By-election: What do politicians say about housing?

Patriotz pointed this out in the weekends open topic thread:

Tomorrow there will be provincial by-elections in Van Mount Pleasant and Coquitlam Burke Mtn. Both former MLA’s ran in the recent federal election – for the NDP (won) and Conservatives (lost) respectively.

What do the candidate websites have in common? None of them have anything to say about housing. For example in Coquitlam Burke Mtn which is the only real contest:

However I think this bizarre paragraph by Issacs on “Sharing Economy, Growing BC Tech” is notable:

I will advocate for a Sharing Economy to optimize new services for families – the Ubers, the AirBnBs, the Lyfts. A diverse economy means being open to new ideas and technologies. A Sharing Economy encourages the tech sector in BC, which helps create jobs and generates investment. It starts by giving British Columbians the freedom to participate as entrepreneurs or consumers or both!

So BC’s high tech future is operating your car as a taxi or your house as a hotel!

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Jesus, what’s wrong with the local farmers here. Charged 4th time now with animal cruelty?! The horrors! Why is this guy even allowed to keep animals?! I think we should ban all local farmers that share similar looks as him from owning animals as well, just as a pre-cautionary measure.


It’s getting crazy lately with animals. There are some city talks about Richmond getting its first dog meat festival as a part of cultural exchange with province of Guangxi . Even some province politicians and representatives from the city of Yulin are expected as VIP guests.


GVRD housing red hot! Sales up 30+% yoy, Vancouver SFH price up 40% yoy, even condo price is up 19% yoy!! The only thing that went down? Inventory down 38% yoy. So I guess one can take comfort in the fact that housing inventory has fared much much worse than stock market.


Vancouver West , 220 listings in the last 2 weeks. The deluge continues.
Cash out time in Lotus land


Lotus land or Locust land, same shit.


Same old, same old… boring.

Average home sale price in Metro Vancouver hits $1.82-million


Seeking a cure for high real estate prices strikes me as akin to seeking higher oil prices. The levers are simply too big for our small arms to pull. Real relief for high Vancouver real estate prices may depend on another finding of the Demographia survey — it ranked Vancouver fourth on the list of real estate markets most likely to suffer a collapse in prices. Perhaps the day is coming when our affordability crisis will get solved the same way Fort McMurray’s did.


@BBB – Just cuz there is no info in English, or you are too lazy to be able to read Chinese and use Baidu doesn’t mean it is mysterious. Heck, take your own advice and learn Mandarin!

Frankly, this is probably a lot easier to find out than those all those SuperPacs or SPV created purposely to donate money to politicians while obscuring the source of funds via multiple layers of intermediaries and middle person/lobbyists.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

first you were spazing out because he was called mysterious. i explained to you why he was called mysterious. now you are spazing out because you don’t like the fact that he’s mysterious. what are you really upset about? are you worried that foreign influence in elections could lead to a backlash against chinese? if that’s the case, you should be condemning the foreign influence instead of trying to cover it up. otherwise you look sneaky and devious.


I’m spazing at your stupidity and making something out of nothing. How fing hard could be find out what who the person is when you have the name and identity of the person who made the donation? Geez…how fing moronic and lazy or simply paranoid do you have to be calling mysterious donor when the donor’s identity is already out in the open?

Follow your own advice, learn mandarin and then use this website call Baidu.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

space, i’m sorry i’m not fluent in mandarin. maybe some day all english speakers can live chinese people’s expectations and become fluent in mandarin. until then please be patient with us.


“those SuperPacs or SPV created purposely to donate money to politicians”

In fact they were created purposely not to donate money to politicians, but spend it directly. That’s the way they get around campaign spending restrictions.

From the article you can see what craven sellouts the Ozzies are, even the US does not allow political donations from foreigners. Even worse compared to Canada which does not allow corporate or union contributions and requires disclosure for much smaller amounts. I mean at the federal level of course, BC now holds the prize for the biggest sellout among the provinces since the NDP has cleaned up campaign financing in Alberta.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

electronic money is coming. when you convert your cash to emoney any money that can’t be accounted for will be confiscated. windfall for government.

immigrants who know the way the world works will see this coming a mile away and dump any black money they have into real estate.


@BBB – How is it mysterious when you are already the name and identity of the donor?! Geez…this is about as open as you will get in Western democracy bribery known as campaign donations.

Bull! Bull! Bull!

>How is it mysterious when you are already the name and identity of the donor?

it’s mysterious because about this person except for their name and address. despite making very large contributions to a party in another country, almost nothing is know about them or publicly available in English.



Is China’s Market Turmoil Creating A Rise in Canadian Real Estate Prices?


“Has the real estate bubble burst? Hong Kong flat prices return to early 2014 levels, experts say the drop will continue”, South China Morning Post

“Home prices for small flats in Hong Kong have lost 15-20 per cent of their value, and experts say another 10 per cent drop is possible”


“Spring market kicks off early with first shot in mortgage rate wars”, Financial Post

“Meridian said it will start today with a 1.69 per cent mortgage available on a one-year term to anyone in Ontario — a rate it claims is the lowest fixed rate product on the market.”

“The credit union also followed with an attack against its banking competitors for raising long-term rates last year in what was described as a falling interest rate market for bonds which mortgages are priced off.”


The Bank of Canada has already raised red flags about the borrowing habits of Albertans.

Mr. Lavoie and Mr. Lapointe flagged the recent decline in home prices as possibly leading to defaults, noting that “the share of highly vulnerable households in Alberta (those with a debt-to-income ration at 350 per cent or above) is similar to that in the U.S. in 2007.”

Of course, British Columbia is higher, and strikingly close to that 2007 mark. But, as Mr. Lapointe noted, its economy is growing.

BC is actually worse than the graph would indicate, because BC’s population is a good deal older than Alberta’s, and older households should be less indebted.

Also, note the US economy was also growing in 2007. Growing from what? Same thing BC is growing from.


Vancouver offers city land in bid for social-housing cash from Ottawa
Kind of like the 70’s, when CMHC funded non-profit housing in False Creek South.


Are you still tweaking the layout? Logging in when you’re viewing a post takes you to some profile page with no way to get back to the post you were viewing before you had to login to reply. The threads are a mess, I can’t tell what’s a reply to what, there are boxes everywhere. Still praying for an unthreaded view, old to new, so I can get back to the view I once had that worked where you could actually leave the page loaded throughout the day and press F5 to see posts at the bottom of the page populate and continue reading.


Oh absolutely. Reading with threads is wonderful for your first-time through. But after that, threads are useless if the “Newest” sort excludes any replies on the earlier threads (which it does). At that point, you need to switch to an unthreaded view + Newest sort.


Some of you are totally naive regarding immigration. Clueless is a better word.

Here is what has changed from 10 years ago:

We have over half a million and growing population of TFW, IMP workers in Canada that are here and most have overstayed their visas looking for PR.

We have close to 400,000 foreign students in Canada and rising.

We have now 70,000 grandparents and parents here under the Supervisa program.

We have a couple hundred thousand Asians with 10 year visitor visas.

The visa requirement for Mexico will soon be lifted so expect 10,000’s of thousands from that country.

Finally , the regular immigration program. Gone up from 200,000 to 285,000 per year over last decade. But this is not where the problem is. See above.

Student, housewife, businessman...

This guy unfortunately doesn’t know what it takes to settle and have family in Vancouver if you aren’t filthy rich or some politburo-scumbag-investor-astronaut. Esetialy just bring in-laws or parents or all of them from Bejijing or Shanghai assuming they sold their apartment there and came over to enjoy services, Richmond swimming pool, fresh air and look after grandkids, quite simple…

Student, housewife, businessman...

What kind of “student” does this? Although his name sounds as glorious “Best in show food festival”, maybe is something traditional, who knows?


I know!!! So dumb and cruel. He should just have put the poor dog out of its misery and then claim post traumatic distress syndrome like this guy:

Whistler or bust?

More and more evidence points to the fact the DAM or HAM tap is being rapidly turned off.

If that is true we’ll see what this market is truly made of.

Whistler or bust?

Looks to be another tax grab on the way under the guise of “environmental leadership”.


Where did the sales go??



That’s not typical of the 1st day of the month right? Just a listings drop usually? hey where is the inventory?

Thank again Paul for posting these stats!


I’ve seen this before it’ll have some insane massive mid week numbers, unfortunately.


You’re welcome. Happy to 🙂

Many Franks

Looks like the Province is making busy.

BC Housing to gather numbers on foreign homeowners

BC Housing has announced that they are planning to gather numbers on foreign homeownership in the province in order to understand housing affordability.

The province has asked the group to examine key factors affecting home prices in B.C., with foreign ownership joining variables such as supply, the economy, and interest rates.

BC Housing told Vancity Buzz in an email that it will take approximately six months to gather the data, with the final report expected this summer.

I expect the provincial budget to help the BC Libs appear busy as well — though their stated position on preserving current valuations makes it clear they won’t do anything helpful.


Patz points out vancouvers pathetic economy and how the BC Government has the worst record in North America at any kind of innovation or economic development