank slate: a year to make plans of whether to stay in Vancouver or look for greener pastures. Be wise, be very wise with your money and your time (especially if you are under 50): I don’t believe in gambling, so Vancouver/lower mainland RE are not in my plans. If Canada don’t want to look out for its own citizens, by selling citizenship like Walmart sells cheap goods, and not caring if citizens from generations back cannot afford a modest home and a somewhat decent standard of living, is… Read more »


9 Heatmaps showing Vancouver housing prices by housing type and YoY price increases.

UBC in crisis mode

Merry Christmas, everyone.

More / better housing data?

BC Assessment Announces Interim CEO


@bullwhip29 – uhm…not necessarily. Getting into the best univ means really hard work and high intelligence. Most Chinese people come here so their kids don’t have to work very hard to get into an univ like in China. And if you plan to pass on your biz to your kids then you need a good enough education for the basics. The rest you can contract out to those hard working kids of poor families who are trying to improve their lot via hard work. And most of them don’t come to Vancouver for the exciting night life, and culture, and whatnot. They can get that at home and via vacations. They come here for a nice easy relaxing, if somewhat boring, life. Oh, and good Chinese food. Believe it or not, not everyone is crazy about fancy French cuisine and… Read more »


Roman and Milan force car free day, limit home heating, and no thermostat above 18C to combat smog!!!


With the current inventory and end of month expirations coming up, I think it’s safe to expect a 6k party Jan 1st.

Maybe for 2017 we can get a 0 inventory party.


@bullwhip29: Vancouver can be compared to HK, London, NY, SF and Paris. Just like a BigMac can be compared to a prime rib.


@ #29 this knocks the vancouvers and sydneys of the world down a couple of knotches everything being equal, the uber wealthy want to buy the best, live and work in the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities, have their kids attend the best schools and universities and so on. vancouver is barely on the intl radar and still has lots of growing up to do. i think the massive influx of hot money and subsequent ramp up in the housing mkt has given many a false sense of importance. comparisons to HK, London, NY, SF and even Paris are beyond laughable. to the surprise of many everything could change at the snap of a finger if the playing field is tilted in a different direction and/or residing here becomes even more intolerable than it already is for a whole… Read more »


Btw, bad news for you BPOM & rest of team of BPOM. Santa Claus is Chinese:


@franko – you would have more credit if you posted stuff from more verifiable sources that aren’t politically or religiously biased, with an ax to grind. There are plenty of XMas stuff going on in China. Hell, XMas shopping is a big thing in China, jsut go hit the big malls in any tier 1 or 2 cities, with all the trees, Santas, and all other trimmings. My sister was attending XMas party and church gathering while in univ back in the 80s in China, and that’s before China officially even allowed any Christians, churches, etc. Next time, maybe actually go visit and talk to some average people who have to live under this “oppressive regime” and see what life is actually like. or hey, maybe chat up the biggest Cdn celebrity in China when he’s chilaxing at home in… Read more »


– So? The point is the guy admit he was wrong and didn’t go blame other people for a wrong predictions, like say stupid liberal morons, or selfie loving young stupid communists.

Unlike say BPOM or even you who just can’t admit you are wrong, very wrong on the Van housing market by a huge margin. However, I must give you credit for at least not sticking to arguments at hand using your facts, figures, reasons, whether right or wrong. Unlike ills like BPOM who can probably qualify as the no 1 poster boy for Canada’s neo-Nazi groups.

Warren Buffet

Merry Christmas,

Here are some words of advice. Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.



China cracks down on Christians

while we allow proxy votes from China to ban English in strata meetings of Richmond condos.


geez, even Van RE dont take a break in Dec. Good luck in 2016, bears. It may be another landless or skyless 2016 for you.




@27: “Conservatives will keep power. Should be obvious to anybody who is paying attention.”

That was said a week before the election, and it wasn’t really a prediction, but simply a taunt, since at that point it was obvious to anybody who was paying attention that the Cons weren’t going to win, and it was pretty clear Harper himself know it.

Like saying the Canucks are going to win when they are down 4-1 with a minute to go in the 3rd. Or Khrushchev saying “We will bury you”, although at that point the final outcome was a bit less certain.


If Chinese do throw open money outflows to purchase Vancouver houses, then only hope of bears is to oppose immigration.

Otherwise you will be in the poor house for the rest of your life. Your kids too.

Shut It Down Already

place on meth Says: April 13th, 2010 at 3:41 pm79 @Lord Huggington: Very nice! Thanks to the bond market and the new rules April 19th, it no longer matters what the BOC does. They can leave their rate at zero forever and this stinking, bloated Vancouver real estate market is still a goner. So the posted rate will soon be 6.10% and thats the new qualifying rate for anyone wanting a variable mortgage. That pretty much spells the end of variables, who can qualify in this city at 6.10%? Under the old rules you could get your variable by qualifying at the 3 year rate which was about 3.29% a month ago. How much purchasing power do you think will be lost by a near doubling of the qualifying rate? Hardly anyone will be able to buy anything at these… Read more »

Shut It Down Already

25, I admitted my prediction was wrong the very next day. Forgetful, aren’t you?